**Pie Is Love**

I Love Pie.

Pie In The Sky Postcard Chocolate, blueberry, apple, pumpkin-if you bake it, I will eat it, but I’m not always crazy about cooking the filling and rolling out the dough. So, I am ever so grateful each year around this time, when I receive this postcard in the mail from a Boston-based food service called Community Servings. Comunity ServingsThis organization delivers nutritious meals to over 1500 homebound and critically ill patients daily. Their motto: Delivering Meals. Delivering Hope “As New England’s expert in home-delivered nutrition for the critically ill, Community Servings provides meals to the acutely ill, their families, and their caregivers. Our clients live in 18 cities and towns throughout Massachusetts and battle over 35 different types of illnesses, including HIV/AIDS, breast and other cancers, and kidney disease.”  The fund-raiser they sponsor each Thanksgiving is called Pie In The Sky, a way for the community to give to those in need and enjoy a tasty pie! Pie In the Sky Pumkpin Pie The History of Pie in the Sky  In 1993, members of the restaurant community — who lost many friends and colleagues to AIDS — conceptualized and launched Pie in the Sky. Knowing how food can improve someone’s emotional and physical well-being, Pie in the Sky was an ideal way for Boston’s chefs, caterers, and restaurateurs to support Community Servings’ clients. As our mission has expanded to serve people struggling with any life-threatening illness, our friends in the restaurant community have stood by us. Through their generosity, Pie in the Sky is now the World’s Greatest Bake Sale — raising 15% of Community Servings’ private fundraising revenue! We are deeply grateful for their ongoing support and encourage you to frequent their establishments. Sweet Potato Pie Pie In the Sky

It’s Your Turn To Buy A Pie!

Ordering is as easy as pie! You go on to their website and order a pie or pies that are baked by some of the best pie bakers in Boston. And let me tell you, these are hands-down some of the most amazing pies your taste buds will ever feast on!  You can buy a pie for yourself, for your neighbors, for your friends and especially for someone in need. You get a pie, and you get a pie and you get a pie-everybody gets a pie!! Or, if you really don’t like pie, (seriously!?!?) then you can make a donation here. The day before Thanksgiving, you go to a local “pickup” spot-they are scattered all over the greater Boston area-and pick up your freshly-baked pie to enjoy on Thanksgiving. You can even take it out of the box and pretend you slaved all day making the perfect flaky crust and rich, yummy fillings! But I don’t. Because I want to keep spreading the word about this amazing organization. BUT, here’s the catch. The deadline for ordering pies this year is the 19th-only two days away!!! So please click on the links and order your pies today. If you are so very thankful for the life that you have this Thanksgiving, then this is your chance to make this one holiday just a bit sweeter for someone in need. Pie In The Sky Pecan PieThanks, now go order a pie!! Susan

Home For the Holidays @ Wayfair.com

Have you seen the Wayfair commercial where all the people are happily singing and dancing around while ordering their Christmas gifts online?

Wayfair.com Holiday Ad 2014

No? then click here to view a snippet:

Wayfair Holiday Commercial 2014

Well, I’ve discovered the secret as to why these folks are just so gosh darned happy! Last weekend, I attended a #Home For The Holidays

Home For the Holidays Boston Bloggers Wayfair

blogging event sponsored by Boston Bloggers and held at the Wayfair corporate offices in Copley Place in Boston. Oh, man, what gorgeous offices, like in “#canIcomelivehere” gorgeous! Exiting the elevator on the 7th floor, this trompe l’oeil mural transforms the office hallway into a welcoming space worthy of any elegant home. I am SO doing that paint treatment on a chest of drawers!

Wayfair.com Office Entrance

You know me, I am all about the eye candy, and Wayfair did not disappoint. A Christmas tree resplendent in holiday style

Christmas Tree @ Wayfair.comsparkling scattered holiday lights

Mason Jar Candlelight with Rice Lights @ Wayfair& wintery pillows on settees in little private vignettes

Wayfair.com holiday pillowsall set a welcoming holiday stage for myself and the other 149 BFB’s (Boston Female Bloggers).

Home for the Holidays Blogging @ Wayfair.comDuring the day-long event, we made our way through the different work spaces that would normally be home to Wayfair workers performing their various roles. It is easy to see how the creative juices would be flowing in a space that feels so much like a beautifully decorated home. Yup.

I Love This Place Pillow @ Wayfair.comI love this place is right. In the main lobby seating area, we were greeted by Abby Larson, the founder and editor of StyleMePretty,

Abby Larson Style Me Pretty

an uber-successful wedding and design website. Her session was on holiday decor and decorating and she did not disappoint with her trendy and stylish tabletop settings.

Boston Bloggers Wayfair #Style Me Pretty Place SettingShe was incredibly “down-to-earth” and informative and offered so many great tips of the blogging trade. It was comforting to know that even bloggers on that scale still use their iPhones to sometimes take photographs! BUT, while seated here on the scattered sofas and ottomans, I couldn’t help but be dazzlingly distracted by this wall of flat screens that kept rotating through a variety of decorated spaces,

Wayfair.com office flat screen mural

each one more beautiful than the previous.

Wayfair.com offices lobby wallWho wouldn’t be inspired by that? In the main conference room, for our first activity, we were treated to a blogging seminar with Christiane Lemieux Of DwellStudio and Heather Armstrong, the creator of Dooce.com and the original “mommy blogger”. Both were entertaining and enlightening, again offering so much information in a lively and quite funny Q & A session. At the end of the day, we were treated to a holiday-menu-inspired presentation by Jeremy Sewall, owner of the Island Creek Oyster Bar  and author of The New England Kitchen.

The New England Kitchen CookbookHe offered up lots of helpful entertaining and cooking tips, like did you know that when fresh oyster’s shells are opened a crack, that they are actually dead and not fit to eat? Well, I didn’t, so good to know so I don’t go poisoning my guests during the holidays.  In between the educational sessions, we had some fun creating holiday banners (I didn’t finish mine because I was too busy chatting with my co-crafters. who were sooo nice)

creating holiday banners at Wayfair.comand sparkly, festive gift tags. Not especially proud of the ones I put together-they were a bit underwhelming. Perhaps it was because I was too busy trying to determine just how this amazing overhead light fixture illuminating our workbench was constructed

Boston Bloggers Wayfair Offices Ladder Lighting Fixtureso that I could re-create it for the barn. But this rustic package that Kate, one of the co-founders of Boston Bloggers had decorated was super cute, so I photographed that instead.

Boston Bloggers Wayfair Gift Tag ProjectAll in all, a great day packed full of helpful blogging information and lots of laughs (and coffee-they have these amazing giant “Starbucks-worthy” espresso-mocha latte-macchiato machines scattered around the conference rooms. Can you say caffeine high?!) At the end of a long, but very productive day, I was so excited about the upcoming holidays

Wayfair Christmas Ornaments

and ready to dive back into my blogging with a renewed enthusiasm. My takeaway from this day? Well, other than the notebook filled with incredibly helpful blogging tips, the unfinished holiday banner, the cute gift tags and this amazing pillow that I received as a parting gift? (Remember that gigantic Christmas tree with all of those beautifully wrapped gifts? They were for us!)

Wayfair.com throw pillow I learned that creating a work environment where employees feel “at home” and welcome makes for a inspired workplace with happy employees who “LOVE THIS PLACE”. Hence, the Wayfair Dancing Shoppers commercial! Have a great Monday everyone-hope you have the chance to dance today! Susan

Being Thankful & A Giveaway!

Greetings, everyone! As we inch our way closer to the holiday season, I wanted to stop for a second and say how thankful I am for all of you that have followed me along this blogging changeover journey. This past month has been stressful and not very fun online, but while all of the cyberspace nonsense was going on, I was working away on so many projects that I am now able to share with you again! And, for that, I am soooo very thankful! Last month, I created a bunch of these pumpkin chalkboards for the barn shop in different styles and autumn colors.

chevron striped painted pumpkin chalkboardEach one has a jute rope hanger so you can flip it over and use either side. One is the graphic design, the other is the vintage-look erasable chalkboard.

Pumkpin Chalkboard MenuUnfortunately (I think in a moment of “forget-it-I-am-never-going-to-be-able-to-blog-again-frustration”), I deleted all of the how-to pics!! So, I will just say that they are solid pine cut into the shape of a pumpkin approximately 14″ high by 11″ wide, then painted and sealed with a satin poly finish. The embellishments are a few faux fall leaves and a burlap holder for your chalk to hang out and be at the ready for your creative words of wisdom.  Today, as a token of my thanks to all of you, I am giving this hand-decorated and stenciled “Thankful Pumpkin Chalkboard” one away!

Thankful Stenciled Pumpkin ChalkboardAll you need to do is:

1. If you haven’t done so yet, subscribe to my new blog posts (that’s the box in the right hand column under the chicken barn photo) and then leave a word or two in the comment section telling me why you’re thankful this holiday season. (I never use your emails for anything other than my awesome DIY and country design blog posts-promise!). Once you enter the subscribe email info, you will receive a confirmation email that you need to respond to, or your subscription is not completed.

2. If you already subscribe-and I thank you for that- just leave a word or two-or twenty, whatever you want to say : ) I am testing out all of the components of my blog and want to make sure everything is working properly!

That’s it! This is going to be a quick one, because I want to make sure to get it to you before turkey day! So, the time to enter starts now and runs through Sunday, November 16th at midnight, and the winner will be notified on Monday via the emails you entered to subscribe. Have a great Friday, everyone and be thankful the weekend is upon us! Susan

Through the Looking Glass Mirror-A DIY Project!

A few weeks ago, a customer came into the shop at the barn and purchased 6 of our old white, multi-paned windows for a wall installation. Once it was completed, she texted me this pic-which is awesomely creative and sooo Pinterest-worthy!

Window Wall InstallationShe took the windows and hung them on her dining room wall, framed by some old shutters, to create an interesting backdrop for her candles-she loves dining by candlelight- and the glass window panes reflect the light for some very romantic dining!! Loving that painted vintage buffet, BTW. Since Coach and I had recently sold our old gigantic dining room hutch, I now have a large blank wall in my dining room that is screaming for some attention. This seemed like the perfect solution, and since we have a bunch of old white windows hanging around,

White multi-paned windows for DIY

I thought it would be fun to experiment. But, I decided that I wanted at least one window to be a mirror, not clear panes of glass. Here’s where the fun started! Rather than going out and purchasing six mirrors to replace the window panes, I decided I would make my own with this can of Krylon Looking Glass Mirror Paint

Krylon Looking Glass  Mirror Paint

I cleaned the reverse side of the window  (pretty thoroughly, I thought) to make sure there was no dust or streaks.

White multi-paned window for DIY

Then I scraped the paint around the edges to clean it up.

Scraping window edges for paint prep

For this technique, you spray the reverse side of whatever object you want to transform into mirror so that the finished product has a glassy look. Taking it outside, (this stuff is a wee bit smelly, folks) I used the can of Krylon Looking Glass Mirror Paint and proceeded to spray the reverse side of the window. Following the instructions, I shook the can for 2 minutes, then held the can 8-10 inches away from the surface and lightly sprayed the first coat.

Spraying window with Krylon Looking Glass Mirror Paint

Then I waited a minute, shook the can for 10 seconds, then repeated, adding 5 layers of mirror paint in total. While each layer was drying, you could see the vapors evaporating into thin air, which was like a cool science experiment.

Mirror Paint Evaporating

As each layer was added, I could see that the window was becoming more opaque and less transparent. By the final coat, I could no longer see the trunk that the window frame was resting on.

Mirror Paint Evaporating

Then I waited for the magic to happen. After the drying period, I flipped it over and discovered that my window was now a mirror-yay! But not a crystal clear mirror, more like an old, dusty mirror, which is perfectly fine for the look I am trying to achieve with this wall installation.

DIY Window Mirror Reflection

But, why, you ask!? You followed the instructions perfectly! BUT,  I didn’t clean the glass properly! Behind the glass, you can see the streak marks that I left behind with my paper towels. Lesson learned. If you want a crystal clean mirror, you MUST start with a crystal clean glass surface! (When I first purchased this can of Krylon Looking Glass Mirror Paint, I started experimenting and sprayed this little candy dish, which came out beautifully mirrored. But I left it outside to dry and then it rained, so this is what happened.

Crackled Mirror Paint Apple Dish

Whoops. In both cases, total user error. But, I still love my mirrored window, and it is the first piece of my new dining room wall installation, coming soon! Have a great Thursday everyone and make it a reflection of the real you : ) Susan

PS: If you are in need of some awesome multi-paned white windows-we’ve got extra!

#SoMe2 SOcial MEdia Party for Instagram!!

Come join the Social Media Link Party!!!

Welcome to #SoMe2 – Week #59

SOcial MEdia is all about ENGAGEMENT, and as bloggers, we want to do more than find new followers – we want to grow our engagement! At the #SoMe2 parties, we will link up a different Social Media platform and blog post from that platform each week.
This week we are growing and engaging with Instagram!

For Instagram, the
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It's time for the #SoMe2 #Instagram party! Link up your Instagram account, a post from your blog that you've shared on Instagram, and enter to win a featured blogger spot! #socialmedia #network #linkparty


The more you put in to this SOcial MEdia link party, the more you will get out!
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#SoMe2 is a SOcial MEdia link party where we link up 2 items every  
Tuesday @ 7:00pm EST!
It's time for the #SoMe2 #Instagram party! Link up your Instagram account, a post from your blog that you've shared on Instagram, and enter to win a featured blogger spot! #socialmedia #network #linkparty

Image Map
We are pleased to introduce our #SoMe2 featured blogger(s) of the week…

Kat & Melinda from Home. Made. Interest.!

Kat & Melinda have shared this with us:

Kat & Melinda are best friends who love to create! Whether it is a crafty Pinterest project, hosting a party, home decorating or trying out a new recipe, they enjoy coming up with ideas and seeing if they can make them happen. They started having craft nights a few years ago, getting together weekly to work on their latest Pinterest-inspired project, so they decided to start a blog to share their creations. Sometimes they succeed, sometimes they fail, but they always have fun :).

Thanks, Kat & Melinda!

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It's time for the #SoMe2 #Instagram party! Link up your Instagram account, a post from your blog that you've shared on Instagram, and enter to win a featured blogger spot! #socialmedia #network #linkparty 
1) Link up 1 recent Instagram Post.
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DeDe,  Kim,  Sarah V.,  Sarah C.,  & Susan

It's time for the #SoMe2 #LinkParty! Join us and enter to win a featured blogger spot! #socialmedia #network


An Autumn Day on the Farm

Good morning! First I would like to say that I am soooo happy to be back and writing again! It has been a long month of technical voodoo that has plummeted me into the depths of blogging despair, only to be rescued by Matt from Pixel Junction.  He has been patiently answering my (numerous and voluminous) questions and repairing my word press mess, restoring and beautifying my blog. We are not quite there yet, but should be where I really want it to be shortly. In the meantime, there is no reason why I can’t start sharing with you again! Consider this my “soft opening” before the big grand opening. BUT, there is one thing I need from you, dear readers. In the process of moving my blog from wordpress.com to wordpress.org, my entire list of blog subscribers was lost in cyberspace. So that means all of you, even those of you who are reading this right now, only found me via another social media outlet. (or because you’re my family and friends and I begged you to please sign back up so I know at least someone is getting this!)

Yesterday was one of our final days of the season in the Barn at Todd Farm Flea Market.

Barn At Todd Farm PostcardIt has been a lot of fun, and we have met some really great people along the way! But I am looking forward to having the winter off (no more 4:30 am alarm on Sundays!!) FYI- the outdoor flea market season ends on November 30. However, the barn has an annex that is opening on that same day, and will remain open year round (they have heat!) In the meantime, you only have a few Sundays left to see the flea market in full Sunday operation. As we strolled around yesterday, I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful everything looked, not only in the contrast of the bright autumn leaves, but also against the gray November sky in the background. On any given Sunday, there is so much going on at the flea market with shoppers and vendors trading and selling and bargaining. Strolling around, sipping coffee early in the morning is the best time to catch a glimpse of the goods that vendors bring along to sell.

Antique Grates

Todd Farm Antique Vent Grates

Mr. Tin Snowman – cute little guy. But he was back in the truck because he lost his arm and needed some fixin’. Happy that he’s made of tin and not real snow!!

Tin SnowMan Outdoor Lawn Ornmanet

 Neon Dog Sign– On any given Sunday, the fields and barn are filled with shoppers who are on the end of a leash. Dogs of all shapes and sizes come to visit. They need this sign.

Todd Farm Neon Dog Sign

Vintage License Plates. If you had a chance to view my blog post about the giant USA map created by Aaron Foster & decided to give that a try, then this is the go-to place to get your plates!

Todd Farm Rusted License Vintage Plates

Rusted Finials. If you look closely, you can see the leaf sitting in the middle of the pile-almost undetectable because the finials have rusted to the color of fallen leaves.

Todd Farm Flea Market Rusted Finials

The Antique Wagon. This beauty sits outside the barn door, where we get to look at it all day long. You know when you see something all of the time, you stop SEEING it? I am not sure if it was the sunlight or just the contrast of the blue sky, but this wagon looked especially blue today. Can you imagine what role this wagon played when Todd Farm was a working dairy farm?

Todd Farm Antique WagonThe Wheel. Gorgeous rusted, no longer functional.

Antique Wagon Wheel

American Made. The old rusted plate is a testament to the way things used to be made. This one’s from Detroit.

Todd Farm American Made Steel PlateFinally, our Rusty Bedspring Marquee Sign now says “JOY”. Which is exactly what I am feeling right now as I am writing this blog post.

Joy Rusted Bedspring Marquee Sign

I’m happy to be back and I hope you’ll join my “blog club” again (there is a “subscribe” box on the right side. Just add your email and you are done. I promise, we NEVER use your emails for promotional purposes. Only to hear from me!)  Have a great Monday, everyone! Susan



We’ll Be Right Back…

…after resolving some technical difficulties. So, you thought it was going to be easy right? Moving your blog from a .com to a .org. Well, let me tell you, it has not been easy at all. Three weeks of frustration and nonsense is about all I have to say. But, we are working on it and hopefully will have things back in order in the very near future. I miss you guys!!
In the meantime, I have moved all of my blog subscribers to this new host site, and you should be receiving any new posts in your emails. BUT, I have been informed that presently some are going to your spam and junk folders instead of your inboxes, and some folks aren’t receiving anything at all!
So, could you please pick me out of your trash can (if I’m there : ( or re-sign up for my blog if you wish to keep receiving notices and posts.

Hello, Again.

So here I am on the flip side of the moon, re-joining the Blogosphere! It’s been a long 2 weeks since my last post and I feel like I have much to share! But for now, I am just asking that if you used to receive my emails or subscribed to my blog, you may not receive them now that I’ve changed servers. So, if you would be so kind as to re-sign up for my blog (that is, if you want to continue receiving great country style decorating ideas and DIY projects), I would greatly appreciate it! Just click on the box to the right that says “Sign up for my emails”. I promise, your emails are never used for any promotional purposes-EVER!!! You can add your comments in the boxes below.

Thanks! Susan

#SoMe2 for Facebook!! SOcial MEdia Party!!

Come join the Social Media Link Party – #SoMe2 #58

SOcial MEdia is all about ENGAGEMENT, and we want to do more than find new followers, 
we want to grow our engagement
The more we comment, like, and share each other’s posts, the more engaged we

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 This week we are growing and engaging with Facebook!
For the Facebook Social Media Link Party, we want to comment, like and share our Facebook posts.   We want to support each other and who knows, find new bloggy friends.  Come join the fun and link up your Facebook account and a recent Facebook post.  

#SoMe2- Social Media Link Party~ Linky Party~ Social Party

  Do you want to GROW your Social Media channels and GROW your engagement? 

This is the party for you! 

The more you put in to this SOcial MEdia link party, the more you will get out! 

Don’t link and run: share-comment-pin-like and tell your friends!

 #SoMe2 is a SOcial MEdia link party, we link up 2 items every Tuesday @ 7:00 (est)

#SoMe2-hostess~ Social Media Party


We are pleased to meet this weeks feature and Co-Host!

Meet Vicki and Amy from “Canary Street Crafts


 photo 03f754f9-317c-4dc9-b3ac-6dab41941ab9_zpsd08e8beb.jpg


Bio:  We’re Vicki and Amy, the mother/daughter team behind Canary Street Crafts!  On our blog you will find DIY projects, crafts, recipes, home decor, and any other random project we can get our hands on.  We look forward to connecting with you!

Check out our awesome weekly feature.

 Everyone who enters the Rafflecopter below each week will have a chance to win a spot as our featured blogger.

We will feature your blog, and links to your social media.

Your links will be inserted into the Rafflecopter for that week – gaining you more followers.

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

//widget.rafflecopter.com/load.js   ~Party Rules~   1) Please follow your hosts and featured blogger. DON’T link and RUN! ~ No one likes Party Poopers!                                                        2)Please add the ~SoMe2~ button to your sidebar or link page.                                                                                                                                    3)Tweet about the party! More partiers = more followers! All you have to do is click the “tweet” button Tweet it button  4)Use our hashtag #SoMe2 when tagging or posting so we can find each other!                                                                                                    You will automatically be entered into our email reminder list by entering a link. You may remove yourself from the list by using the un-subscribe option.   facebook-banner   1) Link up your main Facebook Page                                                                                                                                                                          2) Follow All the Hostesses and Featured Blogger(First 6 links)                                                                                                                               3) Follow 2 people before your link, if you already follow them, find 2 new people to follow // < ![CDATA[


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2) Share, like and comment on All the Hostesses and Featured Blogger(the first 6 links).  

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// < ![CDATA[


// ]]>

Thanks for joining our SOcial MEdia link party! See you next week – same time, same place!
DeDe,  Kim,  Sarah V.,  Sarah C.,  & Susan


 #Some2~ Linky party

Change is Good…Right?

Hi everyone! There are some big changes in the works here at Country Design Home. Over the next few days, we are changing host servers to (hopefully) improve this blog and allow us to do bigger and better things for you! For the past two years, this blog has lived on WordPress.com and we will be changing to WordPress.org. Doesn’t sound like a big deal, right? But there is a lot more to it than you would think, so I am sweating this one out until the deed is done. That being said, this blog URL will no longer be functional for this site and those of you who are followers of my site will be redirected to the new and improved blog in the days ahead. Well, that’s what is supposed to happen, but we’ll see once the internet gods take over and make the change. Gulp…

So I am signing off for now, and will be back soon with a new look and a new outlook on Country Design Home! See you on the flip side!


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