A Country Living Weekend!

Country Living Fair BannersThis past weekend, I had the great pleasure of attending the Country Living Fair in Rhinebeck, NY. So, where do I begin to describe the sights and sounds of this fabulous fair?!? Let’s start with Hometalk.com and Country Living Magazine who extended the invitation and provided the VIP blogger tickets for the three day event. Here’s me with all of my fellow bloggers-I met so many nice people!!

Hometalk Bloggers The VIP passes meant we were allowed early entrance before the massive crowds arrived (and let me tell you, there were MASSIVE crowds!)

Crowd Scene from Country Living Fairto do some shopping, one-on-one chatting with so many fellow bloggers and fantastic vendors and snapping photos for Tweeting and Instagram-ming. There is no possible way for me to share information about every single vendor or event on this blog post, but I will highlight some of my favs here, with more to come in the days ahead. The fair was held in The Dutchess County Fairgrounds (if you are from around the Boston area, think Topsfield Fair, only quadruple in size), where there are many barns and outbuildings that would typically house livestock, (there were a few little guys in the 4H tent…)

Donkey at Country Living Fairbut for this weekend were home to the hundreds of sellers of the finest country wares I have seen in quite some time: antiques, vintage wares, original artwork, amazing crafts and DIY’s from the simplest of everyday items. Every time I see these custom doll statues from CA Mataruso of Tin Hearts, they make me smile : ) Late for Work on a vintage thermos-brilliant!

Custom Thermos Doll by Tin HeartsThe array was dizzying and required several go-arounds to ensure that we didn’t miss anything! Because I have so many photos to share, I am just providing a sampling today, and will focus on several of the vendors in greater detail in the coming weeks. As you all know, I am drawn to COLOR, the brighter the better, mixed all together. Now, I can appreciate the dreamy whites and creams that are so popular today, but could I live in an all-white space? Heck, no!!  While strolling through the fair grounds, these particular vendors caught my eye:

Modern June-Cool Stuff For The Hip Housewife: offering a brilliant array of colorful vintage-look oilcloths and chalk-cloths

Modern June Cool Stuff Sign CDH

Oilcloth Clutch purses from Modern JuneSome of the nicest vintage original artwork at the fair from Terri Palmer Signs

Jersey Shore by Terri Palmer

HiHo Home Market was one of our favorite booths, chock full of vintage items and so colorfully decorated! Loved these vintage checked saucepans (now why didn’t I buy those?!?)

HiHo Home Market

From Sentimentally Me was a colorful collection of beautifully preserved vintage quilts, banners, books and memorabilia. The vendor was sharing hilarious stories about her moment of fame on Flea Market Flip at the Elephant’s Trunk Flea Market, where she normally sets up shop. So funny!

Sentimentally MeI was immediately drawn into the Olive Grace Studios booth because of the clever displays of vintage-inspired fabrics, pillows & quilts-so country pretty!

Olive Grace StudiosIn the showcase at Grandmother’s Buttons was this velvet case of brilliantly sparkling rings, each created from vintage buttons!

Grandmother's Buttons RingsOne of the very first booths we entered was that of Blue Bird Home Decor, where I was instantly taken by this beautifully painted country hutch (which was sold : (

Painted Cupboard by Blue Bird Home Decorand also of the lovingly rendered oil paintings of livestock by Shelly Broughton. Never thought I would think: “How sweet is this sheep?”

Cow Painting by Shelly Broughton

This willow porch swing from Around the Bend looked so inviting with the brightly colored pillows and cushions! Can you just imagine relaxing and sipping lemonade here on a beautiful summer day?

Willow Porch Swing from Around the BendAnd finally (at least for today!) we met up with Cari Cucksey from HGTV’s Cash & Cari, who was introducing her new line of Repurpose Paints, Stains and Finishes. Yummy colors, water-based and so easy to use! These will be available shortly on her website: RePurpose Shop.

RePurpose ShopCari was so sweet and incredibly gracious, standing in her space for hours and repeatedly explaining and demonstrating the how-to’s of her products, then posing for pictures with anyone who asked! Of course, I had to get in the act as well!

Sue & Cari from RePurposeSo, there you have it, today’s colorful commentary on the Country Living Fair. I have added links to all of the vendors above so you can click on them to read more and discover what else they have available. Check back soon for another episode of A Country Living Weekend! I hope you have a color-filled Tuesday, everyone! Susan





  1. Killed me to miss it! Enjoyed these images, but I have to correct you…( just so you can correct yourself & not appear less “country”) – “Never thought I would think: “How sweet is this bovine?” – It’s a SHEEP in the picture, not a cow… making it Ovine!


    • Yikes! You know, when I was looking at the painting, I kept thinking that the cow had some kind of lacy veil or something draped on its head…
      wow, guess lack of farmhouse knowledge is showing-thanks for the correction!!


  2. It was such fun to meet you there!- You’re post is wonderful!- I wish I had gotten the names of more vendors- I ended up with a bagful of business cards and don’t remember who’s who- So glad you shared links!!!!- the fun dolls were fabulous! Hope to go next year 🙂


    • Haha! I learned quite awhile ago to take a photo of each business card as I go, then take the photo of the items in the booth. That way I keep them straight! I have come home from fairs with a pocket full of cards as well, so frustrating!! Hope to meet up again sometime-it was a lot of fun and I met so many nice people : )
      I am not sure how far away you are, but you should check out the Vintage Bazaar in Salisbury Mass- it is the weekend of June 20th. Like Country Living, on a smaller scale, but loads of fun. And Cari Cucksey will be there!


  3. What lovely pictures! I wish we had a fair like that close to where I love….what fun! I love the fact they sold paint too! Awesome post!


  4. Susan, this is great of you to share!!! Love all your photos. Hope to see you at The Vintage Bazaar next weekend! Cari arrived last night and dropped off her vintage camper! She’ll be back with her crew for the Bazaar!!!


    • Thanks Jeanne-it was so much fun : ) Can’t even wait for the Vintage Bazaar- wouldn’t miss it for the world! Cari and I chatted about the VB where we met last year. She is such a doll!


  5. Maureen Ingram says:

    Thanks again for the tickets Sue! We loved it. They do a great job of organization and presentation and the vendors were wonderful. So many great ideas from such talented people. Maureen


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