Vintage Thymes- Hours Update!

Vintage Thymes- Hours Update.


  1. Regarding your Vintage Thymes tour – just wanted to let you know that you actually visited the store called ReMARKable Cleanouts and took pictures of our things on that day and not Gallery 2. We would love for you to come back to visit our first floor as well as the second and to take a look into the Gallery 2 store as there are some wonderful things in there. The G2 is actually located inside out second floor so it can be very confusing. Just thought you would like to know. Thank You


    • Please accept my sincerest apologies! I actually had included ReMarkables in my original blog post, but edited it out because I thought I had no photographs to share. Obviously, the ones I took that I credited to Gallery 2 were of your amazing shop! It actually was quite confusing, and I couldn’t find anyone who wasn’t super busy to help me out. I have seen the ReMarkables ads on Craigslist quite often, but was not aware there was an actual storefront location, so I was surprised when I actually saw the sign at 61 Endicott. I will be returning to the Mill Market in the next couple of weeks, and when I
      do I will make a point of visiting ReMarkables and featuring your shop in my next blog. Thanks for pointing out my mistake!


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