The Year of Fun!!

January 01, 2013New Year’s, to me, is always a time to cleanse the palette, wipe the slate clean, start anew. A few moments of reflection of years’ past is typically followed by a resolve (like millions of other repentants) to better 2.exercise more, blah, blah, blah. Well, this year is different! I am personally declaring 2013 to be The Year of Fun!! If there is an opportunity to learn, create, travel, design, teach, cook, dine, soar,Alaskan Bi-Plane on Country Design Home

entertain or be entertained, count me in! Time for a fresh start and a new perspective, time for some fun! (disclaimer: this does not include any activities where I am strapped to a harness and soaring above the clouds- I do like to keep my feet firmly planted on our planet. Oh, and also, not kayaking, not a huge fan, although a little water rafting in Alaska might fit the bill nicely : )    Alaska Water Rafting

And so it begins by clearing out the dining room cupboard. Out went all of the colorful Christmas holiday plates and decorations.

Christmas Dishes in Hutch     Snowman PlatterNikko Christmas Dishes

In their place? White. Loads of white. Cupboard with white pottery

Plates, stacks of bowls, crocks and tureens-all white-that I have collected over the years.

Cupboard with white bowls

The color white makes everything clearer, cleaner and purer. White becomes the perfect backdrop for the millions of other beautiful colors in our spectrum and makes them pop. There are so many shades of white, so you can mix and match them to create a fabulously layered look.

White can be classically elegant:

or elegantly classic

White mirrored armoire

Photo via My Shabby Streamside Studio

White can be whimsical

Photo via Better Homes and Gardens


White flower paper installation

Photo via

funky & fun

white vintage vignette

Photo via Biskops Garden Blogspot

tastefully simple

White mirrored vanity

Photo via

or simply extraordinary

White room from Capri Palace Hotel, Anacapri - Italy

Photo via Fabrizia Frezza Architecture Interiors

So if you are looking for a way to start fresh and new for 2013, forget those resolutions that only last a day or two and get your exercise by grabbing a can of white paint and giving your space a whole new look!! Happy Fun Year everyone!!! Susan 


  1. Got my can of white chalk paint. Painting everything in sight!


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