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I have a dilemma. Once Coach and I decided to go ahead and find the summer home of my dreams…a log cabin in the woods…I started decorating (in my head and on Pinterest ) One thing that I knew for sure…I was going to do a “log cabin” bedroom, complete with birch trees and a log bed. Like this one:

Log Room

So I searched on FB Marketplace and CL until I found the perfect log bed! Not too rustic, sans bark, easy to assemble and not that heavy and clunky like some I had seen.

Log Bed CloseupAnd the price, well, it was sooooo inexpensive! The perfect anchor for my log cabin bedroom. EXCEPT…now that our log cabin is no longer a log cabin but a charming, light -filled condo cottage, well…the idea of a dark, heavy cabin scheme just doesn’t fit the bill. BUT, I still have my log bed and am going to use it…only in a lighter, brighter color scheme. But the one thing about this “au natural” bed- is that is actually kind of yellow. So, my question to you, dear readers, is this: should I paint it, stain it or leave it alone? I attempted a bit of gray stain on one of the frame supports, but it looked so dark that I abandoned that and set up the bed as is.

Log Bed in WindowThe walls are Reflection (a very pale gray) by Sherwin Williams and the bedding is primarily gray with touches of lavender and white. Every time I glance into the doorway of this room, I fall in love with the space all over again.

Log Bed with American Flag

But I’m still not sure about that log color. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! And if you’d like to have a look at my Log Cabin Pinterest Page, click Here. Have a great Wednesday, everyone! Logging off for now…xoxo Susan


  1. Hi Sue,
    My sister had a log cabin room in her Colorado home. I say leave it natural. She left hers natural and had it for 15 years and it still looked great. My son Michael (in a delightfully drunken state) did plop onto her bed and crack one of the logs. The air is so much drier in Colorado. I don’t think this will be an issue in these parts.


  2. I like it just as it is. Also, I enjoyed your Pinterest page.


  3. Kathy H. says:

    Sometimes you need to let things be for awhile to realize what the piece really needs. The color,restyling etc. At first I thought paint it white, but not glossy. But you have white in the bedding and curtains. Maybe more of a White Wash instead of a complete cover of paint would work. Get some pieces of wood in the same “flavor” and try some different techniques. Or just wait until the Insperaration comes to you.


    • Thanks Kathy! I am usually pretty sure of my decisions, but this one has me stumped. I thought about white-washing as well, but once I go there, I can’t go back to natural. So I guess I’ll just wait until the inspiration strikes : )


  4. I think it looks amazing as you have it now!


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