Vintage Ski Hat Rack & Wreath

Oftentimes, Coach will come home with stuff and my first reaction is, “not one more thing-don’t buy anything else!” And I stomp off to go find something to do while I stew about the fact that the barn is no closer to being my workshop than it was six months ago. Because it’s still full of stuff…no matter how much we sell, it never seems to get emptied. So after I get over it, I go back and look at the new stuff that he has brought home…sometimes right away, sometimes a few weeks or months later. Inevitably, I discover some new pieces that I can work with. Such is the project I shall name:

The Vintage Ski Hat Rack On The White Picket Fence With The Stove Burner Wreath. 

Vintage Ski Coat Rack

As with most of the items I refurbish, I have no clue where they came from. All I know is one day they just appear on the porch or the deck or the yard or the basement, where they remain until I decide what to do with them. So here is the story of The Vintage Ski Hat Rack On The White Picket Fence With The Stove Burner Wreath. At the barn last Sunday, one of the other vendors was admiring the skis that we had in our shop. He had recently created a coat rack from a large pair and instructed me on the how-to. So, since I had a white picket fence section (doesn’t everyone?),

Vintage Ski Hat Rack White Picket FenceI decided to mount the skis on the fence to create a functional wall-hanging rack for caps. The skis are on the small side, so I supposed you could hang a kids jacket or two on it as well. Once I mounted the skis to the fence. I added the hooks.

Vintage Ski Hat Rack Hanging HooksBut it just looked so plain, so I decided to add the wreath.

Vintage Ski Hat Rack on Picket Fence by Country Design HomeSince I didn’t have a wreath form handy, I used the next best thing: an old rusty burner grill from a stove top. It’s round, it has little hooks for wrapping stuff around it…why not?

Rusty Stove Burner Grill

So I took some garland and wrapped it around the burner ring and secured with wire.

Wrapping Burner Grill with Greens for wreathThen I made a little garland with some berries and twigs and such and attached it to the bottom of the wreath with wire.

Wreath made from Burner Grill

Then I added a burlap bow to the top.

Burlap Bow for wreath

Then I hung it on the Vintage Ski Hat Rack On The White Picket Fence. 

Vintage Ski Coat Rack

Cute-right?! This will be at the shop at the Holiday Open House in the Barn at Todd Farm this weekend. Hope to see you there! Sue



  1. Nikki Vergakes says:

    you’re so creative and talented!


  2. Jessica Cook says:

    This is so pretty and so creative! I wish I was more creative and thought of things like this!


    • countrydesignhome says:

      Thanks Jessica! You just have to think outside the box. You can make something creative out of anything as long as the form and shape are right : )


  3. Leesha @ Living Contently says:

    This is so cute! I love it. Such a creative way to re-purpose old items!


  4. So pretty and festive! Great repurposing idea!


  5. Marie@The Interior Frugalista says:

    Genius! I love how your mind works. This definitely is one of my favorite holiday DIY’s so far (and I’ve had many). Pinning this!


  6. chris aka monkey says:

    very cute and festive xx


  7. Amy@MaisonDecor says:

    Its fabulous! I love this life size holiday decoration you created. Talented girl!


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