Vintage Mason Jar Wall Sconce -DIY

Mason Jar Wall Sconce Logo I’ve been working on lots of projects, many of which I have simply forgotten to photograph until they were completed! But this one is fun, very inexpensive and pretty simple, so it’s time for a DIY on “How To Transform An Old Broken Drawer Front Into A Hanging Mason Jar Wall Sconce.” You know, HTTAOBDFIAHMJWS.

Mason Jar Wall Sconce SuppliesCoach and I have been collecting and cleaning and selling all kinds of vintage mason jars at the barn, but I really love the way these decorative sconces look, so one may actually end up on a wall in our home-imagine that! I started with a couple of drawer fronts from an old buffet, which create perfectly framed wood panels. Well. One was perfectly framed but the other had two side pieces missing. No matter, art is subjective, right? Each had a nicely-shaped center medallion with the hole already drilled for the bracket that I needed to attach (the hole was originally intended for the drawer knob or pull, but no need for that!).

Mason Jar Wall Sconce Pre-Drilled HoleI painted them with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Graphite, then dry-brushed the medallion and the frame edge with some blue concoction I mixed for some contrast. Next up, the mason jar brackets, which are actually adjustable hose clamps

Adjustable Hose Clamp

that are found in the plumbing section at your local hardware store (mine being Home Depot, of course). They are adjustable, come in lots of sizes, with a screw mechanism in the front that you simply loosen and tighten with a flat head screwdriver. I have attached mine at the natural neck of the jar, but you could clamp it in the middle as well. Just make sure its nice and tight!

Mason Jar Wall Sconce Adjustable ScrewTo secure the bracket to the frame, I drilled a hole in the middle of the band opposite the screw mechanism because I wanted that to be visible in the front. The metal band is pretty thin, so a regular drill bit worked fine. EXCEPT-make sure you wear gloves when doing this because 1.the edges can be sharp, especially where you drilled and 2.the metal gets mega-hot from the friction of the drill bit (my singed fingertips are your DIY tip for this week)

Mason Jar Wall Sconce Lining Up Bracket HolesOnce it (I) cooled down, I lined up the holes of the band and the board and secured with a nut and bolt.

Mason Jar Wall Sconce Screwed In BracketMake sure you don’t use a bolt that is too long or it will stick out the back when you hang it on the wall. Attached two hangers-these are 50# ones-which is a bit of overkill-unless you are planning on filling your mason jar with lead.

Mason Jar Wall Sconce D-Ring BracketsBut better safe than a broken antique mason jar! The total cost of this project? $1.20, give or take a dime or two.

Wood frame: Free

Mason Jar: 10 cents (we buy those by the case at yard and estate sales)

Adjustable Clamp & bolt: 10 cents ( we get those at yard sales as well)

Hanging D-Rings: 50 cents

Paint: use just a fraction of the total can, so we will say 50 cents

I filled this one with some autumn stuff I had on hand, but you could use candles or candies or whatever works for your seasonal decor. Out goes the sand and starfish, in goes the berries and leaves. Despite the fact that the stores-and my email inbox-are filled with autumn-inspired decor I, personally have resisted the fall/autumn/pumpkin/Halloween decorating until now. I just cannot believe it is October 2!!! So next time you see an old broken dresser on the side of the road, take a look at the drawers and see if you can repurpose them in another way and follow the three r’s-recycle, refurbish, relove. Have an “I can’t believe it’s October already” Thursday everyone! Susan


  1. Oh I love sconces and this one is awesome! I think I will attempt to make this myself some day. thanks so much. love it!


  2. Love your sconce with the medallion gives it such a nice touch! I had a super hard time drilling those clamps with a regular drill bit, so I took them over to my pops machine shop, he drilled through them like butter with his awesome professional drills and press, boy, I was sure to bring one of his bits home!



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