Mousetrap Game

As a kid, it was one of my favorite games. The little mouse was caught in the trap and the balls rolled around and if you did it correctly, it would untrap the mouse! Who would want to untrap a mouse in your house-what a nightmare! And, speaking of nightmares…you know when you have one of those restless nights at 3am when you just can’t sleep so you try to read and that doesn’t help so you decide to go down to your basement workshop and paint and as you are descending the stairs, you see this?!?


No? So, that’s just me? The strange part was, he wasn’t scurrying around, just laying belly down on the concrete floor, commando style, but his mouth was twitching. Hmmm. Cancel that workshop idea. Went back to bed, making enough noise so that Coach asked if I was OK, to which I responded: “There is a mouse in the basement, can you go kill it?” I pretty much will do any home-renovating and restoring type projects, being the strong, independent, “I Can Do Anything” type of woman I am,

We can do anything

but that does not apply to rodent control. (Unless, of course, you count the time I captured the squirrel with the trash bag- read that saga here…)

squirrel trap!

Squirrel Trap!

His drowsy response: “You want me to go kill it now?!” So we went back to sleep, and Coach got up first thing and discovered the mouse in the exact same place I left it the night before. I don’t have any poison or mousetraps down there, and we haven’t seen one in quite awhile, so I am not sure exactly what killed the little guy. Coach suggested it was all of the chalk paint I have in my work shop-perhaps he got a taste of Duck Egg Blue or French Linen?

Chalk Paint French Linen

Since I think chalk paint is supposed to be non-toxic, it’s more likely he got a taste of some deadly paint remover or stain. Didn’t he see the skull and crossbones on the can!?

Skull and Crossbones

Obviously, I don’t need to set a trap, since I have some sort of mouse killer already in place. However, as a public service announcement, I will share with you my favorite mouse trap: The Ortho Max Defense Mouse Trap. We have tried them all, and this one rocks! This is a no-muss, no-fuss kind of gadget. Just set it, and when it’s done its job the little lever pops up. You don’t ever see the poor little country mouse who just got smooshed. Sad, but effective and necessary to keep your home rodent free. Why don’t they just stay outside with the other woodland creatures where they belong?

Ortho Home Defense Mouse Trap

So, with that, it’s time to return to the dark and dreary basement to work on some projects-but I’m thinking I need a new workshop! Something bright and beautiful and (preferably) not underground. Like this one I recently spotted on the blogs-can you believe that someone actually gets to create in this space? I’m certain you won’t find any mouses (meese, what’s the plural?) here-unless it’s attached to a Mac.

WorkRoom The Creativity Exchange

Workroom The Creativity Exchange

But a crafty girl can dream, right, even if she can’t sleep at 3am? Have a dreamy Friday, everyone-it’s a long weekend! Susan


  1. mice is the plural of mouse – not meese


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