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Howdy, everyone- happy almost fall! A few weeks ago I received an email from the good folks at (yup, that, the one that has just what you need : ). They had seen my giant bedspring marquee light board that I had built ( the one that ended up on a Times Square billboard)

Rusty Bedspring Marquee Signand were asking permission to use it in an article they were featuring on their website! Well, that’s pretty exciting, but what do you suppose Wayfair would want with my old rusty bedspring light? Turns out that the content director was writing a piece on recycling old used mattresses and thought my rusty bedsprings would be a fun addition to the story- oh, JOY!!

Joy Rusted Bedspring Marquee SignDid you know that mattresses are completely recyclable-well, I had no idea!! According to the Wayfair article, over 20 million mattresses are sent to trash dumps every year, where they will essentially sit and rot for eternity because they are not bio-degradable. Sadly, the reality is that the padding, cotton fabric coverings, metal and wood components are all recyclable materials, if only folks knew how or where to dispose of them. Click on the link below to read the story and get ideas on what to do with your old used mattresses, doing your little part to save our planet : ) Recycle Mattress

Make sure you check out their few other photos of old, re-used bedsprings that you can use as inspiration! Have a great Labor Day, everyone! Susan xoxo

Home For the Holidays @

Have you seen the Wayfair commercial where all the people are happily singing and dancing around while ordering their Christmas gifts online? Holiday Ad 2014

No? then click here to view a snippet:

Wayfair Holiday Commercial 2014

Well, I’ve discovered the secret as to why these folks are just so gosh darned happy! Last weekend, I attended a #Home For The Holidays

Home For the Holidays Boston Bloggers Wayfair

blogging event sponsored by Boston Bloggers and held at the Wayfair corporate offices in Copley Place in Boston. Oh, man, what gorgeous offices, like in “#canIcomelivehere” gorgeous! Exiting the elevator on the 7th floor, this trompe l’oeil mural transforms the office hallway into a welcoming space worthy of any elegant home. I am SO doing that paint treatment on a chest of drawers! Office Entrance

You know me, I am all about the eye candy, and Wayfair did not disappoint. A Christmas tree resplendent in holiday style

Christmas Tree @ Wayfair.comsparkling scattered holiday lights

Mason Jar Candlelight with Rice Lights @ Wayfair& wintery pillows on settees in little private vignettes holiday pillowsall set a welcoming holiday stage for myself and the other 149 BFB’s (Boston Female Bloggers).

Home for the Holidays Blogging @ Wayfair.comDuring the day-long event, we made our way through the different work spaces that would normally be home to Wayfair workers performing their various roles. It is easy to see how the creative juices would be flowing in a space that feels so much like a beautifully decorated home. Yup.

I Love This Place Pillow @ Wayfair.comI love this place is right. In the main lobby seating area, we were greeted by Abby Larson, the founder and editor of StyleMePretty,

Abby Larson Style Me Pretty

an uber-successful wedding and design website. Her session was on holiday decor and decorating and she did not disappoint with her trendy and stylish tabletop settings.

Boston Bloggers Wayfair #Style Me Pretty Place SettingShe was incredibly “down-to-earth” and informative and offered so many great tips of the blogging trade. It was comforting to know that even bloggers on that scale still use their iPhones to sometimes take photographs! BUT, while seated here on the scattered sofas and ottomans, I couldn’t help but be dazzlingly distracted by this wall of flat screens that kept rotating through a variety of decorated spaces, office flat screen mural

each one more beautiful than the previous. offices lobby wallWho wouldn’t be inspired by that? In the main conference room, for our first activity, we were treated to a blogging seminar with Christiane Lemieux Of DwellStudio and Heather Armstrong, the creator of and the original “mommy blogger”. Both were entertaining and enlightening, again offering so much information in a lively and quite funny Q & A session. At the end of the day, we were treated to a holiday-menu-inspired presentation by Jeremy Sewall, owner of the Island Creek Oyster Bar  and author of The New England Kitchen.

The New England Kitchen CookbookHe offered up lots of helpful entertaining and cooking tips, like did you know that when fresh oyster’s shells are opened a crack, that they are actually dead and not fit to eat? Well, I didn’t, so good to know so I don’t go poisoning my guests during the holidays.  In between the educational sessions, we had some fun creating holiday banners (I didn’t finish mine because I was too busy chatting with my co-crafters. who were sooo nice)

creating holiday banners at Wayfair.comand sparkly, festive gift tags. Not especially proud of the ones I put together-they were a bit underwhelming. Perhaps it was because I was too busy trying to determine just how this amazing overhead light fixture illuminating our workbench was constructed

Boston Bloggers Wayfair Offices Ladder Lighting Fixtureso that I could re-create it for the barn. But this rustic package that Kate, one of the co-founders of Boston Bloggers had decorated was super cute, so I photographed that instead.

Boston Bloggers Wayfair Gift Tag ProjectAll in all, a great day packed full of helpful blogging information and lots of laughs (and coffee-they have these amazing giant “Starbucks-worthy” espresso-mocha latte-macchiato machines scattered around the conference rooms. Can you say caffeine high?!) At the end of a long, but very productive day, I was so excited about the upcoming holidays

Wayfair Christmas Ornaments

and ready to dive back into my blogging with a renewed enthusiasm. My takeaway from this day? Well, other than the notebook filled with incredibly helpful blogging tips, the unfinished holiday banner, the cute gift tags and this amazing pillow that I received as a parting gift? (Remember that gigantic Christmas tree with all of those beautifully wrapped gifts? They were for us!) throw pillow I learned that creating a work environment where employees feel “at home” and welcome makes for a inspired workplace with happy employees who “LOVE THIS PLACE”. Hence, the Wayfair Dancing Shoppers commercial! Have a great Monday everyone-hope you have the chance to dance today! Susan

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