Rustic Glam Reindeer

Musical Deer CloseupOne of the my favorite holiday projects I’ve been working on this season is a pair of decoupaged reindeer using antique Christmas carol sheet music. I had fallen in love with some similar to this in an Orvis holiday catalog I recently received. But they were glass and glitter and cost a pretty penny. AND, they are sold out!!

Glass-Glitter-Trimmed Deer OrvisTime for a little DIY. This is a simple, somewhat time-consuming project, but with a bit of patience you can make these beautiful deer too for a little $$$! I found two papier mache deer at Joann’s for $6.99 each, but they were on sale for 40% off. (well, actually there were three, but one of the little guys just kept falling over- too much spiked eggnog perhaps-so he was returned?!).

Decoupaged Deer Before1. Along with your deer, you will need decoupage glue ( am using Modge Podge here, but there are so many brands to choose from now), some decorative paper, hot glue, glitter, jute twine, some bells and fluff. Here is the how-to:

Deer Supplies2. I cut most of the sheet music into strips and bits before I began, the rest as I went along. There were quite a few curves and crevices to work into, so I used varied sizes of cut paper. If you don’t have sheet music, you can use any light weight paper, like wrapping paper, or even the newspaper! Working in small areas, one section at a time, brush on some decoupage glue to the deer, then onto the reverse side of the paper piece you are using.

Decoupage Deer Sheet Music

Place the paper onto the deer, then smooth it with your finger or brush. Repeat, overlapping as you go, until the entire deer is covered in decorative paper.

Glueing Sheet MusicI created a bridle with the border of the musical paper.

Decoupaged Deer Holly BridleI left the antlers clear because I wanted to decorate those differently. Allow to dry.

Decoupaged Deer Completed4. Glitter time! Paint the papered sections of the deer with decoupage glue, then sprinkle with clear glitter all over, making sure you get into all the cracks and crevices. Shake or tap it to allow any loose glitter to fall off. ++TIP++ I always place a piece of wax paper under my projects before I begin sprinkling. Once you are finished, you pick up the wax paper, fold in half to created a “luge” and pour all of the leftover glitter back into the bottle. Saves a lot of glitter! If you notice you have missed a spot, then just add a little more glue and re-apply glitter.

Glittering the decoupaged deerI left the antlers and hooves dry, as I wanted those to be wrapped in a rustic jute to contrast the sparkly mane, but you can glitter the whole thing if you would like. Allow to dry.

3. Decorate the hoofs and antlers. Using jute, start in a hidden area and use a spot of hot glue to anchor the twine.

Anchoring twine to antler with glue gun

Paint the remainder of the area with the decoupage glue.

Applying glue to antlers of decoupaged deer

Wrap the twine around until the area is covered. Tuck in end and add another spot of hot glue to anchor in place.

Anchoring the twine with glue gun

5. For the collar I used some white feather boa I had available to mimic the ones in the Orvis ad.

Decoupage Deer with feather boa trimCut enough to wrap around twice. Anchor the end under the chin with a spot of hot glue.

Anchoring feather boa with glue gunWrap the feather boa around twice, cut and secure back under with the hot glue. Make sure you don’t get glue on the feathers or they’ll lose their fluff-a-bility!

6. For the collar, you will need thread, a little bell and a pushpin and a decoration of some sort.

Snowflakes and Thread

I used a push pin decorated with a sparkly snowflake for the anchor.

Snowflake Pushpins

Glue a rhinestone to the snowflake for a little added bling.

Glueing Rhinestone to Pushpin

Take the pushpin and tie the bell with thread to the plastic part above the ridge. That will prevent it from slipping off the pin. Or you could glue it.

Threaded bells

Then push the pin into the neck area, through the fur. The pin will not show through the fur, so no worries there. Dazzling deer!!

Deer Bling Collar with Bell

7. Done! Are these exactly like the ones in the ad? Nope. But I love my deer with the antique Christmas carols and furry collars.  Such a pretty holiday decoration for a dreamy, sparkling, snowy mantel or console tablescape!

Antique Music Deer Pair CDH

Now if only someone had a decoupaged deer on their Secret Santa list….only 18 days left everyone-oh, deer, better get shopping! Susan

Fabric Fancies

On our recent trip to Virginia, Coach and I spent a morning browsing the antique shops of Fredericksburg.  Along with being the site of a famous Civil War Battle, this sleepy little college town is host to dozens of antiques and junque shops. A mecca for us trash to treasure hunters! After a few hours of looking at vintage signs, mid-century modern furniture, crystal punch bowls and old war memorabilia, I happened upon this refurbished dresser. LOVE. Refined Rustic is the look. Vintage fabric with chrome studs and pulls.

And then this one. Southwest style with the leather trim.

But at $600 each, so out of my price range.  I have a couple of old dressers looking for some love, so definitely a D.I.M. project worth considering for this upcoming long weekend. After a bit of research, I found a Pinterest how-to tutorial using Modge Podge by Plaid (typically used for decopage, perfect for adhering fabric to the surface and top-coating it all in one brush stroke.)

The two dressers in the shop had a “fabric” feel and look, not a shiny, hard finish, so I believe that was not the medium of choice. But these dresser ideas certainly could work too! This black and white chest from Better Homes and Gardens  has a similar look as the one in the shop, but with a much smaller price tag.

 Standard Ikea dresser transformed with grey and green florals from Ikea Hackers.

Pretty vintage lines dressed up pretty in pinks.

Colorful and whimsical, perfect for a child’s room from Twice Lovely via Apartment Therapy

Standard chair, wrapped in brilliant stripes would work in modern or country spaces.

Then of course, there is always a VW you could cover!

(Where are people finding these old VW’s, anyway!!?) Adding a pop of color to a country bench draws your eye to a restful corner of your garden. 

Decorating a desk and an older dresser would be the perfect solution for coloring up a crafts corner! 

This gorgeous mirror is definitely a labor of love. Or you can buy it online from London Based company Squint Limited for 1200 pounds. Yikes.

So, definitely adding this project to an ever-growing “to-do” list for the upcoming long weekend. They don’t call it Labor Day for nothing! Susan

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