The Artful Cranberry Wreath

When Thanksgiving time rolls around each November, one of the first purchases I always make is a big bag of fresh cranberries. With their vibrant, deep red color and lasting freshness, cranberries are the perfect fruit to bake with,  cook and decorate with, especially around the holidays in New England. (Who doesn’t remember stringing popcorn and cranberries on a long length of thread to create garland for the family Christmas tree? And, of course, we cannot forget cranberry sauce tube in a can!)  So, last week I was thrilled to receive a beautifully handcrafted, fresh cranberry wreath from the Artful Cranberry of Freeport Maine!

Artful Cranberry Wreath Logo

With row upon row of perfectly placed ruby-red cranberries, these wreaths are one-of-a-kind, and an elegant addition to any style of decor.

Artful Cranberry Fresh WreathAlthough sleek in their symmetry, the rustic nature of the fruited wreath will complement both modern and rustic decor.

Artful Cranberry Wreath on Picket FenceThey are suitable for hanging both inside or out, and will last up to two months in a 50-70 degree interior environment- perfect to take you through this holiday season! Once I received the wreath, I tortured myself trying to decide on the proper bow. I didn’t want anything too large that would cover much of the wreath, but just enough to add a touch of contrast. This “birch-like” ribbon seemed perfect to me.


It is rustic in style, but the birch has just a touch of a silvery sheen to add a bit of bling to my holiday dining room sideboard decor.

Artful Cranberry Wreath Holiday Decor Country Design Home

So the wreath is now proudly on display in our bright red dining room, the perfect complement to my rustic arched window and sparkling candelabras. If you are interested in ordering a wreath from Artful Cranberry, click the log below. (and tell her Sue@CountryDesignHome sent you : )

Artful Cranberry Wreath Logo

They are available in several round sizes, plus a new heart-shaped wreath that honors Women’s Heart Health, with the proceeds being donated to the Go Red For Women Campaign to stop heart disease in women.

Artful Cranberry Heart WreathThe wreaths arrive beautifully packaged and wrapped

Artful Cranberry Wreath Wrappedand the shipping is free– a perfect gift to send to a loved one who is sentimental about a New England Thanksgiving.  The wreaths are named “Unity, Peace, Goodwill, Joy, Love and Wonder,”

Artful Cranberry Wreath on Evergreens powerful messages that creator Deena Prestegard attempts to spread throughout the year, but especially during the holidays.  Hopefully you can spread this message too! Have a thankful Tuesday, everyone! Susan

The Marketplace at Adams Farm

Marketplace at Adams FarmFor those of you who have followed my blog since its inception, you’ll remember that I got my start in the “junkin'” business at the Vintage Thymes Monthly Market in Norwood. I had some great times staging my monthly-themed space in the old mill with all kinds of reclaimed and reloved vintage wares.

Vintage Thymes Monthly MarketSince then, I’ve moved north and staked my claim at the Barn at Todd Farm, while Nancy Murphy and Robin Hanlon,

Robin Hanlon and Nancy Murphythe original founders of Vintage Thymes,

Vintage Thymes have temporarily closed the monthly market while they search for some new digs. In the meantime, in order to keep their huge following of vintage-lovers happy, they have focused their attentions on an exciting new endeavor, The Marketplace at Adams Farm in Walpole, MA!

The Marketplace at Adams FarmNow partnered with Carol Bentley from Fleurish Home & Garden

Fleurish Home & Gardenand Marybeth Grey from Vintage Shade of Grey,

The ladies of Marketplace at Adams Farmthese four ladies are hosting a 2-day event at the Marketplace at Adams Farm on this coming Saturday & Sunday, October 24 & 25th from 10-4. The Marketplace will be much like the weekend markets at the mill: amazingly talented vendors offering their hand-made, re-refurbished and re-loved wares. You’ll be strolling the grounds of this bucolic “field of vintage dreams”

Adams Farm Walpole, MAwhile enjoying live local music, furniture painting demonstrations, food trucks, raffles and of course, shopping-lots of shopping!! Admission is only $5, but a word to the wise: arrive early-on both days!

The Marketplace at Adams FarmWhy? Well, if you ever had the opportunity to visit the Vintage Thymes Monthly Market on the opening day, you’re aware of the immensely passionate following these ladies have garnered over the years. I suspect there’ll be lots of folks waiting at the entrance for their chance to have first dibs on the vintage wares being offered at the Marketplace. If you love vintage (and, I mean, who doesn’t!?), it’s going to be an event that you do NOT want to miss (and it looks like we may have a nice, sunny weekend as well : ). So, I’ll be seeing you at the The Marketplace at Adams Farm… and if you happen to run into Robin, Nancy, Mary Beth or Carol, tell them Sue from CountryDesignHome sent you! Have a terrific Tuesday everyone! Susan


Editor’s note: This is long…but worth reading if you ever use vacation rental websites…

Ever since our son and his fiance announced their intention of being married on Martha’s Vineyard (YAY!!) I have been on the hunt for a rental property to house my family for the week of the event. Renting a home for a large group, as opposed to booking individual hotel rooms, makes sense economically. With a group, the per night cost is much less, plus you can cook many of your own meals as opposed to eating out. And, you get to hang out together, which is always fun when you have family coming in from other parts of the country. We have rented many homes on Martha’s Vineyard with family and friends in the olden days, before the internet was invented (yup, I am THAT old). Back then, you got the Boston Sunday Globe-in paper form-grabbed the rentals section and sat circling tiny 1 inch ads of properties on the island while sipping your Sunday morning coffee. Like this:

Newspaper Classified SectionThen you contacted the listing agent or homeowner on the telephone

Antique Wall Phoneand they mailed you hard-copies of the listings. The process was tedious, but it worked. We had many a great summer vacation at some beautiful homes… such fun memories.

Fast forward to the information super highway with anything you want or need, literally at your fingertips! Nowadays, I use several different vacation rental websites to find and procure our vacation homes, mostly with great success. Until this recent search, I thought the biggest issue was that there are just so many rentals online to peruse with thousands of pictures, that it becomes just a bit overwhelming! But, this time around has proven to be a different story. The first rental I chose, through was a gorgeous estate in very close proximity to the venue. Perfect for our family-even had a pool! I had been in touch with the property owner several times to discuss the dates available, etc. So I booked the home online, confident that my search was over. Imagine my dismay when I received a phone call from the owner the following day stating that she was very sorry, but she had been busy traveling all summer and hadn’t had a chance to update her listing. Now the price, instead of being $5000 for 5 days, was now $10,000 for the same time frame : 0 Needless to say, I canceled that reservation, not only because the price was WAY more than I wanted to spend, but because I was furious that I wasted all that time and energy with some chick that has this giant mansion as her income property playtoy. Fortunately, she refunded my deposit immediately and I was back on the vacation home hunt once again. This past week, I found a second home, this time on (a sister site to HomeAway) an old B&B that is now a private rental. 10 bedrooms, each with its own bath, right near downtown Oak Bluffs, within walking distance to everything. Again, I contacted the agent through the website portal and awaited a response. To my delight, she emailed me the next morning stating that the property was available for my rental dates. AND, instead of the $5000, it would only be $3000 AND if I paid it all up front, she would also give me an additional 15% off! Looks legit, right? I mean, it has the HomeAway logo on it. But look at the email address:

First Ad Response

Now, if you have rented on the Vineyard before, you know that 1. The price is NEVER cheaper than advertised and 2. An extra discount for booking early is rare-you HAVE to book early-prime properties go fast, especially during the “wedding season” on the island. So I emailed her back and said yes, but all the while, knowing in my gut, something was not quite right. She emailed requesting my information (now, I’m not an English teacher but I can spot a run-on sentence when I see one…)

Rental Reponse 2then sent me the contract and rental agreement, and that’s when I really decided something was up.

Rental Invoice

The fake company and foreign bank listed on the rental agreement were the confirmation I needed. Good thing they have a Carefree Rental Guarantee!HomeAway Rental AgreementWhile I was in the process of investigating further (and preparing to contact the website company to report my suspicions) but well BEFORE I sent my $2850 to England, I received a phone call, this time from the real listing agent. After a short conversation, we realized that following my initial inquiry, the hacker had been intercepting both my incoming and the rental agent’s outgoing emails and had used my information to create the false invoice! Suffice to say, we were both a little freaked out-she, because this is her livelihood and the hacker was able to steal her listing to create a fraudulent one and me, because I was would have been out a LOT of money had I not been paying attention! I forwarded her the email correspondence from the hacker and she, in turn, reported it to VRBO. Within 20 minutes, I received an urgent warning message from VRBO stating that there was fraudulent action on the listing (Ya THINK!?). Which was cool that they were right on top of it. But not cool that the hacker was able to do this in the first place on a secure website. On the other hand, I suppose if they can shut down airports and banks, a little rental agency on the Vineyard would be a day at the beach for a hacker…literally.  So there you go. A word of warning to all of you would-be renters out there. Do your homework and follow the instructions on the rental websites: always talk to the listing person, be aware of things like poor grammar and false emails and remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably, definitely is. Have a great weekend everyone-I hope Joaquin doesn’t make a visit to your part of the Americas! Susan


It is been three months (and a day) since my last blog post on June 25th. During these past few months of summer, we sold my mom’s condo and moved her into a sunny new two bedroom apartment, which she loves. Obviously, this is the before…”afters” coming shortly!

Moms Apartment 1We hosted the bridal shower,

Shower Marquee Chalkboard Signthen spent the summer prepping for the Kennebunkport wedding (more of that coming shortly but I will tell you that those sun umbrellas came in quite handy…)

Kennebunkport Wedding Pic Sunshineand Coach and I spent the weekends at the Barn at Todd Farm selling our “junk-tiques”.

American Flag Coffee Table VignetteWe managed to fit in a James Taylor/Bonnie Raitt concert at Fenway Park-absolutely incredible!

James Taylor at Fenway Park 2015I completely redecorated our guest bedroom

Nautical Bedroom Makeoverand finally finished both the Hall of Shame  (LOVING the new herringbone carpet-so soft!)

Herringbone CarpetAND the upstairs bath (that’s what happens when you have international guests coming to stay and the pressure is on : 0

Oak vanity with vessel farmhouse sinkDuring this time, I kept thinking that perhaps it was time to say goodbye to this blog because frankly, I really didn’t think I had anything left to say. Every time I was working on a new DIY project for the wedding (or the barn) I would start to take photographs…but then I would get distracted and forget until the project was completed.

Painting Globes for weddingWhoops. Or I would see something very similar to my project on Pinterest or on another blog and think “It’s all been done before. How many ways can you decorate a mason jar (turns out there are millions…)?

Mason Jar Margarita Wedding Shower FavorsWhy would anyone want to read what I have to say?” The pressure of just thinking about writing, never mind actually doing the writing had me teetering near the edge. But now, after being idle (for a quarter of a year!!) I realize that my walking away was just the stress talking…I just couldn’t handle ONE MORE THING. Now that the summer has ended and our lives have settled back into some sort of normalcy (until we start gearing up for wedding #2 in 2016 with our son Chris and his beautiful bride-to-be, Ashley),

#Crashley 1

it occurs to me that perhaps I have a little blog left in me. And I am hoping that you still have a little blog reading left in you? I’m not promising much, just a few snippets of our lives here and there and any interesting DIY projects-if I remember to take the photos along the way! I am staying true to my country design roots, but adding some fresh new country style decorating ideas for your reading pleasure. Oh, and one final piece of business. My current gmail been repeatedly hacked and I’m sick of getting spam emails-FROM ME-selling Viagra and promising me millions of inherited $$$ from a king in a foreign land. Thanks, google. So I’m in the process of shutting it down entirely. My new email is changing to, so if you’re trying to reach me (other than within the comments section of this blog) that’s where I’ll be. Thanks for being a patient and faithful follower…we’ll talk again soon, OK? Susan 

Taking a Blogging Break-Phew!

As you may (or may not) have noticed, I have not been doing a lot of blogging recently. Life is a bit crazy right now, with the upcoming wedding taking full priority in our lives. Along with the ongoing wedding decor projects and prepping our home and yard for out-of-town guests that will be staying here, as well as keeping the shop stocked in the Barn at Todd Farm, well…I just haven’t had a lot of time for anything resembling writing. I am doing lots of DIY projects at a fast pace, but just don’t have the time to stop and photograph them, as well as write the DIY info out for the blog. Add to that, the fact that I STILL don’t have a dress for the wedding (YIKES!) and you can see that my stress levels are starting to climb just a wee bit. AND, to top it all off, my emails are being hacked continuously; I change the password frequently, and no sooner is it done then I receive more email spam from ME!! So, I am pulling all of my gmail emails from this time forward. If you receive any from with promises of anything from free money to all kinds of “ahem” enhancers, they are not from me- please just delete them! So I am closing down that account and changing all of my accounts over to a new hosted email. Which will take awhile in between all of my other daily craziness. So, my plan is to take a break and focus on the tasks at hand and return after the wedding fun is done. I promise I will take lots of pics for future blog posts! Once my new email is in place, you will receive them from

In the meantime, have a great summer everyone and if you want to check in with me, head up to the Barn at Todd Farm any Sunday…



Mason Jar Margaritas!

Mason Jar Margarita Wedding Shower FavorsLast Sunday we kicked off our “summer of wedding fun” with a bridal shower honoring our daughter, the bride-to-be, Kate and her fiance Chris at River Bar in Assembly Row in Somerville.

The Bride & GroomThe day was stormy, so the original plan of being outdoors on the patio was a wash. But this trendy restaurant, with its glass walls overlooking the Mystic River

River Bar Somerville MAwas the perfect (dry) setting for a casual brunch with family and friends. When my generation were the “brides-to-be”, a shower favor was typically some Jordan almonds (um, yuck) wrapped in mesh and tied with a pretty ribbon with maybe a plastic ring as an embellishment. Whoops…so apparently those are still a thing…when I googled it to find a picture, there were almond favors everywhere! Apparently there is some significant history to the almonds…to read, click the link below…

Jordan Almond Favors via The Knot

Jordan Almond Favors via The Knot


Instead of those, for our shower favors I decided to create a Mason Jar Margarita (the bride’s fav : ). Most of the supplies came from Michaels Crafts…with the exception of the tequila and drink mixes! I bought the pint mason jars by the case

Pint Mason Jars MichaelsNext came the filler, strings and straws…

Mason Jar Shower Favors Paper Shredblue for margaritas,

Mason Jar Margaria Shower Favorsred for non-alcoholic strawberry lemonade.

Mason Jar Shower Favor Lemonade MixI spray painted the metal ring tops to match.

Rustoleum PaintThese cute little chalkboard circles, also from Michaels, were the perfect size to cover the floral design stamped on the metal sealing lids of the mason jars.

Mason Jar Shower Favors Jar TopsTo those, I stamped a “Thank You” and embossed it with special powder and a heat gun.

Mason Jar Shower Favors Shaking Off Powder(If you don’t know about embossing…which is totally awesome and magical…that DIY will be following shortly) I found the Bartender’s Margarita mix at our local grocery store and added the Starbucks Strawberry Lemonade for a non-alcoholic treat.

Lemonade and MargaritasI created these labels to adhere to the fronts of the paper mix packets.

Mason Jar Margarita Bridal Shower PoemTo assemble: a bit of paper shred, a tequila nip (which are the perfect size to fit inside the pint mason jar)

Tequila Nip for Mason Jar Margaritaa drink mix packet. Screw on the tops, add a straw (we taped the straws to the side first to secure them, then tied the string around for the design.) The assembly went quickly once all the components were ready to go.

Mason Jar Margarita Shower Favors

And then, the sign.

Shower Marquee Chalkboard SignI had the chalkboard for weeks, awaiting my design genius to kick in to create something fun…you know, nothing really rhymes with margarita… which didn’t happen until 5 am on the morning of the shower…sometimes I do my best work under extreme pressure…so you’ll have to excuse the slightly off-centered-ness. The jars looked so cute all stacked up, and along with some mason jar centerpieces,

Mason Jar Flower Vasesadded a touch of bright color to the decor. The shower was a huge success, the bride and groom had a great time, and everyone departed carrying a mason jar-hopefully making a toast to the bride while enjoying their drink of choice. Next up, invitation assembly day! Have a terrific Tuesday, everyone! Susan


Americana Decor Chalky Paint Contest-WOW!

Announcing…Second Chances Americana Paints How ToWhenever I am choosing chalk paints to transform a piece of furniture, I typically go to Michaels to grab a pot or two of Americana Chalky Paints by DecoArt.

Americana Chalky PaintThese are 8oz containers, which is usually enough to transform one to two pieces of furniture, depending on the size. They are available in an array of colors and, with a coupon, are incredibly affordable at around $4.00 each-that’s $16 per quart!!  This paint requires little to no prep work and leaves a smooth, ultra-matte finish. Most recently, I completed this sideboard for my family room:

Americana Sideboard Makeover on Country Design Home and this incredible painted globe that we will be using at our daughter’s upcoming wedding (yikes, it’s getting closer…)

Global LOVE Painted Globe by Country Design Homebut now I’m excitedly planning my newest project because this time I can win a prize…a BIG prize… for the best design…and so can you!!! DecoArt is holding a contest called “All About Second Chances Chalky Paint Contest!” . This is your chance to show off that gem of a makeover using Americana Decor Chalky Paints and win…wait for it…$$$...the Grand Prize is $2000 cash and $500 in retail prizes…amazing!!! The judging will be based on 40% creativity, 40% final photo and 20% inspiration story…was this grandmother’s treasured chest that was tucked away in the attic, or did you rescue an old table in total disrepair from the dumpster and give it a fresh new look??? Either way, it’s time to grab a paintbrush and start your makeover today…because everyone…and everything…needs a second chance. The contest runs through August 31st, which gives you plenty of time to get inspired and complete your transformation. For contest details, go to or click the pic below:

Americana Decor All About Second Chances ContestNow if you’ll excuse me, I have a dresser to chalky paint…here’s hope your week starts off with a fresh new look! Susan

Selling Home

Remember last year when I started the kitchen renovation at my mom’s townhouse? We began with dated, 1970’s dark oak cabinets with the formica countertops

Kitchen Beforeand ended with this…a bright, light and airy kitchen with glazed white cabinets and granite countertops:

Mom's KitchenI primed and painted walls and cabinets and added the forged iron hardware…

Hardware Door Pulland the crown molding,

Crown Molding Painted and Glazedthen she sprung for the travertine tile backsplash and these gorgeous granite countertops.

Granite New Undermount SinkAnd then mom added her final artistic touches to make this her French country kitchen. As in the rest of the place, which she has lovingly decorated and truly transformed into a warm and inviting, comfortable home. So, it is with great excitement (and just a wee touch of melancholy) that I’m announcing that mom’s townhouse is on the market! After this dreadful winter, she decided it was time to move from a four story townhouse (yup, she’s in her late 80’s…but you wouldn’t know it by looking at her or spending 5 minutes with her…I keep saying that in her case, as with Coach’s mom as well…90’s is the new 60’s!

The Grandmothers May 2015

The Grandmothers @ Kate’s Shower May, 2015 Eleanor & Nancy

But the laundry is in the basement and her bedroom on the second floor. PLUS, her car…which is parked in an outside space… was buried in snow so many times this past winter that she couldn’t get out to go for a ride (to her nearest HomeGoods, primarily : ) So, it’s time to move her to something a wee bit smaller and all on one level with everything…like the trash and the mail and the laundry… inside for those stormy or steamy days when the outdoors is not her friend. My family has been cleaning and painting and staging and clearing out to prepare for this day. Now proudly presenting…mom’s townhouse for sale! Here is her living room…

Mom's Living Roomand the hallway leading into the dining room…the hardwood floors glow from the glass sliders leading out to a deck…

Living Room To Dining RoomAs we were preparing the house to stage and sell, I couldn’t help but notice how many of the rooms I had helped her redecorate over the past 10+ years…I did the painting…she was the decorator…a great design team if I do say so myself! The master bedroom…

320 Newbury # 602 Danvers Mass Master BedroomThe guest bedroom- loving this happy apple green color : )

Guest BedroomThe dining room (I painted this room to match the kitchen walls, added a wood shelf in the arch cutout leading into the kitchen):

Dining Room #602 320 Newbury Street DanversRemember the painted country cabinet makeover project? This is the living area leading up to the second floor:

Painted Pine Country CommodeTo view the entire house for sale, click on the MLS listing by Acton Real Estate here: 

MLS Listing 320 Newbury #602And if you know anyone that might be interested, you’d better hurry to take a look. It’s been on the market 4 days…price is $279,000… and we’ve already had tons of showings and interest…should be sold soon. And then mom will move on to her next decorating adventure…HomeGoods better have extra large shopping carts!! I hope you have an adventurous Thursday, everyone! Susan


American Flag Coffee Table

Inspired by the red, white and blue decor from last week’s blog, this past weekend I decided to create an American Flag Coffee Table.

American Flag Coffee Table LogoUsing an old brown table that we picked up at a flea market for $5 (you know, those ones that were mass-produced in the 70’s and are at every flea market and yard sale throughout the land…)

American Flag Coffee Table BeforeI transformed it from a drab brown circle to a colorful Americana coffee table! Here is the how-I-did-it:

1. I painted the base legs with a couple of coats of Heritage Blue Stain by General Finishes.

General Finished Hertiage Blue Water Based StainLove this stuff. It is water-based, has very little odor, dries quickly, can go on any surface and leaves a beautiful, satin finish.

2. Sanded the scratched and worn top…I am not sure what the finish was, but it certainly made a powdery white mess! Thank goodness it is finally warm enough to use my mouse sander outdoors!

American Flag Coffee Table Sanded3. Once it was sanded and wiped clean, I taped it off. The American Flag is probably one of the simplest designs you can use-stars and stripes. Easy to do with painter’s tape and a stencil. The table was just the right size to have 13 2″ stripes, so I doubled up my rows of 1″ painter’s tape from top to bottom.

American Flag Coffee Table Taped StripesThen I blocked off the area that would be the star field, and used the Heritage Blue to paint that area as well.

3. Painted the red stripes first, then allowed to dry completely…actually overnight. Because I knew I would be taping right on them and didn’t want to risk pulling the red paint off if it wasn’t completely dry. I used some homemade red chalk paint…need the recipe? Click here…

American Flag Coffee Table Red Stripes4. Re-taped along the edges of the red stripes and painted with white (also used some homemade custom chalk paint).

American Flag Coffee Table White Stripes5. Using the same white from the stripes, I stenciled the stars onto the blue field. You could also use a star-shaped stamp as well. I just happened to have a whole bunch of different style star stencils…

American Flag Star StencilI knew I would not be able to fit 50 stars, so I just went with a pleasing arrangement using a simple star pattern.

American Flag Coffee Table Stars and Stripes6. Sanded down the entire piece to distress it just a bit.

American Flag Coffee Table Sanded and DistressedTIP: when you are sanding red alongside white, keep the sanders separate. The red builds up on the sanding bar and can smear onto the white.

Red Tinted Sanding SpongeIn which case you end up with pink stripes. Which is cute, but not necessarily  all-american.

7. Finished with 2 coats of General Finishes Natural Stain. 

General Finishes Water Based Wood Stain NaturalIt is clear and works as a nice satin finish for any surface where you don’t want to add color.

8. Voila! A Red, white and blue table-perfect for a nautical or Americana theme for your red, white and blue porch or family room!

American Flag Coffee Table CompleteSo where is the table now? At the Barn at Todd Farm! Since I already have an American Flag Whale Table,

This Old House Whale Tableit only seems right that someone else has this beauty for their home. Wow-it’s Thursday again already, everyone!! Hope it is memorable! Susan


Americana Decor in Red, White & Blue

With Memorial Day weekend fast approaching, I did a little online searching for some inspired red, white & blue home decorating ideas.  These interiors are not all dotted with American flags, but they are just beautifully furnished spaces with a nod to our nation’s favorite color scheme…all photos via

Oh, this kitchen…if I ever have the chance to design another kitchen, this is the one…

and for my adjacent family room…

This room is simple and sweet with the American flag taking center stage.

This bedroom sitting area is the perfect spot for kicking back and picking up a good book over the long weekend…

What child wouldn’t delight in calling this home?

Nothing more American than patchwork and denim!

Sometimes you just need a few throw pillows…

In this kitchen the red, white and blue is a bit more subtle, using a softer gray-blue for the accent piece.

Keeping it simple and sweet with a painted fireplace mantel as headboard and some red throw pillows.

A fresh, modern take on an iconic color palette-switch up your royal blues with some aquas for a softer nautical feel.

Loving this red, white and blue bunk room for a cottage or cabin. Sweet dreams!

And finally, this simple rustic loft space…one oversized piece serves as the artwork and color palette inspiration.

For more inspired red, white and blue design, click on the link. But, wait! I couldn’t feature all of these inspired design photos without our very own porch featuring my red, white & blue whale table! Whale Porch Table
If  you are contemplating making a design change in your home, consider the American flag colors for your decor. It has served as our country’s inspiration for generations, and will for years to come. Have a safe and memorable Memorial Day weekend everyone! Susan

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