Mason Jars

Found a few more Mason jar photo inspirations on Pinterest, so I though I would update and share. Filled with flowers, covered in lace, stuffed with lights, Mason jars are being upcycled for wedding table centerpieces, outdoor chandeliers, photo holders. Trending in all kinds of design, they aren’t just for canning anymore!

The possibilites are endless, and so country pretty!

country pretty inspiration

Views from my back porch

Winter in New England is typically long and cold, and we thought this year would be no exception, with a fierce October snowstorm that took everyone (including the snow plowers!) by surprise. My fall mums looked so pretty covered in a blanket of frosty flakes. But since then, we have had only a few inches of snow, lots of sunshine and practically balmy temperatures! It has been a gift to those of us who don’t run ski resorts, who just need to get through our daily routines, grateful not to be digging ourselves out of mountains of the white stuff. And Spring is just around the corner.

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