“Every Little Thing’s…

Gonna Be Alright”. Bob Marley. Shane Victorino. Another epic baseball night at the old ballpark in Boston.

Victorious VictorinoWho knew when this season began that this little band of bearded misfits would turn into the team that would not quit? In honor of this remarkable season, I am sharing a few vintage baseball-inspired images, to which I have added my own little decorating touch. In lieu of growing a beard to show my support,

head shot large BeardI have added this Red Sox/Fenway Park vignette,

Fenway Park Vignette PM

which is now gracing our kitchen, awaiting the start of the World Series-can you believe it!?

Sox Fan Vignette

(Truth be told, these are all pieces that we have collected over the years, that banner is from 1975! But they were packed away last year mid-season in protest of all that was wrong with the 2012 Sox.) I am happy to restore them to their rightful spot for all the world to see. Hey, Wally, welcome back!!

Wally The Green Monster PM

Here are a few other baseball-inspired images that caught my eye this morning while browsing my Ipad as I was watching the replays of last night’s drama. These inspired ideas are a GRAND SLAM in my book!

Mason’s Party by Hostess with the Mostess– lucky Mason!

Photo from Hostess with the Mostess

Baseball Bedroom by Knockoff Decor

Baseball Bedroom From Knock Off Decor

Baseball Mural Bedroom by Theme Rooms Blogspot

Red Sox Room by ThemeRooms

Baseball Wedding by Evoke Blog

Baseball Inspired Wedding by Evoked C Blog

Rustic Brick Wall & Clock-Game Time by Cool Kids Rooms

Baseball Brick Wall and Balls

Vintage Man Cave by Nathan Taylor for Obelisk Home

Man Cave by Nathan Taylor

Combing two of my favorite things! Baseball and Buffalo Plaid by Colorful Living Interiors

Baseball and Buffalo Plaid

And finally, this extraordinary baseball bat wall installation by Intimate Living Interiors

Baseball Bat Wall Installation by Intimate Living Interiors

So, no matter what happens in the coming weeks, we can always celebrate the special moments of this extraordinary Red Sox season.

Koji Celebrating

And remember,

Sign by The Silver Spider Etsy

unless, of course, they are tears of joy. Go Sox!!! Susan

Fancy Fringed Footstool

This past weekend was a whirlwind of events including a surprise birthday fiesta for our beautiful daughter,


followed the next day by a “leftover” enchilada party featuring our favorite legendary local sports heroes,

Illustration by  Larry Johnson

Illustration by
Larry Johnson

followed by yet another birthday party (we do have a lot of family birthdays in October!) PLUS the 4 day  Vintage Thymes Monthly Market-whew! Didn’t leave any time for DIY’ing or blogging, but I am slowly cleaning up the final messes and getting back on the blogging bus. Sort of. This was the actual party bus we hired to move the party to Boston- fun!

Bus Ride to Boston

Today I am featuring this little project, a before and after of a footstool that I picked up in a thrift shop for a couple of bucks. It was very outdated but pretty sturdy, even though the middle was sort of sunken in.

Original Footstool

Here’s the how-I-did-it:  Pulled off the old, tattered dirty fringe, but left the rest intact, since I was just going to cover it anyway. Piled some batting on top of the sunken middle, as I wanted it to have more of a “poof” appearance than a flat top.

Adding Batting to top

I recently heard the name “gout stool” for the first time, which was apparently a term used in the Victorian era regarding footstools for people to rest their feet on while suffering from gout. So I thought that a poufier cushion might be a bit more comfy for any sore feet-this poor guy has two!

Gout Illustration

Cut the top fabric to fit over the new poufy top.

Cutting Top Fabric to Fit

Stapled it all the way around,

Stapling Top Fabric in Place

folding the corners down, but leaving the rest kind of casually creased.

Stapling Top Fabric 1

Measured the height of the bottom fabric- there was already a dividing line in the stool where the seam was, so I just used that. I had already finished off the top edge with a buttonhole stitch on my sewing machine, but  you can just fold it over and press if you don’t have a machine. Measuring Base Height

I glued it around the edges overlapping the floral fabric, then flipped it over and stapled it to the bottom.

Stapling Fabric to Base

Since it just looked like a big lumpy pouf, I decided to add the covered button, with one large stitch that pulled through all the foam and batting into the bottom, which tucked the middle down to create a tufting effect.

Center Covered Button

The feet were just simple cylinders, but they had the nice metal sliders on the bottoms, so I simply painted them.


The easiest way to paint anything mounted on a screw is to stand it up, so I put them into place in their existing corner brackets,  but screwed them in just enough to hold them upright, then added some wax paper to mask the fabric.

Masking with Wax Paper

Painted two coats of Behr Stealth Gray,

Painting Footstool Feet

allowed to dry and then pulled away the wax paper. Before I securely tightened the feet, I glued down a piece of burlap I had handy just to finish the base.

Burlap Base Cover

Added the fringe with a hot glue gun.

New Fringe

This is the finished “gout stool” that co-ordinates with an antique oak chair that I had already recovered with the matching Waverly Fabric. Which creates a lovely fireside vignette.

Footstool and Chair Completed

Both will be available at next month’s Vintage Thymes Market. In the meantime, I think I might use that stool to rest my weary feet while I watch the game today. Go Sox! Susan

Party Time at Vintage Thymes

Last night I participated in the one-year anniversary celebration at the Vintage Thymes Monthly Market -what a blast from the past!

History PlanterThere was delicious food and drink, great live music and sooo many shoppers (the line to get in started forming at 4:30!) I have been involved in this vintage market for a few months now, and have been continuously impressed by the owners, Robin and Nancy,

Vintage Thymes Founders Robin & Nancyas well as the many talented vendors,

Vintage Shades of Grey Mantel

who pull out all the stops to create breath-taking vignettes within the confines of their booth spaces. (this is my space : )

Country Design Home

This month, in particular, was more fabulous than ever, IMHO!

Vintage Bike VignetteThe range of vintage items available, from rustic tin pigs

Big Tin Pigto gorgeous florals

Vintage Shades Floralto ingeniously funky remade home wares-whoooo would think that two old saws could be so adorable?!

Saw Owlswas overwhelming, and I noticed that many shoppers stayed for hours trying to take it all in and find some perfect pieces for their homes and shops.

Harvest ThymeI had a chance to take a few pics before the mayhem began

Autumn Waresto give you an idea of the breadth of talent that is showcased in this monthly event.

Vintage Thymes Trunk(Disclaimer: some of the items in these pics were sold last night, but I assure you there is so much more to see and purchase over this long weekend!)

Vintage Cream and HydrangeasSo, if you have a chance to get down (or up) to the south shore this weekend, make sure you head on over to the WinSmith Mill Market to take it all in.

Starfish Tablescape

And, on Sunday, a special treat-there will be an outdoor anniversary fair as well, with music and food trucks and more vintage goodies with over 30 dealers! Have a happy harvest weekend, everyone! Susan

Cabbage Roses to Country Charm

The 80’s called and they wanted their dusty rose cabbage roses back. So I obliged. And our downstairs 1/2 bath, that used to look like this

Before Mirror
now looks like this! (I need to apologize for the not-so-great-pics. Do you know how difficult it was to squeeze into a 5 x 8 bathroom to take these?!)

Bathroom Completed 2

Many of the DIY projects in this tiny bath have been featured on my blog, including the vanity transformation, from boring beige

Vanity Before White Coffee

to rustic navy

After Tile and Vanity

the American flag art piece

Map and Sign on Wall Signed

and of course, my Oh Deer Buck Towel Rack.

Oh Deer Towel Rack
So what was once pink and beige with roses and LLadro dolls and shiny brass fixtures

Before Dolls and Statues

is now all dolled up with the new color palette of navy and green and polished nickel fixtures. The inspiration came from the fabulous wallpaper.

Bathroom Color Palette

This paper, that I scooped out of a clearance bin over a year ago for $10, has the appearance of old barn walls with textured crackled vertical striping. The woodwork, once Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee, is now Benjamin Moore Snowfall White.

After Toilet Side Vintage Vignette
The floor, previously smoky pale blue tiles (many of which were broken or cracked)

Old Bathroom Tile Removal

is now a stunning slate subway tile I picked up in a clearance bin at Lowes for $1.12 per s/f!

Slate Subway Tiles

Love our new faucet from Home Depot, which resembles an old well pump.


The sconces used to be shiny brass and hung next to an ornate, floral gold mirror.

Before Cabbage Roses and Brass Sconces

but when I (my daughter found these, actually, but as soon as I saw them I had to have them! She and I installed them together, so thanks Kate!)

Sconce Closeup

found these at Home Depot I knew they would be the perfect complement to the rustic old mirror Coach had picked up at a yard sale. I just cleaned it and added some Annie Sloan Soft Wax for a glowing finish.

Mirror Wall Complete

This cute little tin shelf came from a downtown shop, and its the perfect size for holding tissues, soaps and some reading material.

Tin Shelf Complete

Love this feature wall. Well, this was the feature wall until I was blow-drying my hair the other morning and the needlepoint picture ($1 at a flea market, oak frame from AC Moore with a coupon) that was resting on the shelf got blown off the shelf, taking the brown wood vase with it, smashing them onto the new slate floor. Luckily, the floor was spared any damage.

After Toilet Side Vintage Vignette

So now this is the feature wall.

Toilet Wall After 2

This was a budget makeover, with the only major changes being a new toilet, new faucet and the sconces, all from Home Depot. The towels, candle holders, soap dispenser, toilet paper holder and scatter rug were from Home Goods, of course. Everything else is reclaimed, refashioned and repurposed, like these beautiful Mason Jars, once filled with preserves, now preserving the past while serving as functional containers.

Mason Jars Edited

The only thing I am still on the fence about is the sink. It is old, and has lost most of its shine, but it is granite. And blue.

Sink Wall Edited

My original intent was to paint it white using epoxy paint. But, after reading the scary warning label (my nervous system has taken enough hits lately…)

Warning Label

and knowing that there is virtually no ventilation in the tiny space, I decided to pass for now. So blue it stays, but it does look like a sink you might find in an old farm bathroom, so I’m OK with it. This, by far, has been one of my all-time favorite transformation projects in our home. It captures the essence and stays true to our country design home style, don’t you think? Stay true to your Tuesday style! Susan

Joyful Wedding By The Sea

It’s Wanderlust Wednesday, and this week I am sharing some pics from an amazing wedding Coach and I recently attended in Kennebunkport, Maine.

A View From the TentWhen you have the good fortune to witness two people, blissfully in love, surrounded by family and friends in an incredible ocean-side setting, well, there are simply no words to describe it. These photos can only hint at the incredibly beautiful celebration that surrounded this young couple as they committed their lives to one another in a joyful wedding by the sea.

Trolleys at the Ready

Trolleys at the Ready
A View From the Church Lawn

Ocean View from the Church
The Stone Church Tower

Stone Church
The Aisle Illuminated

The Aisle Illuminated
The Soaring Tent

The Soaring Tent
Their Monogrammed Banners Flying High

Monogrammed Banners
A Nautical Boutonniere

Nautical Boutinierre
Pretty in Pink

One Perfect Rose
The Perfect Settings

Perfect Place Settings
Hydrangeas and Roses on the Bar

Hydrangeas & Roses

The Bridal Party Dockside

Bridal Party Dockside
Adirondack Chairs on the Lawn

The Setting Sun in the Harbor
Boats Afloat

Boats in the Setting Sun
The End of A Perfect Evening

The Setting Sun with Chairs
As we were seated in the church, I noticed this stained glass window above me.

Stained Glass Window

So I am so very cheerfully giving the bride and groom our very best wishes for a lifetime of joy and happiness! XOXO Susan & Coach

Rustic Rolling Bar Cart

DIY Tutorial- Rescuing and Restoring and Reloving an old cabinet into a Rustic Rolling Bar Cart.

Country Design Home Bar CartThis antique, beat up yellow cupboard has been sitting patiently in the barn since the spring, when I scored it on my way out of Todd Farm on a sunny Sunday.

Cupboard Todd FarmThe vendor let it go for cheap because he didn’t want to load it back into his car. It was next up on my DIM(Do It Myself) list this past weekend, so I finally had to decide out what to do with it. The inside writing indicates that it was removed from an old hardware store in Haverhill,

Bar Cart Hardware Coso my first instinct was to return it to its former nuts and bolts glory. But it really is too awesome to be hidden away in a workshop or storeroom, so now it’s a rolling bar cart! Better to be holding Jack Daniels than jackhammers, am I right?

Bar Cart Finished Kitchen SignedHere is the How-I-Did-It:
1. Washed the whole thing down-inside and out-with disinfectant cleaner-who knows where this thing was before I acquired it?!

Bar Cart Topless2. It was a bit wobbly and was missing the top, so I cut up some old pieces of scrap and glued and nailed it all back together so it’s nice and solid.

Bar Cart Top Braces3. No painting necessary, pretty awesome the way it is with all of the old chipped and splattered paint. But I did matte poly the inside to seal up any odors or dust.

Bar Cart Urethane InteriorThis thing is very old and rustic, so I wanted to make sure it stayed clean inside for storage purposes.
4. Added wheels to the bottom, so it can be easily moved-have bar, will party!

Bar Cart Wheels5. The new top was salvaged from an aged piece of wood-a yard sale find.

Bar Cart Top Old Table TopWashed it, sanded it, stained it and then waxed it to keep the old weathered appearance.
6. Attached the top to the base with some “L” brackets.

Bar Cart Attaching Top with L BracketsYou simply flip the top over, attach one half of the L to that, then place it onto the cupboard and screw it into place, for a nice secure surface.
7. The hardware we had in some bins in the barn. Who knows where this stuff comes from?! But whenever I seem to be looking for something specific, it magically appears. In this case, a towel hook for one side…

Old Hookand a bottle opener holder for the other.

Bar Cart Bottle Opener8. The front panel needed some sort of embellishment, and I found this old rusted window lock. Perfect!

Bar Cart Front Adornment9. Here is the finished cupboard filled with bar stuff. Pretty cool, huh?

Bar Cart OpenedI’m really happy with the final results. Looks great in my country styled kitchen!  Stayed tuned for more exciting junque transformations. In the meantime, its Monday, so make it a marvelous, magnificent, magical one. Susan

Grand (Af)Fair at the Farm

Pettengill Greenhouse Display AutumnDespite the dire forecasts, this past weekend’s weather turned out to be gloriously sunny, with a hint of fall air-perfect for the vendors and guests of the Vintage Bazaar at Pettengill Farm!

Pettengill Farm Pumpkin VignetteThis fair appeared to be bigger (judging from the amount of traffic streaming into the parking lot-we ended up in hog heaven)

Hog Wild at the Vintage Bazaarand better than ever. Each time I have ventured up to the fair I have been absolutely overwhelmed by the creativity and artistry of the vendors who are there to showcase their wares. This fall’s talented group was no exception. Since I cannot possibly showcase them all in this blog, you can go to MyBazaarLife and check out the full listing. But here are a few of my personal favs…
This is the interior sleeping area of the adorable vintage trailer from Good JuJu. Oh, my…

Vintage Trailer Interior JuJuSo perfectly pretty in cool aqua blues. Can you imagine catching some (much-needed)  R&R in this little haven? Well, someone did, because it was SOLD!Cowgirl Emporium teamed up with Sage & Twine to create a rustic, colorful spot filled with cowgirl find and accessories.

Cowgirl Emporium w Sage and Twine

  I did have a pair of cowboy boots once. Spent a fortune for them in Wyoming. Wore them once. Sold them on Ebay. Could have done this…

Cowgirl Boot Rack

Great way for a cowgirl to store her vintage jewelry. Once again, The Greeley Girls were offering their gorgeous line of vintage clothing, jewelry & accessories.

Vintage Hats and Scarves the Greeley GirlsThis vintage necklace pretty much sums up my day as I am strolling through the fields, enjoying the blue grass music and taking in all of the sights and sounds of a country fair.

Happy by The Greeley Girls 2

Pretty little succulent plants in vintage containers from Fleurish Home and Garden. I don’t have a green thumb, but I am fairly certain I could keep these alive, at least for awhile…

Succulents by Fleurish Home and Garden

Petite Michelle Louise & Evelyn And Rose had combined to bring this lovely neutral French Flea Market palette to the fair.

Evelyn Rose & Petite Michelle Louise Vignette

Inspired French, romantic, homemade decor. I adored this vintage suitcase filled with Parisian goodies, both old and new. C’est Magnifique!

Evelyn & Rose Suitcase

The Linens Lady’s tent was sooo bright and cheerful, filled with aprons and quilts and colorful tableware. Imagine wearing one of these beauties while prepping your Thanksgiving dinner!

Vintage Aprons Linen Lady

Soap confections by French Country Chick Soaps that looked yummy enough to eat.

French Country Chick Soaps

Red Tractor Vintage was featuring awesome light fixtures made from re-purposed, recycled anything. Loved this copper sunbowl.

Copper Sunbowl by Red Tractor Vintage

Someday I am going to get me one of these. Meet Ruby the gorgeous vintage truck at Barnstormers.

Ruby by Barnstormers

At last year’s fair I featured a pic of a large planter filled with glass flowers by Creative Glass Works Boston. It became one of my most re-pinned pics on Pinterest. Apparently glass flower gardens are a thing. A very popular thing. And rightly so. Can you imagine this one perfect flower-no watering needed?

One Perfect Bloom from Glass Art

Piano Keys as art.

Piano Keys Art by Naturally Unique

When I happened upon this work by Naturally Unique, I was so impressed with the creativity and ingenuity using my three “r”s principle-recycle, refurbish, relove-music to my ears! These piano keys, which could have ended up in a dump are now restyled into works of art.

Simplicity Bike

Simplicity, new to the Vintage Bazaar, where I discovered this so very cute hanging light fixture made from an old tin milk can. Linda has a shop-in-a-shop at Flukes and Finds in Newburyport. I may just have to go there to rescue this light, if it wasn’t sold at the fair…

Simplicity Shop

And then, for me the show-shopper by The Yellow Zebra. This baby grand piano restyled into a spectacular rolling bookcase. The background was pasted with old sheet music and the piano was painted black. Amazing. Did I say that loudly enough? AMAZING.

 Piano by The Yellow Zebra

And, continuing to restore and reuse, they transformed the piano top into this sign. Words cannot accurately depict the coolness factor here.

Grand Piano Top Sign The Yellow Zebra

If you missed the fair this time around, you’ll be excited to know that The Vintage Bazaar is hitting the road and taking its show to the next level! You will have a chance to see some of the vendors at the upcoming Boston Antiques & Design Show and Sale in Wilmington, Ma this October. More info to follow. In the meantime, have a terrific Thursday everyone! Susan

The Art Of The Map

America the Beautiful.

Map and Sign on Wall Signed

Sorry that I’ve been a wee bit obsessed with maps recently, but I am sharing my latest DIY project with you anyway because I especially LOVE IT.

Map Tacked Corners

I recently spotted a gorgeous, artistically designed wooden US map in a shop window and was hoping to purchase it for the final piece of our bathroom remodel. Alas, with a price tag of $650 (which was more than we spent for the new slate tile floor!) that just wasn’t happening. Then I remembered a framed, wooden something-or-other Coach had stored in the barn awhile back.

Map Old FrameNot sure what it used to be, but there seemed to be some torn felt and patches of black backing still affixed to it. But I loved the colors and the shape was perfect for the bathroom wall. So here is the How-I-Made-An-Artistic-Map:
1. Find a map outline online. Save it to your computer. Go to Blockposters.com and download the pic.

Map Blockposters ScreenNow create the proper size pattern for your project. Blockposters automatically cuts the pieces up in proper proportion to fit! Print it out, then tape back together to create the pattern.

Blockposter Enlargement

2. I outlined the edge of the pattern with a black marker to create a smooth line (do you know how many little inlets the great lakes have?!) and to mark the reverse side.

Map Tracing Outline with Sharpie3. Back from when scrapbooking was a hobby obsession, I have a trunk filled with decorative papers to choose from, so I went with ones that had some sort of meaning, like baseball in Boston and redwoods in California, friendship and love and in the heartlands and football in Texas.  But you can use anything you want, even an old map!

Map Craft Paper PileI cut all the papers into 1″ strips lengthwise.

Map One Inch StripsThen I taped them onto the map pattern, making sure they were tight to one another.

Map Taping Pattern4. Glued the strips to the map pattern on the front side, one strip at a time, smoothing out wrinkles and creases as I went. Don’t worry about following the shape of the pattern, you will be cutting all the excess away once everything is glued into place.

Map Glueing Strips to Backing5. Once dried, I flipped the map over to the reverse side, and cut around the marker outline I had created earlier. I cut through all of the glued on paper strips as well.

Map ReverseHere is the finished map cutout. Cute!

Map Cutout6. The patchwork map is quite colorful, but was a little lost in the rough background of the frame. So I decided to mount it onto a piece of black foam core board.  Elmers Craft Bond works great for that!

Map Mounting with Elmers Craft Bond7. Since there won’t be any glass on this picture, it needed a smooth finish for protection, so I painted it with Martha Stewart Decoupage Matte.

Map MS Matte DecoupageI really like this stuff. It is very smooth and leaves a nice finish on any piece. Initially when you paint it on, the paper sometimes bubbles up, but once it dries, it is perfect.

Map MS Matte Finish8. Mounted the map to the black background, and allowed it to dry. Now it really pops off the page!

Map Mounted on Black Board

While that was happening, I cleaned the frame and added a little picture hanging thingy on the back. It is very light, so didn’t require any special screws.

Map Hanging9. I used small old-fashioned black iron tacks for the corners just to dress it up a bit and give it an aged appearance.

Map Tacked Corners10. Done! Hung in the remodeled bathroom, with the antique National Cash register sign we purchased at the Elephant’s Trunk Flea this past summer.

Map and Sign on WallTotal cost of the project: zippo-I saved $650, using the Three “R”s-recycle, refurbish, relove. Everything I needed for this project I already had on hand, so Coach, you owe me one… Have a crafty Tuesday everyone! Susan

Stenciling Science

If you follow the website “I F***ing Love Science”, you will understand why I decorated this table the way I did. That website, with its somewhat irreverent style, has over 6.9 million followers-apparently the founder is not alone in her love for all things scientific! (No worries, there is a kid-friendly mirror page as well : https://www.facebook.com/ScienceIsSeriouslyAwesome.

Kennebunkport HarborThe last time we were in Kennebunkport, (nice segue-you’ll see in a moment…) we discovered these gorgeous decorative papers in a shop downtown.

Printed Papers

Since I bought them early in the spring, I had been searching for a clever way to use them, so when Coach brought this metal Sexton table home, to me it screamed science lab.

Sexton Metal Table

I went with it, using the Astronomy Chart as the inspiration.

Astronomy Chart

The table base was missing and was replaced with a piece of plywood, which I painted around the edges with my newest paint obsession Behr Stealth Jet.

Table Base Painted Frame

Then I clear coated the entire piece to prevent any bleeding through onto the beautiful paper. Measured and cut the paper to fit the plywood. If you don’t have a rotary cutter and a T-Square, you should. They make perfect cuts every time!

Cutting Paper to fit

Modge Podge application was up next to

Modge Podge

 affix the paper to the wood- you coat the wood piece,

Modge Podge on table

and the back of the paper, smoothing it into place, removing the air bubbles as you go. If it bubbles while wet, no worries, they disappear upon drying.

Adhering paper with Modge Podge

Once dry, added another coat of Modge Podge to seal and protect the paper. For the table top, I wanted to stencil some science-solar-system-type stuff.

Rough Sketch

I created a pattern on a piece of notebook paper (I think we were driving somewhere, hence the directions on the side), then transferred that to a paper the size of the table top.

Creating a Pattern

Began stenciling, starting with the 3″ letters spelling out SCIENCE in the center. These are available at any of your local craft emporiums, and if you have a coupon, which I always do- they are only a few $$ each. Totally re-useable!


Then I kept adding on words, trying different size stencils until I got the spacing correct. (Unfortunately, not all the words in my design in my head fit on the table. Guess my measurements weren’t quite scientific enough.)

Stencil Painted

With each word, I taped the stencil on, then spray painted the letters with Rustoleum Painter’s Touch in a dark gray that matched the bottom piece…

Rustoleum Painters Touch

…allowed to dry, then went on to the next word. I did find that the cardboard stencils allowed more bleeding underneath (the paint spread under the actual cut-out letter opening) so I switched to all plastic, and adhered each panel with a bit of this Elmer’s spray adhesive prior to taping down.

Elmer's Craft Bond

Once the top was complete, I finished it a clear spray coating for durability. At the last moment, I decided the base wasn’t jazzy enough, so I cut away the border of the paper and created a sunburst effect. Brilliant! This is the table in my shop last weekend-SOLD!!

Science Table at Vintage Thymes MarketApparently other folks f***ing love science too! Have a great weekend everyone-heading up to the Vintage Bazaar on Saturday-see you there! Susan

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