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New Year Sign

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Dropping The Ball

I could bore you all with my 2013 retrospective of my favorite or most popular blogs, but I will spare you the time on this New Year’s Eve, when I am certain you have better, more exciting things to do tonight. But, unlike some of you revelers, New Year’s celebrations have never been too successful in our lives, beginning with the very first one Coach and I celebrated together so many years ago. That Dec 31, way back before Dick Clark was the emcee to be in NYC,

Times Square New Year's Eve Flight Center

I attempted to make my very first pot roast (Coach’s favorite). It cooked for hours, and hours, and hours, until we finally decided to eat it before the ball dropped at midnight. That evening, we dined on what essentially was a browned rubber basketball.

Pot Roast Burned

But being young, and in love, Coach graciously choked it down and we popped the cork at midnight (a little champagne goes a long way…)

Champagne Popping

Over the years, we have attempted to celebrate in style, hosting dinner parties and game nights, even venturing into First Night in Boston. But almost always we ended up home before midnight, yawning and trying desperately to stay awake until Auld Langs Syne was played. So what’s cooking this year? Not much, I’m afraid. I am working until pretty late in the evening, meaning no prepping or party hosting for me. We will most likely grab a pizza or Chinese food when I get home and try to stay awake until midnight, quite happily saying goodbye to 2013 and welcoming in this brave new year with open arms. You see, 2013 has not been such a great year for our ourselves, our friends and our families. By my own declaration on last year’s blog post, 2013 was supposed to be The Year of Fun!

plane soaring

It read, and I quote:“If there is an opportunity to learn, create, travel, design, teach, cook, dine, soar, entertain or be entertained, count me in! Time for a fresh start and a new perspective, time for some fun!” We were going to laugh more, travel more, be a bit more daring, maybe even take the kayaks out for another spin.

Kayaking- The Launch

So, in reflection, on this last day of 2013, how did the year turn out in the end? Allow me to start by saying that there were some very bright moments in the past 365 days. Our family & friends have experienced so many high notes this year with new jobs, an eye-opening mission trip to a Dominican Republic orphanage through Mustard Seed Communities,

Mustard Seed Mission Trip Village

new business ventures (thank you Vintage Thymes Monthly Market),

Vintage Thymes Market Shop

new babies (sweet, adorable Elsie : )


moves to the West Coast,

PG Photos

an improbable World Series victory,

Victorious Victorino

and running faster then ever before to qualify for The Boston Marathon (not me, definitely not me!).

Boston MarathonAnd even in the aftermath of this year’s marathon bombings we found hope, when Boston came together as one city to capture a fugitive

Boston Strong Logo

and celebrate who we are as a community.

The Next 26.

There were joyous celebrations of young new lives together

Bridal Party Dockside

and new babies on the way (making their debut in 2014), which all helped to brighten our days. But with that joy came much sorrow that cast a pall over our everyday lives, including job losses, saying farewell to our beloved old girl, Daisy


and devastating illnesses in our inner circle of dear friends, who fight onward and bravely with amazing grace, demonstrating incredible strength of spirit every single day.


So, as the clock ticks on, I am most definitely not declaring another year of fun (certainly dropped the ball on that one). Instead, I am simply hoping that we are all blessed with a new beginning each day, and given an opportunity, we gladly extend a hand, grant a wish, give a hug and express our love and gratitude for the people in our lives.

Ball in Times Square

And, unlike Coach and me, who have totally dropped the ball on New Year’s celebrations, if you do venture out tonight, be careful, be safe and have a great beginning to 2014! Susan

Sweet & Easy Sopapillas

Here is a recipe for a simple and sweet dessert-Sopapillas!

Sweet 'n Easy Sopapillas Framed

These are a traditional Mexican dessert typically made with dough, but we are skipping the rising dough part and using store-bought flour tortillas instead. Perfect for a quick sweet treat, dessert or brunch. They only take about 30 minutes from start to finish, and require just a few ingredients you would most likely have in your pantry. Here is the how-to-do-it:

1.Ingredients you will need: Vegetable Oil, Honey, Sugar and Cinnamon, 6 inch Flour Tortillas.

Sopapilla Ingredients

2. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Cut 6 inch flour tortillas into quarters. Set aside.

Sopapilla Tortilla Triangles

3. Heat oil in skillet on medium-high heat until at “water sizzling” temp. (This is when you drop a tiny bit of water into the hot oil and it bubbles and sizzles.)  Don’t overheat as you will burn the oil and the Sopapillas!

Sopapilla Oil in Pan

4. Drop the tortilla quarters into the hot pan, one at a time and not overlapping. Cook until lightly browned on the bottom. This only takes about 15 seconds so watch carefully!! Flip over and brown the other side. They will puff up in the middle too, similar to a piece of fried dough.

Sopapilla Golden Brown

5. Once golden brown, remove from heat with tongs (careful, this is hot stuff!)

Sopapilla Using Tongs

or slotted spatula and place on paper towel to drain.

Sopapilla Draining on Paper Towel

Once drained, place all of the chips into a large roasting pan.

Sopapilla In Roasting Pan

6. Once all of the tortillas are done and in the roasting pan, melt a stick of butter in a clean skillet.

Sopapilla Melting Butter for Topping

Add 1 TBLSP of honey and 2 tsp. cinnamon and sugar mix and stir just until melted and mixed. Do not overcook!

Sopapilla Butter & Honey Topping

7. Drizzle the honey butter mixture over the tortilla chips in the pan.

Sopapilla Drizzling Honey Mixture

Toss to coat thoroughly.

Tossing Sopapilla in Pan with Topping

Place in 400 degree oven for 10 minutes, tossing mid-way through, just until warmed and all the pieces are coated.

8. Remove from oven and sprinkle with additional sugar and cinnamon to desired taste.

Sopapilla Sugar and Cinnamon Topping

You can also sprinkle with a dusting of sifted confectioner’s sugar.

Sopapilla Sprinkled with Confectioners Sugar

9. Cool slightly and serve with drizzled honey or caramel sauce.

Sopapilla Drizzled with Caramel Sauce

Of course, serve them plain as well,  but I usually have a jar of Hot Fudge and Caramel Sauce in my fridge (in case of a sweet tooth emergency : )

Sopapillas with Hot fudge and Caramel Sauce

A quick, delish dessert for little $$ and time. Perfect for a light dessert. Hope you all had a sweet weekend… Susan

PS: I have a very sweet announcement to kick off the New Year! Check back 12/31 for details…

Snowflakes and Sopapillas

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, I was finishing one project after another in record time, but with no time to actually blog about them! Snowflake Blocks and Sopapillas+++ were two of my favorite projects. The blocks were a fun DIY project I had seen on The Cottage Market Blog. The Sopapillas were a yummy treat! But blocks first before dessert. This past summer Coach had dug up a basket full of old kids’ wooden building blocks.

Blocks Before

They were pretty dirty and looked like they may have had more than a few knock-downs. After a thorough cleaning with some bleach and soap, I came up with a new purpose: snowflake blocks! Each one hand-painted, no two alike-they are snowflakes, after all. But easy enough for even a novice painter to try. They are small, portable and stackable, perfect for a windowsill or mantel. Oh, and you can add some twine and make them into ornaments or gift tags. Here is the how-I-did-it:

1.Found some pen and ink style snowflakes online. The Graphic Fairy  supplied the images, thank you very much.

Black Chevron Black Squares

BLack HexagonsBlue Star

2. Painted the blocks with two coats of the base color.

CDH Paris Grey Paint

My choice was a deep grey that I have made into a chalk-like paint using some flat latex paint. I discovered the recipe on a blog called “In My Own Style”. You can transform any can of paint into a matte, chalk-like finish. Recipe here:

DIY Chalk Paint from In My Own Style

3. I printed out pen and ink snowflakes of various shapes and styles onto regular printer paper. Cut them each out so they were the size of the blocks.

Printed Snowflake Pattern

4. Using my chalk-it-up technique, I rubbed the chalk all over the back of the snowflake prints.

Chalking the pattern

Then placed the snowflake pattern on the block, chalked side down. Drew along the lines with a pen using a little pressure.

Drawing over Chalk pattern

5. Lifted the paper pattern to reveal the chalk outline image.

Chalk Pattern on Block

6. Followed along the line images with a small paintbrush and paints of various colors. I used a #3 which is pretty fine. The finer the brush tips, the thinner the lines, the more delicate the snowflake. I was going for a pastel look so it was white and pastel blues.

Snowflake Block Painting Lines

7. For the dots, I simply used the other end of the paint brush, dipping the tip into the paint

Dipping Paintbrush end in paint

and then dotting it wherever I wanted a dimensional dot along the lines.

Adding Paint Drops to Snowflake Outlines

8. After they were dried, first I coated them with the matte finish Decou-page and allowed to try. Then I added a bit of glitter by dotting the snowflakes with Americana Decoupage

Americana Decou-Page

and then shaking on the glitter. Allowed to dry. Cute!

Snowflake Blocks

9. For the oblong blocks, I painted over the grey with some pastel aqua, then added the snowflakes. For the words, I initially attempted to hand paint them, but that was a big FAIL. Nothing worse than attempting to paint something very fine when you are stressed and hurried. So I used some adhesive scrapbooking stickers that said HOPE, FAITH, JOY, etc. I affixed them, then added a coat of matte varnish to the entire block.

Snowflake Blocks HOPE JOY SNOW

10. For the ornaments/tags, I drilled a small hole in the tops of the snowflakes,

Snowflake Block Drilling Hole

then added a drop of hot glue.

Snowflake Block Hot Glue

Using a pencil tip, I inserted the ends of a cut piece of twine into the hole. Allowed to dry.

Snowflake Block Pencil Pushing

11. For a finishing touch, I brushed the tops of the blocks with the Americana Decou-page glue,

Snowflake Block Glueing Glitter

then sprinkled them with some colored glitter. Instant bling!

Snowflake Block Glitter on Top

The finished blocks looked great as tags for the Jelly Jar Soy Candles I presented as gifts this holiday season.

Snowflake Blocks with Candles.png

So if you have some old blocks laying around, or anything you can cut into blocks, this is an easy-peasy project (even for kids!) that will add some sparkle to your winter landscape. Hope you are all finally recovering from the crazy holiday week! Susan 

+++Oh, right, I was supposed to give you a recipe for Sopapillas too! Well, that project will have to wait another day : )

Happy Holiday Homes

Simply sharing some beautifully inspired holiday homes. So whether your decorating is spectacular

Wilderstein Holiday Tour by Rikki Snyder

Wilderstein Holiday Tour by Rikki Snyder

or simple

Providence Handmade

or simply adorable.

Kootutmoorut simple christmas tree

Remember that Christmas is for children, both inside

Child's Room Tobi Fairley

Child’s Room Tobi Fairley

and out.

James Curvan

You may choose red & green

AMR Design Christmas Mirror

or rustic & creme

Rustic & Creme by Miss Mustard Seed

Rustic & Creme by Miss Mustard Seed

or black and white with just a pop of red.

Casa Trend

Casa Trend


Silver Tablescape by French Flair

Silver Tablescape by French Flair

and Gold

South Shore Decorating

South Shore Decorating


Pastel by Restyled Home

Pastel by Restyled Home

or Bold

Houzzers Deck the Mantel

Houzzers Deck the Mantel

But no matter what your style, here’s hoping you have a happy holiday home! May all your days be Merry & Bright

The Lovely Cupboard

The Lovely Cupboard

And may all your Christmases be white.

My Hydrangea Home

My Hydrangea Home

Which do you prefer? Country or city, rustic or blingy? For more inspired holiday decor, please visit my Houzz Holiday Decor or Pinterest Merry Happy Holly Day pages. Only 3 more days til the big guy comes! Keep on Christmas-ing! Susan

Rustic Wooden Wreath

Ok, so I realize that most of you don’t have an old small green barrel hanging around in your barn, but you could definitely re-use or recycle any other type of old wood like shutter slats, shims or lathing to create this rustic wooden wreath.

Country Wreath on Door PM

This is my kind of greenery-the kind that will last forever-despite my desperate lack of a green thumb. Case in point: this woeful poinsettia has been in my house for just a few days…

Dead Poinsettia This small barrel was in pieces, and short of tossing it in the trash, I needed to come up with some useful way to use the wood.

Old Barrel Staves for Wreath

Since it was green anyway, I figured “what the heck, I’ll make a wreath!” Here’s the how I did it:

1. The iron ring that was holding the barrel together (until it wasn’t holding the barrel together) was the perfect circular form for the wreath base. The staves had little slits at the bottom that the ring fit into. I laid them out in the circle pattern that I liked.

Barrel Staves with Wire Hoop

2. Used my trusty electric stapler to secure the ring into the slots all the way around on the back side of the wreath to form the circle.

Wreath Fixation with Staples

3. Filled in the slits with hot glue all the way around, securing the iron ring into place in the slits. If your wood pieces don’t have slits, just glue into place.

Barrel Stave Wreath Adding Glue to Slots

4. To neaten the appearance, I cut small pieces of black foam core board and glued them into place over the glue-filled slits.

Barrel Wreath Fiberboard Backing

5. Since the wood pieces did not entirely cover the iron ring, I needed something to cover the gaps. Cut some burlap into small pieces and knotted in between each stave all the way around.

Barrel Wreath Burlap Bows

6. Created a bow with some more burlap cut into strips, along with a swag of greens and bright red berries to contrast the green wood.

Rustic Wreath Burlap Bow

7. Added a wire ring on the back for hanging.

Rustic Wreath Wire Hanger

8. Hung the wreath on the front door. Took a photo of the wreath on my front door.

Country Wreath on Door PM

Took the wreath to the Vintage Thymes Market, sadly leaving my front door blank. Sold the wreath at the market.

Barrel Wreath At Vintage Thymes Market PMNow I have to make a new wreath. Sigh. Susan

Country Christmas Santa-scape

This holiday season has been flying by! So much to do, so little time. Because I had been spending so much time decorating my booth for the Christmas market,

Cupboard Stocked Open DoorsI have not had much of a chance to decorate my own home for Christmas! So what I am doing, I am doing in bits and pieces. Open a storage bin, pull out some stuff, set it up-decorating on the fly. Tablescapes are a quick, simple way to add some holiday cheer to a tabletop, cupboard or hutch. The trick is in the layering. This is my little storage cupboard in the kitchen. Before…

Red Hutch Before


Jingle All The Way Tablescape

Here is the how-I-did-it: Started with a base. In this case, a white sparkly runner from HomeGoods to brighten up the top of the cabinet, which is dark red.

White Snowflake Runner on tablescape

Added a backdrop. I had this aged, chippy piece of wood (I believe it is an old cabinet door, sans cabinet, so I painted the raised panels with chalkboard paint so I can write whatever I want, depending on the season or holiday.) I just stood it up against the wall, no need to hang it.

Santa Tablescape Door BackgroundAdded the swag-this sparkling BELIEVE sign on a jute rope was the perfect size to hang from each corner.

Santa Tablescape Believe SignNext comes the plant or flower. I like to have something flowering on one side and then a candle or lantern on the opposite side to create a full vignette with the background. The heights don’t need to be the exact same size, but you should have some balance between the two sides. In this one, I used a poinsettia in an old raspberry jam bucket we picked up at a consignment shop over the summer. Loving the bright red colors!

Raspberry Pail with Poinsettia

Added an old Santa and the red lantern on the opposite side, which provides the height and color balance I was looking for.

Santa Tablescape Santa and LanternPlaced the reindeer next to the poinsettia in the bucket.

Rustic ReindeerSince I was going with a Santa-themed vignette, I decided to write some fun Christmas lyrics on my chalk board. Very simple process: go to Avery.com and find whatever size template fits the space you are going to write on with chalk (in this case, I used an 81/2 x 11) Choose your words, choose your font and print. (My printer is just about out of ink, so the print was very faint, but I only needed the outline so no worries there!)

Santa Tablescape Tracing DesignFlip over the paper to the reverse side and “chalk it up” rubbing the entire paper with the side of a piece of chalk.

Santa Tablescape Chalking Paper DesignFlip it over, tape to the chalkboard, then trace the edges of your design with a pencil.

Santa Tablescape Design OutlineRemove the paper and voila-you have a chalking template in place!

Jingle All The Way ChalkboardNow you just fill it in with your sharpened chalk and you are done.

Santa Tablescape Sharpening Chalk++TIP++ keep a damp Q-tip nearby as you chalk so that you can easily clean up any edges or marks.

Chalking the outline Jingle All The Way

Looks so festive, right?! Added the greens, just weaving them in and around the items on the tabletop.

Santa Tablescape Rustic Reindeer and SantaSprinkled on a bit of fake snow for some sparkle

Santa Tablescape Fake Snow Sprinkles

and some twinkle lights to give it that holiday glow. Done. 30 minutes from start to finish. Really gives the kitchen a holiday feel.

Country Design Santa DisplayNow its time to start baking for our cookie swap! Only 9 days left everyone! Keep HoHoHoing! Susan

The Stockings Were Hung…

At the Vintage Thymes Monthly Market! Just a few pics of this weekend’s market, today, Saturday and Sunday.

VT Merry Christmas Box with Greens

Some of the most beautiful and creative items I have see yet! My booth is chock full of vintage items including this antique buggy bench-which I love.

VT Buggy Bench

I have been working on the cupboard since the summer, when I purchased it at a flea market in Maine. Somehow I managed to get the whole thing in the car and take it home. Now it’s your turn : )

Cupboard Stocked Open Doors

This antique jewel-encrusted dress form is astounding!

VT Jewel Encrusted Dress Form

The artist, Nancy Rafi, reports that it took her 100 hours of construction, using pins, buckles, belts and buttons from all over the world. This is a truly one-o-f-a-kind piece. Simply Amazing.

So many cute vintage signs,

VT Merry & Bright

and if you don’t have a tree yet, you might like one of these! They are not real but they are so fun! These are glittery shabby chic.

 VT Shabby Chic Trees

This one’s wrapped in red plaid ribbon and already lighted

VT Red and White

And this one was created using old book bindings-so creative!

VT Bookend Tree

There are plenty of stocking stuffers,


VT Hand Painted Snowflake Blocks

vintage wreaths (this one was created from old barrel staves)

VT Barrel Stave Wreath

and perfect gifts for everyone!

VT Vintage Picks by Jen

So come on down to the Vintage Thymes Market

VT Vintage Vignette

and stop in to my booth at Country Design Home to say hello!

VT Candy Cane Vignette

If this doesn’t put you in the holiday spirit, I don’t know what will! Happy holiday shopping everyone! Only 12 more days til Christmas! Susan

Rustic Glam Reindeer

Musical Deer CloseupOne of the my favorite holiday projects I’ve been working on this season is a pair of decoupaged reindeer using antique Christmas carol sheet music. I had fallen in love with some similar to this in an Orvis holiday catalog I recently received. But they were glass and glitter and cost a pretty penny. AND, they are sold out!!

Glass-Glitter-Trimmed Deer OrvisTime for a little DIY. This is a simple, somewhat time-consuming project, but with a bit of patience you can make these beautiful deer too for a little $$$! I found two papier mache deer at Joann’s for $6.99 each, but they were on sale for 40% off. (well, actually there were three, but one of the little guys just kept falling over- too much spiked eggnog perhaps-so he was returned?!).

Decoupaged Deer Before1. Along with your deer, you will need decoupage glue ( am using Modge Podge here, but there are so many brands to choose from now), some decorative paper, hot glue, glitter, jute twine, some bells and fluff. Here is the how-to:

Deer Supplies2. I cut most of the sheet music into strips and bits before I began, the rest as I went along. There were quite a few curves and crevices to work into, so I used varied sizes of cut paper. If you don’t have sheet music, you can use any light weight paper, like wrapping paper, or even the newspaper! Working in small areas, one section at a time, brush on some decoupage glue to the deer, then onto the reverse side of the paper piece you are using.

Decoupage Deer Sheet Music

Place the paper onto the deer, then smooth it with your finger or brush. Repeat, overlapping as you go, until the entire deer is covered in decorative paper.

Glueing Sheet MusicI created a bridle with the border of the musical paper.

Decoupaged Deer Holly BridleI left the antlers clear because I wanted to decorate those differently. Allow to dry.

Decoupaged Deer Completed4. Glitter time! Paint the papered sections of the deer with decoupage glue, then sprinkle with clear glitter all over, making sure you get into all the cracks and crevices. Shake or tap it to allow any loose glitter to fall off. ++TIP++ I always place a piece of wax paper under my projects before I begin sprinkling. Once you are finished, you pick up the wax paper, fold in half to created a “luge” and pour all of the leftover glitter back into the bottle. Saves a lot of glitter! If you notice you have missed a spot, then just add a little more glue and re-apply glitter.

Glittering the decoupaged deerI left the antlers and hooves dry, as I wanted those to be wrapped in a rustic jute to contrast the sparkly mane, but you can glitter the whole thing if you would like. Allow to dry.

3. Decorate the hoofs and antlers. Using jute, start in a hidden area and use a spot of hot glue to anchor the twine.

Anchoring twine to antler with glue gun

Paint the remainder of the area with the decoupage glue.

Applying glue to antlers of decoupaged deer

Wrap the twine around until the area is covered. Tuck in end and add another spot of hot glue to anchor in place.

Anchoring the twine with glue gun

5. For the collar I used some white feather boa I had available to mimic the ones in the Orvis ad.

Decoupage Deer with feather boa trimCut enough to wrap around twice. Anchor the end under the chin with a spot of hot glue.

Anchoring feather boa with glue gunWrap the feather boa around twice, cut and secure back under with the hot glue. Make sure you don’t get glue on the feathers or they’ll lose their fluff-a-bility!

6. For the collar, you will need thread, a little bell and a pushpin and a decoration of some sort.

Snowflakes and Thread

I used a push pin decorated with a sparkly snowflake for the anchor.

Snowflake Pushpins

Glue a rhinestone to the snowflake for a little added bling.

Glueing Rhinestone to Pushpin

Take the pushpin and tie the bell with thread to the plastic part above the ridge. That will prevent it from slipping off the pin. Or you could glue it.

Threaded bells

Then push the pin into the neck area, through the fur. The pin will not show through the fur, so no worries there. Dazzling deer!!

Deer Bling Collar with Bell

7. Done! Are these exactly like the ones in the ad? Nope. But I love my deer with the antique Christmas carols and furry collars.  Such a pretty holiday decoration for a dreamy, sparkling, snowy mantel or console tablescape!

Antique Music Deer Pair CDH

Now if only someone had a decoupaged deer on their Secret Santa list….only 18 days left everyone-oh, deer, better get shopping! Susan

Silver Bells, Silver & Shine

Inspired by Silver Bells

Silver & Shine Silver Bells PM

A few silvery holiday ideas… Silver & Shine Deco Dreams Come True Silver Ornaments in Bowl with Greens by The Expert Touch Interiors Silver & Shine The Expert Touch Silver Mantel by French Flair Interior Design

Silver & Shine French Flair Interior Design

It’s Christmas Time in the City at the Atlanta Holiday House

Silver & Shine Atlanta Holiday House.

Silver and Navy Table Setting by French Flair Interior Design

Silver & Shine Table Setting Houzz

A simple shining mantel by AM Dolce Vita

Silver & Shine amdolcevita

Shimmering Silver Tree by French Flair Interior Design 

Silver & Shine Silver Branches by French Flair

Simply Parisian Style by Rose Garden Romantic Home

Silver & Shine Rose Garden Romantic Home

Christmas Bowl by Timothy De Clue Design

Silver & Shine Silver Bowl Timothy De Clue Design L.L.C.

Silver & Plum Table Setting by Focal Point Styling

Silver & Shine Focal Point Styling Houzz.

Silver Lights Screen Wallpaper. Download to add a bit of silvery sparkle to your holiday!

Silver Lights

Only 20 days til Christmas. Make your holidays shine. Susan

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