Taking a Blogging Break-Phew!

As you may (or may not) have noticed, I have not been doing a lot of blogging recently. Life is a bit crazy right now, with the upcoming wedding taking full priority in our lives. Along with the ongoing wedding decor projects and prepping our home and yard for out-of-town guests that will be staying here, as well as keeping the shop stocked in the Barn at Todd Farm, well…I just haven’t had a lot of time for anything resembling writing. I am doing lots of DIY projects at a fast pace, but just don’t have the time to stop and photograph them, as well as write the DIY info out for the blog. Add to that, the fact that I STILL don’t have a dress for the wedding (YIKES!) and you can see that my stress levels are starting to climb just a wee bit. AND, to top it all off, my emails are being hacked continuously; I change the password frequently, and no sooner is it done then I receive more email spam from ME!! So, I am pulling all of my gmail emails from this time forward. If you receive any from countrydesignhome@gmail.com with promises of anything from free money to all kinds of “ahem” enhancers, they are not from me- please just delete them! So I am closing down that account and changing all of my accounts over to a new hosted email. Which will take awhile in between all of my other daily craziness. So, my plan is to take a break and focus on the tasks at hand and return after the wedding fun is done. I promise I will take lots of pics for future blog posts! Once my new email is in place, you will receive them from susan@countrydesignhome.com.

In the meantime, have a great summer everyone and if you want to check in with me, head up to the Barn at Todd Farm any Sunday…




  1. I am sorry you are going thru this, but it sounds like my life for the last 6 years! I met my husband in 2008, and married the next July. It has been crazy running, remodeling the entire house and much, much more. I feel your stress! As I keep telling myself, this too will pass, and be much better than before. Love your posts, and when I don’t have time to read them, I have them saved so I can go back and read them when I can enjoy them. If we get out your way I will try to stop at your farm.


    • Hi Tami- thanks so much for the words of encouragement! Sometimes when we struggle through life (even if its fun stuff and not so serious), we feel like we are alone in this. I see so many young mothers with small children and jobs blogging away and I wonder how they do it every day! Occasionally I have to just take a step back and focus on the most important things (the weddings!)…I always know my blogging will be there when I return. Have a great summer!


  2. I am sorry you have to go through all of this Susan! Just enjoy your summer the best you can. I can promise you that one of the best days of your life will be your daughter’s wedding day! I will hopefully come to see you at the Barn soon!


    • Thanks, Kelly! I am so excited about the wedding, and quite nervous as well. I know it will be fantastic- its just finalizing all the details…have a great summer! I will be at the Barn on Sundays (except the 15th of August : )


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