Top Ten Gifts for Your DIY Mom

Top Ten Mother's Day Gifts for your DIY MOMSo, I like a nice bouquet of flowers as well as the next mom,

Shower Flowers in Enamel Potsand I certainly would never turn away a box of yummy chocolates for Mother’s Day.

S'Mores Chocolate Pie Bites from Country Design HomeBUT, there are many moms out there-like me!-who love the fine art of restoring and upcycling junk into treasures. For these moms, my top ten outside-the-box Mother’s Day gift suggestions for you!

1. I paint…a LOT. And I go through a lot of paintbrushes. My personal favorites are these little Shortcuts by Wooster.

Wooster ShortCut Paintbrush


They have an angled edge and a soft rubber handle for easy gripping. I also use a lot of these assorted brushes-

DIY Mom Paint Brushesthey are available at your favorite local crafts emporium for CHEAP. And with a coupon, well you can still afford some of those Godivas as well!

2. So if I paint…a LOT…it only makes sense that I need lots of paint! I use all different brands but my favorites are the little sample pots of Behr Matte at Home Depot.

Behr Paint SamplesThey custom mix any color for you and cost less than $3.00! I can turn these into chalk paint all day long with a little plaster of paris and some calcium carbonate. My other paint of choice is Americana Chalky Paint by Decoart. I also use all sorts of varnishes and waxes and polys…

Americana Matte Varnishdepending on the project at hand. Most of these I purchase at Home Depot or Michaels, so again, a GC to one of those stores would be great.

Americana Chalky Paint3. I sand…a LOT. My go-to tool is this little Mouse Sander by Black and Decker.

Black and Decker Mouse SanderIt has a velcro base and the little sandpapers just stick on and pull off. I go through a ton of sandpaper and this stuff is not cheap. So throw in a bunch of these while you’re at it.

Mouse sander cut out sandpaper4. Coach and I move furniture…a LOT. Not always so easy to do, so one of these little dollys with the rug on it would be great so we can wheel stuff around instead of trying to carry it. This one from Harbor Freight Tools has a handle too! Of, and throw in some mover’s blankets as well to keep mom’s car nice and clean.

Rolling Dolly with Handle5. I screw and drill…a LOT. Coach presented me with a cordless, rechargeable screwdriver for Christmas and I LOVE IT. (and it came with a flashlight that plugs into the same rechargeable battery : )

Drillmaster Cordless Drill Harbor FreightMakes life so much easier when you don’t have to constantly go searching for a plug! Any brand will do, the more horsepower, the stronger the drill. Mine is a from Harbor Freight Tools, but here are endless options of brands and styles to choose from at your local big box store.

6. I also do some sawing, but not too much with a jigsaw- I just have never mastered the perfect cut with those. BUT, I do use my little Ryobi Mitre Chop saw all the time!

Ryobi Chop SawIt’s great for cutting rulers

Vintage Ruler chop sawand crown molding…lightweight stuff for frames and trim pieces. I leave the heavy duty chopping to Coach with his table saw or Sawz-all-that thing is a monster!

7. Every DIY mom needs a basic tool set…but NOT those flimsy little pink kits…I am talking hardcore, heavy duty hammers, nail punches, screwdrivers-both phillips head and flat head, chisels, scrapers, wrenches and pliers. Plus a cool bin or organizer

DIY Supply Binsto keep the tools…and the screws, bolts and nails…

Supply Binsall organized and handy…mine are pretty plain and plastic- but I would love some more colorful and fun bins to store my stuff!

8. I use gloves…LOTS of gloves. Not the pretty flowered garden variety gloves-we need the big, thick, rubber palmed gloves

Stripping Chemical Glovesfor protecting our hands from splinters and rusty nails. Occasionally I just use the thin rubber ones for washing stuff too. I don’t know why, but whenever I go searching for a pair, I can only find the left hands-the right ones always seem to disappear! So I do need an endless supply…

9. Oh, and then perhaps a GC for a nice manicure at your local salon. These days, my hands look more like those of a long-shoreman… Cracked, bleeding and dry hands10. And finally, a nice massaging hot pack. I just don’t have time for a whole spa day, but something to ease our aching shoulders and necks from all the sanding and painting and lifting and carrying and sawing and sanding. My daughter has one like this and its AWESOME.

Epulse Neck MassagerIt has these deep massaging balls or something that makes it feel like someone is actually doing the work on your back and neck!

So that’s it…my top ten gifts for your DIY mom for this Mother’s Day! If you have a favorite tool or DIY supply that you would like to share, please add a comment and I will check it out!! Off to DIY!! Susan





  1. Great list Susan! Wow- you sure look organized. I’m sure your lovely daughter(s) will have fun buying things for you on your list!

    Happy Mother’s Day!


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