Green and Blue Decor

Wow! How has time gone by this quickly?!? It seems like I was just standing on the sidelines on Marathon Monday and here it is almost two weeks later! So, so busy working on a million and one projects and finally finishing up our bathroom. And yes, I did choose a color: Gossamer Blue by Benjamin Moore.

Benjamin Moore Gossamer Blue

The perfect combination of blue/green with some gray notes. The second coat goes on this morning, then the final bathroom dressing begins. Inspired by my color choice, I’ve been painting quite a few things lately in a blue/green color combination-perhaps because we just have so little sunshine and lots of dank, dark days. Lately I feel the need for a little light and brightness, so I figure if Mother Nature won’t provide it outdoors, I certainly can inside! All photos via

This room is the perfect combination of bright patterns and colors.

Even though the colors are darker, the contrast with the white planked walls is striking.

The blues in this room bring the outside in- what a view!

This contemporary kitchen is typically not my style, but loving the bold colors which are perfect for this sleek style!

Loving this sunny and bright coastal dining room.

Sometimes the color is not provided with paint, but with the added accessories, as in this creamy white room with the blue banquette cushion and the green-hued painting. Peaceful dining.

Another coastal home, surrounded by the ocean. The blues and greens are softer so they don’t draw attention away from the incredible view.

These greens and blues are powerful pops of color against the white backdrop.

And finally, the show-stopping room in softer blues and greens- which leads your eye straight out that window. Wow.

Bringing the outdoors in is pretty simple when choosing the proper color palette. Greens and blues are the colors of the ocean, land and sky-perfectly at home with any decorating style. So now it’s off to finish the bathroom! Have a terrific Thursday everyone! Susan

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