Paris Inspired Gold Leaf Table

Paris Inspired Gold Leaf Table Top LogoSince I have discovered these French Typography stencils from Americana Decor

Paris Inspired Painted Hamper Americana French Typography StencilsI have been dreaming of Paris in springtime…BUT, the cold, stark reality is that there are icicles coating my windows

Icicle Windowand snowbanks the size of small mountains in my yard…with more snow in the forecast!  So, in the warmth of my home (and, I am indeed lucky enough to have a roof over my head and oil in my tank and warm cappuccino at the ready)

Cappuccino I am recreating Paris around me. First, with the Paris Hamper,

Paris Inspired Painted Hamper Country Design Home TMthen with the Vintage Rooster French Commode,

Vintage Rooster Commode Finished TMand now with my latest makeover, this Paris Inspired Gold Leaf Table…Ooh, La La!! This is a small side table, painted with chalk paint and then detailed with gold leaf and stencils.

Paris Inspired Gold Leaf Table Top Here is the how-I-did-it:

1. I am sorry to say that I do not have a before pic of this little side table. It was another junk pick that had seen better days, but it had such nice lines and pretty legs and a top that needed some work (sounds familiar…). So, I cleaned it, then painted it with two coats of chalk paint I had mixed from some different paint pots I had handy. The trouble with mixing your own paint is that eventually you run out. If I decided I wanted to paint something else with this color, I am out of luck. So I took a camera shot and analyzed it with my Benjamin Moore Color Capture and it matched my home made color to their Mythic...a perfect color match!

Paris Inspired Gold Leaf Table Paint Color2. Once the table was painted and dried, I taped off the top because I only wanted the gold leaf on the bottom surface and not the sides.

Paris Inspired Gold Leaf Table Top Taped OffThis gold leaf kit comes with two bottles: one is the glue, the other is the sealer, and a package of gold leafing sandwiched between tissue paper.
This stuff is super thin and fragile (not the paper, the gold) and tears very easily, so you have to handle it very carefully. A little leafing goes a very long way. Mona Lisa knows the deal… You can purchase this kit at your local craft supply store, or if you don’t want to brave the snow, you can order it on this link.
Paris Inspired Gold Leaf KitIt comes with the two bottles of adhesive and finish and 25 sheets of gold.  I had this one kicking around my craft supplies bin for quite awhile, so not sure where I originally purchased it. But I’m guessing I used a coupon…

3. I painted the entire surface with a coat of Metal Leaf Adhesive Size.

Metal Leaf Adhesive Size for Gold Leaf Table TopThis is the glue that holds the leafing in place. You paint it on, making sure you leave no bubbles or puddles, then allow to dry for 60 minutes or until the milky white glue turns clear. It really doesn’t feel tacky to the touch when dry, but no worries, it works great.

4. I started applying the gold leaf, one sheet at a time. This is a rather tedious process and takes a while to get the technique down. Basically, you have to almost “float” the sheet of gold leaf onto the surface, trying to avoid wrinkles and fold overs the best you can.

Applying Gold Leaf to Paris TableOnce it hits the glue, it stays put. But it won’t be a smooth surface until you take a small dry paint brush and start smoothing it out. Once you finish one piece, you simply add another until the entire surface is covered with gold. As you add more pieces, they will only stick to the exposed glue and will brush off the already adhered sheets. You just brush the excess away to another area and smooth it down. Once completed, the surface will look like a gorgeous antiqued crackled gold finish, like this:

Gold Leaf Applied to Paris Table5. Once I had covered the entire surface covered with the gold leaf, I painted on the Metal Leaf Sealer. Once coat is all it requires.

Paris Inspired Gold Leaf Metal Leaf Sealer6. For a little extra detail, I decided to paint the trim line encircling the outside of the table top.

Paris Inspired Gold Leaf Side Detail Gold Metallic PaintFor this, I simply used a thin paint brush and some gold metallic acrylic paint.

Paris Inspired Gold Leaf Table Top Metallic Paint for side detailIt would have been virtually impossible to get the gold leaf into the tiny thin line.

7. I added the stencil using my “no-fail” stenciling technique. Now, I really wasn’t sure if I could stencil OVER the sealed gold leaf, but I figured, why not give it a try? This particular French Typography stencil fit perfectly onto the top, so I simply set it into place,

Paris Inspired Gold Leaf Stenciled Table Top Applying Stencilthen stenciled with Relic Chalky Paint from Americana. Voila!

Stenciled Gold Leaf Paris Table Top8. Once that dried, I held my breath as I painted on the sealer because I just didn’t know if the stencil on the sealed gold leaf would smear or not. Yay-NOT! This is a clear poly-acrylic sealer from General Finishes.

Paris Inspired Gold Leaf Table General Finishes PolyAcrylic FinishThese products have very little odor and wash up with soap and water. Love that, especially since I am working indoors right now. I painted the gold leaf surface, plus the bottom shelf with that, then treated the rest with Americana Creme Wax

Americana Creme Wax Clearfor a less shiny, more buffed appearance.

9. Here is the finished Paris Inspired Gold Leaf Table. Loving the way the gold leaf top glows in the candlelight.

Paris Inspired Gold Leaf Table Top LogoHave a safe and warm Friday everyone! Bonne Journee! xoxo Susan



  1. These Images are absolutely breathtaking.. thanks for sharing


  2. These images are absolutely breathtaking.. thanks for sharing.


  3. Wow


  4. chris aka monkey says:

    gorgeous xx


  5. This takes my breath away. Truly. Because of your AMAZING tutorial, I am on my way with my coupon to buy the product. I have just the table……..THANKS! We are now BFFs!! lol


  6. Marie@The Interior Frugalista says:

    Susan I LOVE what you did with this table!!! It also inspired me to check out Americana Decor Stencils online because I can’t seem to find the French ones locally.


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