When Is A Clock…Not a Clock?

…when it’s time to make it into a coffee table! A few years ago, my daughter purchased a vintage look clock coffee table at HomeGoods very similar to this one from Goods Home Design.

Coffee Table Goods Home Design

It served her well…for quite awhile…but since she used her coffee table as a TV watching-dining surface, as many of us do, she noticed that crumbs were always getting stuck around the inside edges and the glass was constantly in need of cleaning. So, the clock coffee table was banished to one of the closets in our home where it has remained for quite some time. Whenever I asked her about taking it back to her house, she would state that 1.she really didn’t want to use it as a coffee table any more and 2. she had no room to store it, but 3. to please keep it because “someday” she will need it again…for something. In the closet it sat, until I recently asked if perhaps she would like us to try and sell it up at our shop we have in the old barn at Todd Farm. An idea to which she readily agreed (any little bit helps when paying off monstrous law school loans : ). So, I took it out and cleaned it up with the intent of bringing it up to the barn…but then a funny thing happened. It was Thanksgiving week and I was searching for places to store (actually HIDE) things that were hanging around the house in a hurry and plopped the giant clock (sans legs, of course) onto the mantel in my living room.

Mantel Clock Country Design Home

Where it has remained as the dramatic new focal point of the room. Which no one ever sees because we hardly ever go in there. (Which is why, when I am looking at this pic I realize that the stark white fireplace mantel could use a little TLC…new project : ) So I started looking around the web for other ways to use a clock but not as a clock. And I discovered that clocks, any kind of clocks, can be used in all sorts of imaginative ways. Like this Vintage Christmas Assemblage Clock decoration from Joann.com

Christmas Assemblage from Joann.comA cool room divider like this one from Nexxt Design…

Clock Room Divider by Nexxt DesignHow about a sleek digital bookcase version from OhGizmo.com

Digital CLock Bookcase from OhGizmoCan birds tell time? Do they even need to know what time it is?

Clock Birdcage from Mousie MasalaA pillow from Creative with Clay. This might be hard to lean against on a sofa, but at least you’ll know what time it is to stop watching TV and get to work! (Actually, its made out of clay…quite inspired design, I would say : )

Wall Clock Pillow from Creative with Clay

A vintage look table top made from an old clock face from OldPlank.com

Clock Table Top from GaryCSharpe via PinterestVintage look Chronograph Drawer Pulls from Anthropologie

Anthopologie Drawer PullsA steampunk loft window in Brooklyn Heights…amazing.

Steampunk Loft Window from Michael R. Davis via PinterestAnd clock dinner plates from Not On The High Street via Pinterest

Clock Dinner Plates from Not On The High Street via Pinterest

If you have a few minutes to spare, check out my Tick Tock Pinterest page with all sorts of amazing time pieces that serve dual purposes. For now, its time for me to get a move on! Have a timeless Tuesday, everyone! Susan


  1. oh wow I love all these clocks big time. The one over your fireplace looks amazing! I love each and every one!


  2. Looks so great Susan! Really good job. I loooooove that loft window!! What a cool piece of art.


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