Hello, Again.

Whew! Well that was quite a whirlwind of shopping, cooking, eating and so much family fun! This year’s Secret Santa clue poems were over the top and so incredibly inspired and hilarious! But now it’s over and the reality is setting in that it’s time to get back into the “making and blogging” saddle and start creating again! During one of my pre-Christmas shopping excursions, I headed down to Vintage Thymes Monthly Market for some “one for me, one for you” kind of shopping. When I happened upon this sign at Fleurish Home & Garden,

Benjamin Franklin Quote from Fleurish Home & Garden

I knew I had to have it for my desk (a “one for me” purchase : ) Its a constant reminder to me that what I do with this blog was never intended to be for the numbers-how many page views, how many readers, how many followers-but instead, it was meant as a vehicle to share my creative endeavors with all of you to enjoy and replicate (if you were so inclined). OR, to share my famous follies (for you to have a good laugh). Remember the time that I drove with the snow pile on my roof with the moon roof open…

snow falling on my head I often say to Coach (typically around the end of May when he’s teaching his last classes and getting ready for his two month summer break…) “why did I not become a teacher too!?” But then I remember that I am doing what I love: building & painting & creating…then teaching all of you the how-tos! Which is just as rewarding…except I don’t get my summers off…especially with the new barn shop at Todd Farm.

Vintage Sink in the Barn at Todd FarmThis year was definitely a DIY Christmas extravaganza for me! I’m excited to say that I received not one, but two shiny black cordless drills from Santa!

Drill Master Cordless DrillsA big one for those massive projects I work on, and the little guy just to have hanging around to tighten a screw or hang a picture. AND, a pile of HomeDepot gift cards to add stuff to my DIY arsenal.  See the one that says “for the one that wears a lot of hats around the house.” That’s me!

Home Depot Gift CardsAnd this year I’ll be packin’ some heat with this 1500w gun, which I am a little nervous about, I gotta say.

Heat GunApparently Santa had the same idea and added some cool bandaids to my tool box.

Glow In The Dark BandaidsAnd with all my new stuff, I am gearing up for a new year of more inspired, vintage rustic projects than ever that I can’t wait to share with you!  So here’s to all of you, my faithful readers (I haven’t popped the champagne yet, but this yummy frozen margarita will have to do for now!)

Margarita thanks for following & commenting & sharing my blog. See you in 2015! Susan  


  1. I adore that Ben Franklin quote and what you said about blogging. Wishing I had that frozen margarita in front of me right now too lol.


  2. I. AM. SO. JEALOUS. Shamelessly, unabashedly, over the top jealous. The End


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