SoMe2 #63 SOcial MEdia Google+ Link Party!

Welcome to #SoMe2 – Week #63
Today we are sharing our Google+ pages and posts. This is a great platform that is worth a little time and effort. Not only is G+ a way to share your posts and updates but sharing helps your SEO If you are not on G+ I encourage you to set up an account, them come back here and network.
SOcial MEdia is all about ENGAGEMENT, and we want to do more than find new followers, we want to grow our engagement!
The more we comment, like, and share each other’s posts, the more engaged we become and that makes the SOcial MEdia “algorithms” happy!
Each week we will link a different Social Media platform and post from that platform.
This week we are growing and engaging with Google+!


If you want to GROW your Social Media channels and GROW your engagement.
This is the party for you!
The more you put in to this SOcial MEdia link party, the more you will get out!
Don’t link and run- share-comment-pin-like and tell your friends!
#SoMe2 is a SOcial MEdia link party where we link up 2 items every Tuesday @ 7:00 (est)
Meet Your Hostesses for the Google+ Party!!
Meet this week’s Featured Blogger! Amanda from The Anti-Mom Blog
Blogger: Amanda Steinberg from The Anti Mom Blog
Bio: Tackling every day life with two kids under the age of 3,a husband and a crazy family, it can completely consume you! Along with trying to figure out the balance between being a mom, wife, sister, daughter, aunt, blogger and friend, I wanted to also stay true to ‘me’. The Anti Mom Blog’s philosophy is that being a mom shouldn’t be your only identity, it should enhance the already awesome one you have! I wanted to give other mom’s and mommies-to-be a place to come and learn the truth of everyday parenthood and give them a laugh or two along the way!

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~Party Rules~

1) Please follow your hosts and featured blogger. DON’T link and RUN! ~ No one likes Party Poopers!
2) Please add the ~SoMe2~ button to your sidebar or link page.
3) Tweet about the party! More partiers = more followers! All you have to do is click the “tweet” button
Tweet it button
4) Use our hashtag #some2 when tagging or posting so we can find each other!
You will automatically be entered into our email reminder list by entering a link. You may remove yourself from the list by using the unsubscribe option.

1) Link up your main Google+ Page

2) Follow your Hosts and featured blogger (the first 6 in the link up)

3) Follow 2 people before your link, if you already follow them, find 2 new people to follow

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1) Link up 1 recent Google+ post –

(Go to your Google+ profile, top right hand side of post, click on options menu,

click on link to post, right click and copy, paste that URL into link party.)

2) Share, 1+ and comment on your Hosts and featured bloggers posts.

3) Share, 1+ and comment on the 2 links in front of yours.

This way everyone receives Google+ Love! Our Hostesses will make sure the last 2 links have comments.

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We LOVE Feedback !! Comment please : )

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