Ikea Ornament Hacks-Snowballs & PineCones!

Yesterday I shared a quick and easy DIY Christmas Tree Skirt that I made for an upcoming Holiday Tree Festival. Once we had signed on to this charity event, it was all hands on deck to find ornaments for our Winter Sports Themed tree. During several shopping trips, my co-workers and I managed to find skating and skiing snowmen,

Ikea Ornament Hack Michaels Skating SnowmanSantas and reindeer at the local big box and craft stores. A trip to Ikea produced a multitude of these silver plastic ornaments,

Ikea Silver ball Ornamentswhich were needed for some shine. But, with thoughts of adding some snowy ornaments to the every-growing pile, I decided to take a few of the silver ornmanents and transform them. With a little fake snow and some glitter, the silver balls became sparkling snowballs

Ikea Ornament Hack Sparklking Snowballsand the long spiky things (not sure what these were supposed to be) were transformed into snow-speckled pine cones.

Ikea Ornament Hacks PineconesHere is the How-I-Did-It:

1. For the pine cones, I sprayed them with some brown metallic spray paint to mimic pine cone colors. Since it was a nice enough day, I was able to spray outside, first one side, then the other.

Ikea Ornament Hack Brown Metallic Spray Paint

2. Dabbed with the fake snow-Snow-Tex by DecoArt, using a stiff paint brush to “pounce” the snow onto the pine cone.

Ikea Ornament Hack Pinecone Painted

3. While the fake snow stuff was still wet, I sprinkled the pine cones with clear glitter,

Ikea Ornament Hack Glitter

then allowed to dry. Repeated with the other side.  Allowed to dry.

Ikea Ornament Hacks Pinecones

1. For the snowballs, I sprayed them with a can of the fake spray snow you use to decorate the corners of your windows.

Ikea Ornament hack Santa Snow

Which looked great, but then I discovered that it doesn’t actually dry to the touch. Fail.

2. So I wiped them off, then dabbed on the same textured snow stuff,

Ikea Ornament Hack Deco-Arts Snow Texstippling with the stiff brush to give the snowball plenty of uneven texture. After all, how many snowballs are perfect, anyway?

Ikea Ornament Hack Stippling Snow on Balls

3. Before they dried, I sprinkled them all over with the same clear glitter, then hung them on a makeshift clothesline in my workshop. And then I repeated the whole process because the clothesline let go and all the balls went bouncing around the room.

Ikea Ornament Hack Snowball Clothesline

Of course… thankfully they were plastic!

4. Here are the snowballs and pine cones on the Winter Sports Themed Christmas Tree we decorated this past Saturday.

Ikea Ornament Hack Winter Sports Theme TreeSo we added a touch of winter wonderland for pennies to tree #1 and saved the shiny silver ornaments for tree #2.  And, now it’s December first, guys! Time to get some shopping and decorating done! I hope your December starts off with some sparkle and shine. Susan



  1. What a brilliant idea! They came out so lovely I just might have to give these a try!


  2. The clothesline broke! LOL! You stories always make me laugh! haha Glad they were plastic. I love the trees! They look so pretty. Sorry you did not get to relax as much as I did over the weekend. 🙂 You are a busy girl!


  3. Jessica H. says:

    I love both of these ornaments but especially the pinecones! They look great on your tree. 🙂


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