**Pie Is Love**

I Love Pie.

Pie In The Sky Postcard Chocolate, blueberry, apple, pumpkin-if you bake it, I will eat it, but I’m not always crazy about cooking the filling and rolling out the dough. So, I am ever so grateful each year around this time, when I receive this postcard in the mail from a Boston-based food service called Community Servings. Comunity ServingsThis organization delivers nutritious meals to over 1500 homebound and critically ill patients daily. Their motto: Delivering Meals. Delivering Hope “As New England’s expert in home-delivered nutrition for the critically ill, Community Servings provides meals to the acutely ill, their families, and their caregivers. Our clients live in 18 cities and towns throughout Massachusetts and battle over 35 different types of illnesses, including HIV/AIDS, breast and other cancers, and kidney disease.”  The fund-raiser they sponsor each Thanksgiving is called Pie In The Sky, a way for the community to give to those in need and enjoy a tasty pie! Pie In the Sky Pumkpin Pie The History of Pie in the Sky  In 1993, members of the restaurant community — who lost many friends and colleagues to AIDS — conceptualized and launched Pie in the Sky. Knowing how food can improve someone’s emotional and physical well-being, Pie in the Sky was an ideal way for Boston’s chefs, caterers, and restaurateurs to support Community Servings’ clients. As our mission has expanded to serve people struggling with any life-threatening illness, our friends in the restaurant community have stood by us. Through their generosity, Pie in the Sky is now the World’s Greatest Bake Sale — raising 15% of Community Servings’ private fundraising revenue! We are deeply grateful for their ongoing support and encourage you to frequent their establishments. Sweet Potato Pie Pie In the Sky

It’s Your Turn To Buy A Pie!

Ordering is as easy as pie! You go on to their website and order a pie or pies that are baked by some of the best pie bakers in Boston. And let me tell you, these are hands-down some of the most amazing pies your taste buds will ever feast on!  You can buy a pie for yourself, for your neighbors, for your friends and especially for someone in need. You get a pie, and you get a pie and you get a pie-everybody gets a pie!! Or, if you really don’t like pie, (seriously!?!?) then you can make a donation here. The day before Thanksgiving, you go to a local “pickup” spot-they are scattered all over the greater Boston area-and pick up your freshly-baked pie to enjoy on Thanksgiving. You can even take it out of the box and pretend you slaved all day making the perfect flaky crust and rich, yummy fillings! But I don’t. Because I want to keep spreading the word about this amazing organization. BUT, here’s the catch. The deadline for ordering pies this year is the 19th-only two days away!!! So please click on the links and order your pies today. If you are so very thankful for the life that you have this Thanksgiving, then this is your chance to make this one holiday just a bit sweeter for someone in need. Pie In The Sky Pecan PieThanks, now go order a pie!! Susan

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