We’ll Be Right Back…

…after resolving some technical difficulties. So, you thought it was going to be easy right? Moving your blog from a .com to a .org. Well, let me tell you, it has not been easy at all. Three weeks of frustration and nonsense is about all I have to say. But, we are working on it and hopefully will have things back in order in the very near future. I miss you guys!!
In the meantime, I have moved all of my blog subscribers to this new host site, and you should be receiving any new posts in your emails. BUT, I have been informed that presently some are going to your spam and junk folders instead of your inboxes, and some folks aren’t receiving anything at all!
So, could you please pick me out of your trash can (if I’m there : ( or re-sign up for my blog if you wish to keep receiving notices and posts.

We LOVE Feedback !! Comment please : )

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