Oh, Look! A Book(Book)

This new, innovative Ikea advertisement speaks volumes about the “plugged-in” age we live in. Although I love my electronic toys as much as the next gal and communicate, bank and shop online, there is nothing quite like the feel of a glossy magazine or catalog that I can actually relax and peruse and carry from room to room without being attached to a cable.

With that in mind, Ikea is introducing…the 2015 Ikea Book Book, a bit of a satirical stab at Apple’s ads featuring the latest Ikea Catalog. Ikea BookBookBut funny nevertheless.  Its a BOOK. With glossy paper pages. That you can turn over and turn back and even turn down corners to save a page you may like. With pretty pictures and all the information you need to make a decision about your latest Ikea “must-have”

Click the YouTube link below to view and have your daily chuckle.

Hope you’re looking to have a great week, everyone! Susan


  1. lol good one!


  2. chris aka monkey says:

    indeed it is extremely clever and funny thanks xx


  3. Hilarious Sue! haha


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