Fixer Upper Marathon

While I’ve been doing my fair share of fixing-upping around here, sometimes I need to just take a break and get some fresh inspiration and ideas from magazines and TV.

Fixer Upper HGTV LogoYesterday I had a four-hour HGTV marathon watching a new show called Fixer Upper, featuring Chip and Joanna Gaines from Waco,Texas.


Photo Courtesy of HGTV

I am in love with this young couple and their adorable family,

Joanna Gaines and Kids

Photo Courtesy of HGTV

who live in a renovated Texas farmhouse surrounded by chickens and goats (and now cute, fluffy puppies!).

Fixer Upper Family Farm Goats

Photo Courtesy of Magnolia Homes

The show, Fixer Upper, features recent amazing makeovers by their company, Magnolia Homes, in their own inspired Texas style, but also showcases rooms in their family farmhouse. This is their kitchen, where Joanna sometimes brings clients to show them different types of finishes of poured concrete and stainless steel countertops.

Magnolia Homes Kitchen

Photo Courtesy of Magnolia

You will not believe the transformations they achieve while taking the most broken, run-down, dumpster-dive houses and remaking them into stunning family homes worthy of any glossy magazine cover. A couple of examples: This young couple, the owners of Harp Design Co. (he makes many of Joanna’s wood designs)

Fixer Upper Harp Design Co.

Photo Courtesy of HGTV

purchased this “fixer-upper” for $10,000!! (Yup, you read that right. The prices down there in Texas are nothing like I have seen since the 50’s up here in the Northeast.)

Fixer Upper Before

Photo Courtesty of HGTV

The house was absolutely falling down and had to be gutted, essentially to the studs, and rebuilt. This is the after…I know, right?!?

Fixer Upper After

Photo Courtesy of HGTV

Here is the kitchen before (if you could even call it that-I think Joanna referred to it as a crime scene-lol)

Fixer Upper Kitchen Before

Photo Courtesy of HGTV

The new kitchen-what’s to say? Beautiful.

Fixer Upper Kitchen After

Photo Courtesy of HGTV

In another episode, this home was purchased by the local veterinarian, Dr. Marla Hendricks, who was surprising her new husband who was relocating from California. Chip and Joanna had one month to transform a falling-down bungalow from this:

Fixer Upper Veterinarian's Home Exterior Before

Photo Courtesy of HGTV

to this:

Fixer_Upper_Vet's Home Exterior After

Photo Courtesy of HGTV

The living room before:

Fixer Upper Vet's Home Living Room Before

Photo Courtesy of HGTV

The living room after:

Fixer_Upper_Vet's Home Living Room After

Photo Courtesy of HGTV

A few things about this show make it so unique and fun to watch. The makeovers, of course, are so special, because they do it right, both in the construction, but also, in the inspired decor. Joanna combines rustic country style with touches of glam and pops of color to create beautiful vignettes that are so meaningful to the new homeowners. Unexpected? A vintage bike hanging on the wall of an avid bike enthusiasts new study (episode 12)

Photo Courtesy of HGTV

Photo Courtesy of HGTV

Loving this little boy’s room with baskets of balls and alphabet letters on the walls.

Magnolia Blog Boys Room Vignette

Photo Courtesy of Magnolia

But it is the Gaines family that makes this show. They are so funny and endearing and clearly have a great sense of pride in their work, their homes and their family, which makes this show worth watching over and over. If you had gotten away from watching HGTV because you were tired of House Hunter reruns, then this is the show to watch to get great “simple. fresh. inspiring. unexpected.” decorating ideas! And, they have a shop in Waco called  Magnolia Market, that sells some of the very items you will see on the show available both in shop

Magnolia Market Store front

Photo Courtesy of Magnolia Homes

and online.

Fixer Upper Magnolia Market

Photo Courtesy of Magnolia Homes

The new episodes air on Thursdays at 9pm, but HGTV is showing lots of reruns right now (they know a hit when they see one!) So, if you will excuse me, I am off to watch a few more episodes I’ve saved on my DVR while I have my morning coffee and then “get after it” as they say down there in Texas. Have a sunny Sunday, everyone!Susan


  1. theresa magouliotis says:

    I told my sister in Dallas I am moving from Miami to Waco, Texas. I love watching fixer uppers, and Joanne and Chip Gaines. The houses are reasonably priced, and I love how they are redone. They are hard working and love what they do. Will try to get there one of these days, would be honored to have them do our home.


  2. I love watching them. If I could, I would move to Waco, so they could find me an old farmhouse and fix it up. I’ve watched all they’re episodes. Just loved the total wreck of a house they fixed.


  3. My family and I are huge fans of the show and of your family dynamic. We are actually driving to Waco this weekend to look at some of the properties and go to the Magnolia Farms store. We hope to run into one of you and


  4. Thanks for the info Susan! I need a new show and this sounds great. Love what they did in the home. Wow!


  5. Just love their show and them! Come to Ohio……


  6. my husband and I have been watching Fixer Upper since it first aired on HGTV. Chip and Joanna Gaines are a welcome breath of fresh air in the decorating shows on tv. Their on screen chemistry is reflected in their genuine love of the projects that they take on. Finnally someone new to inspire us to : re-use, re-purpose, and re-evaluate what has been well loved in the past can be re-loved once again!!!


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