Tuesday’s DIY Tip-Choosing Paint Colors with Kelly

This week’s great DIY tip comes from Kelly Bernier of Kelly Bernier Designs. Kelly is a professional Interior Decorator and color consultant who shares “decorating advice, design inspiration, color selection help and hints.”

Kelly Bernier DesignsOn her blog, Restyling Home by Kelly, she provides invaluable information about choosing the proper colors for your home and shares all sorts of great decorating tips with her readers. On last week’s blog entitled “5 Tips I Taught Our Local Paint Store Today“, Kelly shared some of her extensive paint knowledge with a local store owner who had recently become a Benjamin Moore Paint retailer. And now, from her blog, (with her blessing, of course : ) I am sharing those tips with you!

* Suggest Benjamin Moore White Dove when asked for the best/favorite trim and cabinet color. A good white without obvious undertones.

* Suggest to the customer that they bring in a piece of fabric or inspiration to help choose a color, NOT a cell phone picture. (this is a great tip! Cell phones do not always properly capture the proper hues and tones of a color-SM)

* When they have no idea where to even start, ask if they are looking for a warm and cozy room (beige,red, orange or yellow) or a bright and cool room (white,blue, green or violet).

* A great place to start looking for colors is in Historical Colors. 95% of all paint colors chosen are from the Historical Collection. Tried and true! Or show them the Candace Olsen Fan Deck and tell the customer how popular she and the colors are.

* Push those paint samples! I strongly suggest buying just a small sample and testing on poster board before you paint on walls. The color will change from that small paper sample to up on the wall. Even I always do:

Kelly Bernier Designs Paint SampleTo read Kelly’s blog post and get so many more amazing tips about choosing the proper colors and styles for your home, click here:

Kelly Bernier Designs Paint Store PhotoThanks, Kelly for allowing me to share this great Tuesday DIY Tip information with my readers! I hope you all have a sunny summer day everyone! Susan 




  1. Stacey D'Onofrio says:

    I need help picking a neutral light ish color in the brown family for our playroom/family room renovation. Rug has dark browns, light browns, and taupes. Any fool – proof color you can recommend???


  2. Thank you Susan!


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