MirrorMate Makeovers

I recently visited the home of a friend who was planning on framing out a large wall-mounted bathroom mirror rather than replacing it, a trick she had seen on Pinterest (of course : ). In her basement were the rough-cut trim moldings that she was priming and painting and then cutting prior to mounting them over the existing mirror. A perfectly great idea which I am certain will give her bath a whole new look. BUT, she could have saved some time and trouble by checking out this company: MirrorMate.com.

MirrorMate Logo

They offer custom mirror frame DIY kits in all types of styles and colors, so you can transform the look of your mirror with minimum muss and fuss! I LOVE brilliant ideas that save time and look great! Here are some examples from their website:

This frame sample is Tribeca Black

Tribeca Black Sample MirrorMateUnframed Before:

MirrorMate Tribeca Black FrameAnd this is the after. The mirror frame’s rich, dark tones enhance the dark tones of the existing wood work and vanity.

MirrorMate Tribeca Black Framed

This frame sample is Venetian Silver Wave.

Venetian Silver Wave Sample MirrorMateI can imagine this in any coastal bath-so pretty! The before is very nice, but the mirror is a non-factor in the overall decor:

MirrorMate Venetian Silver Wave BeforeThe after is pretty amazing! The silver brightens the space and highlights the marble vanity top.

MirrorMate Venentian SilverFor a dramatic change, you might like this rustic Lexington Metallic Ash

MirrorMate Lexington Metallic Ash

This is the before, again a very nice but ho hum kind of bath

MirrorMate Lexington Metallic AshAnd this is the after: that mirror!

MirrorMate Lexington Metallic AshFor more information, and the complete, simple measuring and DIY process, click here to visit their website.

MirrorMate Measuring

You can order samples to make sure you are choosing exactly the right frame for your space. And, you can check out many more before and afters on their Pinterest page. This is a perfect solution for a simple makeover, or even for staging a home for resale, adding lots of drama for minimal dollars. I hope you all have a transformative Tuesday, everyone! Susan


  1. This is a great idea. I’m finding many of the homes I am working with have the 80’s look of the huge plate glass mirrors over the vanity/sink area. This updates the look nicely but keeps the look of spaciousness from the large mirror.


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