LOVE Wooden Heart Signs!

Yikes, Day 4 of the Valentine’s series- this is tougher than I thought!

Wood Heart LOVE signsThese three hearts started out the same, in an “Autumn” markdown bin at a local craft store. They already had the wire handles and the stars cut out. They were painted orangey and decorated with autumn leaves and raffia. The fun of DIY is just that- I do it my self so I can really personalize each piece however I imagine it. I love to use unusual and distinctive antique trim items to decorate a piece, including old lock sets, drawer pulls, knobs and locks to have a vintage, industrial kind of vibe.

Heart #1: I dry-brushed with Antique Beige paint and then sanded it to give the heart its aged appearance. For the decoration, I stenciled LOVE in block letters in a taupe color along the right side. The bottom decoration is a piece of leftover antique painted tin from a ceiling panel, fixated with some old brass screws. Burlap bow for cuteness.

Rustic Wood Heart LOVE SignHeart #2: Painted this one with some lavender in the same dry-brush technique. For the LOVE, I took an old shutter slat and spelled out the letters in hot glue. Allowed to dry, then painted over it, then wiped most of it off, revealing the raised letters. For the decoration, I used an old drawer pull. It looked to me a bit like angel’s wings-cupid, perhaps? Added the burlap bow.

Rustic Wood Purple LOVE Heart ValentinesHeart #3: This one I dry-brushed with the Antique Beige paint and stenciled the LOVE letters down the side. For the embellishment, I used another old drawer pull that had been painted and was chipped and worn. Added the bow. LOVE the way this one looks!

Rustic Wood Heart #3There you have it, three rustic country hearts ready to hang for Valentine’s Day. Do you have a favorite? These will be available this upcoming weekend at the Vintage Thymes Market. (as long as Mother Nature has a heart and spares us the snowstorm : ) Hope you are having a heart-ful day! Susan


  1. LOVE your project! Hope you have a great show this weekend 😉


  2. I love these, love rustic look. Thanks for sharing at The Weekend Retreat!


  3. I heart these – toasting you with an undiluted margarita!!!


  4. Pat Bruno says:

    Susan, I just realized that this is you with all of these beautiful things. Why am I not surprised!


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