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Tagxedo Logo

Every once in awhile I happen upon a fresh new idea or website that’s just fun and creative and easy enough for anyone to try (and there is no sanding and painting and glazing and waxing to do : ) Well, hello, Tagxedo! This website creates “clouds” of words that you can personalize in a million different ways to print or save or have printed on shirts or whatever you would like to do with them. AWESOME.

Tagxedo Front Page

I went to the home page, where you can add essentially anything you wish to create a cloud-I just entered the URL of my blog and this happened in, like, 2 seconds:

Tagxedo Country Design Home Cloud

Here is their Facebook page where you can get ideas-and there are so many! I love this reverse print HORSE.

Tagxedo Horse

Just for fun, I typed in Sochi Olympics and this is the result-a large snowflake puzzle piece!

Tagxedo Sochi Olympics

I mean, seriously, I could sit here all day and play with this (well, I really can’t, I have rocks to climb with The Next 26).

The Next 26 Boulders for Boston

But this would be a fun way to spend a snowy afternoon, with your kids too!

Tagxedo Snowman


And, for the perfect Valentine for your very special loved ones…

Tagxedo LOVE

So, if you are looking for some simply creative fun, check out Tagxedo. Here’s hoping your Sunday’s not a uphill climb!!

Brooklyn Boulders Somervile

And if you’re looking for me, I’ll be on the top of a rock wall-NOT! Susan


  1. Love this Susan! I will be playing on this site for awhile now too! I love the horse one too and the snowman! Very cool. Thanks for sharing!


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