Blog Better Boston HubLinks Feature!

BBB Hublinks Feature

Lately, I have been fortunate to become a member of a few local (to Boston and New England) blogging groups, because social networking really is about, well, social networking. Blog Better Boston is a site that was founded to help local bloggers put forth their best blogs through educational events and conferences.  I was pretty excited when I was notified that my blog post Snowflakes and Sopapillas 

Snowflake Blocks with Candles.png

was recently featured in their Winter-Themed HubLinks Series. Along with my blog, there were 5 other notable local blogs that were highlighted:

Styled by Jess, who shares a yummy recipe for making S’Mores Hot Chocolate

Nick Burka On the Music: Monday Mixtape: Finding Your Beach

Take Time Away, sharing her Top Three Best Travel Apps (to distract us from the freezing cold : )

Union Jack Creative, featuring Crafts And Craft Cocktails

 Trends & Tolstoy sharing some Cold Weather Tips & Tricks
So, thanks to Blog Better Boston for featuring our blogs, and showcasing Boston! Would you like to be featured in the next edition?
BBB HubLinks logo
Have a social weekend, everyone! Susan

We LOVE Feedback !! Comment please : )

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