Docksmith Is In The House

Well, the New Year’s Cash Giveaway is history! I am not sure who won yet, that will be posted shortly, but congrats!! Even though I wasn’t eligible to win the cash, since I was one of the sponsors, I feel like I did win, because I made a whole lot of new Facebook friends : ) I, myself, hardly ever enter any contests because, frankly, I never win anything. (Well, maybe because I never enter anything…) BUT, last week I happened to see a posting to win an iPhone docking station from Docksmith

Docksmith Logo

on Facebook,  and imagine that-I won!!! This company, based in Brunswick, Maine, takes all-natural pieces of driftwood and rootwood and transforms them into functional docking stations for your electronic devices-brilliant! (Ironically, I had actually blogged about this very company last year

Docksmith @ Fair

when I encountered their booth at the Castleberry Fair) Actually, these are pieces of organic art that you can display anywhere, but it just so happens that you can recharge your battery as well. If we are going to live with hard-edged technology all around us, we may as well make it softer and prettier, right? This is the one I received.

Docksmith iPhone 5 Docking Station

Brilliant packaging, BTW. I love it when companies actually say THANK YOU. (OK, I know, I didn’t actually purchase this, but it was nice anyway : )

Docksmith Packaging

This is a striking piece of soft gray driftwood that has been left in its natural state but with the middle drilled out and a docking station affixed inside. Now, instead of leaving my phone hanging around and searching for it whenever it rings, beeps or buzzes, it sits upright in its docking station in the kitchen, soaking up battery juice and in plain sight. They make endless combinations of pieces to fit your smartphones and smartpads. So, I got to thinking that I could actually design an entire room around this one accessory! With the style options, I could do a nautical theme-can you imagine this piece with room enough for two…

Docksmith Double Smartphones #170

perched on this desk?

Coastal Home via Zeroenergy

Zeroenergy Design via

Or a rustic but light log cabin with this one

Snap It Photography

Snap It Photography via

with this birch log beauty?

Docksmith iPhone Birch Log #162How about a warm, cozy fireside space

SFB Girl via

with a darker, more organic piece that would sit perched on the table or mantel?

Docksmith #123 iPad Mini or Galaxy Pad

Or a water-view retreat

DKOR Interiors Via

(where you can tweet) on this double-docking driftwood stationDocksmith Double Driftwood

The design is naturally flawless. The design possibilities are endless. Thanks to Docksmith for offering this giveaway! I guess the moral of this story is, if you don’t enter, you can’t win. Hope you all have a winning day today…Susan


  1. Oh thats pretty cool! I like the one that looks like a log!


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