Time Out!

Coach and I took time out of our busy holiday schedule to attend another Crown Auction on Sunday. After the auction, where we scored 3 awesome pieces of vintage furniture, including this little beauty,

French Provincial Side Table

I remarked to Coach how happy I am to see all of the old, worn, broken, dusty, tired items being purchased for re-use and re-purposing. Perhaps even 10 years ago, you would have seen many of the furniture items that were sold on Sunday in someone’s trash pile-unloved and unwanted. But, with the resurgence of DIY and so many new painting and finishing techniques on the blogs and Pinterest, everything old is new again! Case in point: Coach found this little child’s TIME OUT chair that was ready for the trash heap at a local yard sale.

Time Out Chair Before

It was weathered, gray and faded, and looked like it had been set outside in a time out corner years ago.But, with a thorough cleaning, some fresh paint, some crackle glaze and a pretty new cushion, this time out chair is now a comfortable fireside chair for reading or even playing some video games.

Time Out Chair with Bear PM

Here is the how-I-did-it:

1.Cleaned the chair and sanded lightly just to even the surface and get rid of the raised TIME OUT lettering.

2. Added a base coat of Glidden Gripper Glidden Gripperprimer to seal it.

3. Used Martha Stewart crackle medium all over the piece.

Martha Stewart Crackle Effect

Just brush over the base coat wherever you want the top coat to crackle to give an aged appearance and expose the base coat. The heavier coat of the glaze you paint on, the deeper and larger the cracks will appear. For the complete DIY info on that process, click here:

4. Added the top coat, in this case a Behr Paint pot in pale aqua blue I had picked up at Home Depot for a previous project. Those little pots of paint go a long way!

Time Out Chair Base CoatWhen you first brush it on over the base coat and glaze, it just looks like a painted piece. But slowly, the cracks begin to emerge.

Time Out Chair Crackle FinishYou can see that I left the seat unpainted, as I am adding a seat cushion to it. But notice the uneven paint, the cracks and crackles. This is the weathered effect I was going for.

Time Out Chair Crackled Finish

5. Instead of re-creating this as a TIME OUT chair, I wanted to create a welcoming spot for a small child. So I fashioned a little cushion using some foam core board that was cut to the size of the seat of the chair, some poly batting and a piece of black and white toile I had on hand.

Time Out Chair with cushion6. Since I wanted the toile to appear a faded blue, I decided to dye it with some diluted paint, the same color as the chair. (You know how you splatter latex paint on your nice new jeans and then you can’t get it off, ever? Same thing applies here.) I just added some paint to a bowl of warm water and stirred til mixed.

Time Out Chair paint and water mixture

7.Dropped in the fabric and allowed to soak for a couple of minutes to absorb the paint.

Time Out Chair fabric in paint bath

8. Rinsed it thoroughly until the water ran clear but there was just a hint of blue in the fabric. Wanted to make sure no-one ended up with a little blue butt! Then threw it in the dryer on high heat to set the color.

Time Out Chair rinsing fabric

9. I pressed it out and added some fusible interfacing just to stiffen it a bit to hold its shape.

Time Out Chair Fusible Interfacing

10. Attached the fabric to the foam core board and then attached that to the chair with some hot glue to keep it securely in place.

Time Out Chair Back

There you have it! A perfect little fireside seat for a special little someone. So, the next time you see an old piece of furniture that has seen better days, take a time out and think about the endless DIY possibilities!

Time Out Chair with Bear PM

And now it’s time to head out and hit the stores before we get buried in fresh snow! Hope you won’t have a lot of shoveling to do! Susan



  1. I need to make one of these chairs! Thanks for sharing at The Weekend Retreat, hope to see you back on Thursday!


  2. I LOVE how this turned out! Thanks so much for sharing it at Creativity Unleashed, pinning for sure!


  3. Just gorgeous!


  4. That looks too cute and comfy to be a time out chair. I love the heart! Hopping over thru Creatively Unleashed party


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