Dropping The Ball

I could bore you all with my 2013 retrospective of my favorite or most popular blogs, but I will spare you the time on this New Year’s Eve, when I am certain you have better, more exciting things to do tonight. But, unlike some of you revelers, New Year’s celebrations have never been too successful in our lives, beginning with the very first one Coach and I celebrated together so many years ago. That Dec 31, way back before Dick Clark was the emcee to be in NYC,

Times Square New Year's Eve Flight Center

I attempted to make my very first pot roast (Coach’s favorite). It cooked for hours, and hours, and hours, until we finally decided to eat it before the ball dropped at midnight. That evening, we dined on what essentially was a browned rubber basketball.

Pot Roast Burned

But being young, and in love, Coach graciously choked it down and we popped the cork at midnight (a little champagne goes a long way…)

Champagne Popping

Over the years, we have attempted to celebrate in style, hosting dinner parties and game nights, even venturing into First Night in Boston. But almost always we ended up home before midnight, yawning and trying desperately to stay awake until Auld Langs Syne was played. So what’s cooking this year? Not much, I’m afraid. I am working until pretty late in the evening, meaning no prepping or party hosting for me. We will most likely grab a pizza or Chinese food when I get home and try to stay awake until midnight, quite happily saying goodbye to 2013 and welcoming in this brave new year with open arms. You see, 2013 has not been such a great year for our ourselves, our friends and our families. By my own declaration on last year’s blog post, 2013 was supposed to be The Year of Fun!

plane soaring

It read, and I quote:“If there is an opportunity to learn, create, travel, design, teach, cook, dine, soar, entertain or be entertained, count me in! Time for a fresh start and a new perspective, time for some fun!” We were going to laugh more, travel more, be a bit more daring, maybe even take the kayaks out for another spin.

Kayaking- The Launch

So, in reflection, on this last day of 2013, how did the year turn out in the end? Allow me to start by saying that there were some very bright moments in the past 365 days. Our family & friends have experienced so many high notes this year with new jobs, an eye-opening mission trip to a Dominican Republic orphanage through Mustard Seed Communities,

Mustard Seed Mission Trip Village

new business ventures (thank you Vintage Thymes Monthly Market),

Vintage Thymes Market Shop

new babies (sweet, adorable Elsie : )


moves to the West Coast,

PG Photos

an improbable World Series victory,

Victorious Victorino

and running faster then ever before to qualify for The Boston Marathon (not me, definitely not me!).

Boston MarathonAnd even in the aftermath of this year’s marathon bombings we found hope, when Boston came together as one city to capture a fugitive

Boston Strong Logo

and celebrate who we are as a community.

The Next 26.

There were joyous celebrations of young new lives together

Bridal Party Dockside

and new babies on the way (making their debut in 2014), which all helped to brighten our days. But with that joy came much sorrow that cast a pall over our everyday lives, including job losses, saying farewell to our beloved old girl, Daisy


and devastating illnesses in our inner circle of dear friends, who fight onward and bravely with amazing grace, demonstrating incredible strength of spirit every single day.


So, as the clock ticks on, I am most definitely not declaring another year of fun (certainly dropped the ball on that one). Instead, I am simply hoping that we are all blessed with a new beginning each day, and given an opportunity, we gladly extend a hand, grant a wish, give a hug and express our love and gratitude for the people in our lives.

Ball in Times Square

And, unlike Coach and me, who have totally dropped the ball on New Year’s celebrations, if you do venture out tonight, be careful, be safe and have a great beginning to 2014! Susan


  1. Janice Forster says:

    Nicely written Sue. A really “mixed” year for all of us.

    Sent from my iPhone



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