We’ve all seen those signs…everywhere. The original



Keep Calm Batman


Keep Calm Gallery

clever original versions. Me want cookies!

Keep Calm Cookie Monster

I’ve been working on a chalkboard sign for my back to school booth next weekend. I knew what I wanted to say, but I needed the correct font to get the look. Google search tells me that it could be Avenir, Gill Sans MT, or a few other. But the Google search also brought me to this awesome website:


This brilliant site from the UK (that is where the phrase originated, after all) allows you to enter any original saying you would like, make color changes and even add backgrounds and photos. They will print it up for you on any number of items including mugs,

Keep Calm Mug

shirts, aprons,

Keep Calm Apron

If you can dream it up, they will make it.  So now knowing what the font was, I made my sign using the reverse chalking method. See Here:

Reverse Chalking

And I transformed this old, unused paneled cabinet door

Keep Calm Door

into this vintage chalkboard, perfect for any classroom!

Be NICE Sign

Try out the website, it’s free and so fun! The creative possibilities are endless. And, KEEP CALM & RELAX, everyone, it’s the weekend!!! Susan

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