The Green Mountain State

It’s Wanderlust Wednesday, so I am sharing a few pics from the Green Mountain State- Vermont. Last week Coach and I joined some dear friends for a few days of R & R in Stowe, Vermont. Although we made a couple of antique and junk shop stops, this trip was meant to be a relaxing and non-working fun time-really?!

Vermont Holy Cow

No blogging, no painting, pickin’ and hauling cupboards and deer home in my CRV. We headed to Stow, a three hour drive from home, viewing not much along the way except brilliant blue skies and many, many miles of timber lining both sides of the highways.

Vermont Sky

We made a few stops along the way, including the Ben & Jerry’s Factory Tour in Waterbury.

Ben and Jerrys

This consisted of a brief movie detailing the beginnings of Ben & Jerry (yup, that’s their names, for real) and a short tour through the processing plant where they produce and package 250,000 pints per day!! After that came the free sample-Strawberry Cheesecake with chunks of graham cracker crust-yum.

Ben & Jerrys Strawberry Cheesecake

We made the requisite stop at Quechee Gorge, which was quite low, not much water rushing through here!

Vermont Quechee Gorge 1

The support struts were pretty impressive, however.

Vermont Quechee Gorge Struts 1

Here are a few pics of some highlights of our little vaca, including the gardens at the Woodstock Inn,

Vermont Woodstock Inn

some sweet yellow wildflowers in Stow

Vermont Wildflowers

and this cute little cub carved from a log.

Vermont Carved Bear Cub

(BTW, I have added chain-saw carving to my DIY bucket list, so does anyone have one I can borrow?) On our final morning, we took a gondola ride to the top of Mt. Mansfield, the highest peak in the Green Mountains.

Vermont Mt. Mansfield View

Those of you who know me personally know that it takes a lot for me to ride on a vehicle suspended in the air by a slim cable, climbing up into the sky without any chance of escaping. Vermont Gondola View

As we were waiting to board, this sign came into view-seriously!?

Mt. Mansfield Gondola Sign

The only life saving equipment I spotted were some rubber mats wrapped around the bases of the gondola poles. Fat chance that’s gonna stop a runaway car plummeting down 4,393 feet! The view, however, was well worth it : )

Vermont Mt. Mansfield Trees

And, even better news, I had cell phone service thanks to the mountain top cell towers!!

Vermont Cell Towers

What’s up with the no service again, AT&T? The “Around Me” App doesn’t really do much good if I don’t have any service!

AT&T No Service

First Maine, now Vermont and even 30 miles outside of Concord NH, I had no service while my friend sitting right beside me was happily playing Candy Crush with her Verizon iPhone! AT&T, are you not aware that New England is part of your “Fastest 4g Network?!?”  Despite the cell snafu, we had a great time with some great friends. We ate out, sunned by the pool, shopped, saw some wildlife,

Vermont Moose

did a little trivia, at out some more, and just kicked back and relaxed. And, since Ben & Jerry have asked, we will come back again soon : )

Ben & Jerrys Come Back Soon

Have a terrific Thursday everyone! One more day til the long weekend-yippee!! Susan


  1. Looks beautiful Susan! I love all of your pictures- especially the Holy Cow!


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