Global Studies

Globes Multi Vector Jungle

Globes by Vector Jungle

Awhile ago, I wrote a blog post entitled “Map It Out”, showcasing ideas to utilize maps in your interior spaces. Now, since every shop I visit and every page I turn in decorating magazines features globes, all kinds and styles of globes, I figured it was time to round out my orbital perspective. In searching the web, I discovered quite a few DIY variations on the plain old circa 1930’s globe,

Globe B & W Corbis Images

Children and Globe by Corbis Images

and hundreds of ways to use them as your decorating inspiration. I love all of the smaller globes inside the table base, with the larger ones scattered outside. Escaped!

Globe Apartment Therapy

Global Vignette by Apartment Therapy

I discovered stand-alone globes that are painted

Globe 1st Dibs

Painted Globe by Rumba via 1st Dibs

and lighted (this one has DIY instructions…)

Globe Lamp DIY Suite 101

Globe Lamp DIY Suite 101

and chalkboarded too!

Globes Chalkboard Design Sponge

Chalkboard Globe Design Sponge

This child’s room becomes a bit more sophisticated using globes on the ornate mantel. Oh, the places you’ll go, little man!

Globes CorynnePless

Child’s Room Globe Mantel by Corynne Pless

I love taking room color inspiration from globes- the colors of the earth are so pretty!

Room by Jenny Mitchell

Button, button, whose got the button? Amazing!! I spotted this on Pinterest and I actually purchased a similar globe at-where else-HomeGoods, to try this button technique. Yeah, that didn’t happen.

Globes Button Art World of Designers

Button Art Globe by World of Designers

This organizing wall becomes a feature with maps and globes as the background.

From House to Cozy Home Blogspot

Take a look at these breathtaking hand-decorated globes by Wendy Gold on ImagineNations on

Globes Wedding Etsy Wendy Gold Globes

Hand Decorated Globe by Wendy Gold

This Flower Power globe would be stunning in any interior!

Globes Flower Power Wendy Gold Etsy

Flower Power Globe by Wendy Gold

Globes, both old and new, are available in all sizes and colors. The muted tones in the space below blend perfectly with the vintage sepia globe tones.

Globe Oz Architects

Family Room by OzArchitects

Whereas, this colorful, eclectic space takes its cue from the multi-colored, more modern globe on the side table.

Globe Slicinteriors

Global Space by Slic Interiors

Just remember, you don’t have to be a world traveler to look like one! Just grab a globe, add some pins and you’re off on a virtual tour! Have a time-travelin’ Tuesday, everyone!


  1. I LOVE the button globe! Very cool. The painted flower one is great too!


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