Amazing Murals

I love it when something comes across my “in” box that instantly inspires me and gets my creative juices flowing! This morning, I received an email from this company : “Murals Your Way“. If you have ever longed for an instant change of scenery, without all of the packing and moving and traveling, this is your go-to. This company offers wall-sized murals of any type of art and photography you can imagine, including your very own! I love this view of sunrise on the dunes. Makes me want to grab a towel and head down to the ocean.

Mural Beach Sunrise

I started looking at all of the samples, 8000+, and instantly imagined these in my home- I am certain you will find yourself doing the same once you take a look.  Here are a few of my personal favorites (but there are hundreds to choose from, so don’t stop now- click here to go to the website and browse around.)Ever traveled to the Italian Riviera? No, me either. But I could imagine having a cup of espresso sitting on a veranda gazing at this sunset view of Manarola Italy

Mural Manarola Italy

I have never wanted to tag a bridge with graffiti, but I often admire the artwork displayed. You can add a touch of graffiti to your home without breaking any laws with this Home Sweet Home Mural…

Mural Home Sweet Home

Always longed for a view of the Eiffel Tower? Ooh, la, la!! I’ve seen lots of prints, but love this colorful pop art version, because it doesn’t take it too seriously.

Murals Paris

Imagining a trip to outer space? This Solar System 2 would be perfect for a budding astronaut’s room.

Mural Solar System 2

So soft and sweet- perfect for a bedroom or dressing room. Delicate Flowers

Mural Pink Floral Delicate

If you have a barn (like we do) but don’t actually live on a farm (like we don’t), here is your inspiration in Ready or Not

Mural Ready or Not

Imagine waking up to this view every morning? This is the Manitou Lighthouse in Michigan

Mural Manitou Lighthouse

Need an Instant Garden? Add a pop of color with Miami Blooms

Murals Poppy

And, if none of those inspire you, they can create a giant mural from your own photos!

Murals Make Your Own

And if you like the idea, but not sure how a mural would look in your home, this feature will seal the deal. You choose a mural, then you can build a virtual room, deciding on the style and size of the mural that fits with your furniture. Brilliant!

Mural Design A Room

Believe me, this website is a time-stealer like no other. You’ll find yourself transported to another era, another country, another world while browsing all of the photographs. The artwork is so striking and colorful, and Murals Your Way makes it simple to add drama and design to any room! So take a look, then tell me, what’s your favorite?!? Susan


  1. Murals Your Way has some lovely photographic “murals”. There are other companies out there, however, that also print these types of images. If you want to upload your own photo or if traditional decorative finishes and patterns and even originally hand-painted murals are more to your liking, know that they can be printed on durable wallcoverings that are repostionable, removable and reusable + customizable. This allows your artwork to be easily installed and transportable whenever you want to take it with you or move it to another location.


    • Hi! I initially checked out Murals Your Way because they happened to send an email and it caught my eye. (Isn’t that what advertising is supposed to do : )
      I will check out your website and your company’s offerings. Thanks for the heads up!


      • Thanks so much, Susan, for checking out Casart coverings. On top of the over 5,000 different variations we have, most everything we offer, can be customized — color, combinations, & sizes. Nothing is limited with imagination. Cheers!


  2. We now have over 800,000 images! WOW .. definitely a new look for any taste. I would be happy to assist any Designers out there and educate on our Designer Program with great savings and samples.


    • Thanks Wanda! I just had a question posted on LinkedIn about your murals made from customer’s own photographs. What is the desired resolution for the photograph to be enlarged to a wall sized mural?


  3. Thanks for the resource. I probably would not use the murals in home staging projects but for home owners that simply want a fresh look to a room/space, the murals are a great option.


  4. LOVE the pink flowers and the first beach picture! I have always loved murals but people just do not seem to use in their homes often. More for kids room. Do you agree?


    • Agreed, but I think it’s time to start a revolution! We New Englanders aren’t the flashy type, but wouldn’t some of these be amazing in a beach side cottage
      or dramatic home with soaring ceilings?! I am thinking about the map one for the back of my bookcases. Would you do that?


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