Junk ‘n History

Over the past year, I have researched and blogged about so many topics, including some of my favorite DIY projects like my shutter slat table

Patio Set finished

Reclaimed Shutter Slat Table

and my preppy pin-striped whale coffee table

Whale Table with Eye

Preppy Pin-Striped Whale Table

and scrumptious recipes,

Smores Popcorn Trays

Yummy S’Mores Popcorn!

our travels, both at home

Maine Two Beers Please

Two Beers Please!

and abroad,

village laundry

Village Laundry Dominican Republic

and all kinds of fabulous country-style decorating ideas.

Summer Porch Country Design Home

But I have to say, of all the topics I have blogged about, vintage and flea markets, antique sales and auctions have won this recycled, repurposed, reloved girl’s heart! So, in order to share that love of junk and fabulous finds with all of you, I have created a special new category called Junk ‘n History. It appears in the left hand column of my blog home page. There you will find the links of many of my favorite blog posts featuring not only our fabulous finds at places like The Vintage Bazaar @ Pettengill Farm,

Chicken @ Vintage Bazaar

The Vintage Thymes Monthly Market @ WinSmith Mill Marketplace,

Vintage Thymes

The Elephant’s Trunk in Connecticut,

Flea Jaws

The Brimfield Antiques Show,

Brimfield Crash Test Dummy

and the SOWA Open Market in Boston,

SOWA Market

but also the story behind the story. I like to share where the market originated, who runs the place and what do they offer for the avid flea market junkie. From this day forward, I am making it my mission to find the best (and the worst-remember the hairy guy getting a massage-yuck!) of the flea marketing world. To date, Coach and I have travelled all around Massachusetts, as well as New Hampshire, Maine & Connecticut in search of the best places to find treasures and trinkets, but I am certain we have not even scratched the surface of the flea market world! So now, we need your help! We are hitting the road again in a couple of weeks,

Aqua Thunderbird

and are searching for new places to explore and share with you! This time around, we are heading out by auto, so we are sticking to the Eastern part of the US. If you have a great flea market or antiques co-op in your area, or even a cute little town where there are lots of shops to browse in, drop me an email @ countrydesignhome@gmail.com, post in the comment section here or on my Twitter or Facebook pages. Your market or auction can be indoors or out, seasonal or year-round, but it must be some sort of medium to large-scale, co-operative effort (we are not looking for local yard sales or single antique shops, for instance). It must have interesting and colorful stuff,

Flea Circus Sutdent Desks

Flea Circus

old and refurbished or freshly dug out of the barn stuff,

Vintage Collection from Repurpose Shop

fun and funny stuff,

Flea Soldier

Elephant Trunk Flea

painted stuff,

Yellow Dot Bear

The Yellow Bear at Brimfield

just plain old stuff

Mill Old Bean Carriage

The Old Bean

or even gilded gold stuff.

Flea Trinkets

Gilded trinkets at The Elephants Trunk

Doesn’t matter, as long as we can shop there, learn a little about the history of the place and share that information with my readers.  And, for all of you who are lusting after the amazing items Coach and I (well, mostly Coach) have dug up at the various sales, shortly we will be introducing his new Etsy page: Junk ‘n History. Here you will find many of his favorite items (well, except the anchor, we can’t ship an anchor…)


available for purchase. So, dear readers, you’re up-start sharing your auctions, fleas and markets now! We will need the name of the place, an address or town and hopefully a website or link to the Facebook or Twitter page for reference. The more the merrier, we just need to know soon so we can chart our path for the upcoming road trip. (thankfully, it’s summer, so this is probably not likely to happen, but you never know…)

snow in lap

And, from this point forward, Fridays will be now known as Fabulous Finds Friday. Whatever we find, we will share with all of you! Have a fabulous Friday everyone! Susan


  1. We would love you have you visit Crompton Collective in Worcester!


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