Summer Porch Envy

The weather has been nothing short of yucky the past month or so. Blazingly hot, thunderstorms and an occasional tornado watch has made for not-so-great outdoor relaxing and entertaining. Even our screened-in porch, which we converted from a deck a couple of summers ago, isn’t always so pleasant when it’s 95 degrees! So, since it’s Wanderlust Wednesday, I thought we might take a virtual tour of some of my favorite porch images on the web.   I would love to dine here-bright, comfortable and cozy. Perfect summer porch.

Summer Porch Between Naps

Between Naps on the Porch

As I was scrolling along, I noticed a trend in the images that caught my eye. Bright colors,

Summer Porch Flower Garden Girl

Photo courtesy of Flower Garden Girl

texture, natural woods and wicker

Summer Porch SV Designs

Siemasko and Verbridge Architecture

all make my list of things that create that “come on in and set a spell” look. I adore this bohemian chic look…

Summer Porch Tumbleweed and Dandelion

Summer Porch Tumbleweed & Dandelion

Although I am a huge fan of white wicker, an all-white porch does nothing for me. Adding a pop of color in the woodwork

Summer Porch Michelle French Flair

or the pillows makes a dramatic contrast that draws you into the space.

Summer Porch Stephanies Cottage

Stephanies Cottage by Gerald Cowart

Even adding a pot of brightly colored flowers makes an impact!

Summer Porch Pinewold

Porch by Whitten Architects

Nothing beats a porch with a water view, whether surfside (amazing, no?!)

Summer Porch Stelleco

Summer Residence by Stelle Architects

or poolside (equally amazing)

Summer Porch by E B Mahoney

Oasis by E. B. Mahoney

or at lake-water’s edge. Can’t you just feel the cool breezes?

Summer Porch Smith and Vasant

Porch by Smith and Vansant Architects

And then there are the sleepers.

Summer Porch Historical Concepts

Porch by Historical Concepts

Can you imagine taking an afternoon nap in one of these cozy nooks?

Summer Porch Lands End Development

Sleeping Porch By Bede Design

But at the end of the day, when we make our way to our own back porch,

Summer Porch Country Design Home

Summer Porch by Country Design Home

I realize that it isn’t so much about the style or the design, whether it’s dramatic or simple, it really is just about the place you call home.

Summer Porch Pillow

Time to head outside for this evening’s cool brew: Sam Adams Porch Rocker! It’s so yummy!

Summer Porch Rocker

Care to join us? We’ll be on the porch! Susan


  1. They all look so inviting Susan! Love the sleeping porch the best. Now if we can just have some decent weather!


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