Yikes! We Ain’t in Kansas!

Yesterday afternoon, as I was relaxing after a long weekend of driving up and down the east coast and making airport runs and painting and sanding and prying up ceramic tiles…whew! I decided to take a break and watch some old movies on my DVR. Just as I am getting settled, my cell phone makes this unbelievable screeching noise- something like an old dying crow- so I grab it and this is what I see!

Tornado warning

(Well, its not this one exactly, I was so freaked out I forgot to take a screen shot of it) Seriously?! Living just north of Boston, the closest I have even come to a Twister was in the movie theatre watching that cow go flying by!

Tornado Cow

But I did have a dear friend who lived in Kansas, and she told me all about the TV alerts and sirens and basement drills with the kids.

tornado noaa

So, having seen the devastating destruction they can cause, I have to say, I was just a tad nervous. So I texted my daughter in Boston to let her know, just in case, since she was in Suffolk county, so she wouldn’t have received the text warning. This was her response:

Tornado Warning Phone

thanks for that, sweetie…clearly not too concerned. So I had to decide between continuing to watch the unfolding news on the TV, which by the way, with those brightly colored graphics and super-excited weathermen reporting the impending doom, is a bit unnerving…)

Tornado Map

or retreating to safety until the warning was lifted. First option, the downstairs bath, in the center of the house with no windows and surrounded by interior walls and doors. The one room where we would often find our dog when a thunderstorm was pounding overhead-she was a smart pooch! It is in demo state since I am doing a little renovation, so I was tempted to grab a paintbrush and start adding my topcoat as I waiting out the storm.

Tornado Bathroom

But imagining a tornado hitting my 1800’s home, I didn’t think that little bath would stand a chance. Down to the basement I went, where many, many  projects await in my workshop. Did I paint? Nope. My stream of consciousness went something like this: “Well, if it hits this old house, I don’t stand a chance anyway. No sense working on projects that may get ruined. Wait, maybe it will just hit the barn.

Barn Exterior

That would be the easy way of getting rid of all the junk and books Coach has collected and I’ll be rid of those blasted kayaks!

kayak pair

Well, maybe if it didn’t hit the barn, I could hire a bulldozer and have it knocked down and then tell Coach that the tornado hit it (he’s out of town right now…). So I called my family on the north shore to make sure they were safe and secure, hung around the basement til 4:30, then headed back up to the daylight. Everything intact, disaster averted. Thanks for the warning, NWS, but I just have one question? Where did you get my number?!?! Have an un-twisted Tuesday everyone!! Susan

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