Giveaway Winner!

Well, the bench painting has commenced…but not completed.

Chalk Paint French Linen

Started out this morning with the best of intentions, getting the gray undercoat finished, but quickly got sidetracked helping Coach host an impromptu barn sale, of all things! So the day was spent cleaning and clearing out, moving furniture in and out of the barn and selling a few things (have to remember that people don’t go to yard sales to purchase nice, re-purposed furniture-they want bargains!!) Had loads of interest in the tini table I finished yesterday,

Aqua Table Full Shot

but when it gone down to $15 and people were still walking away, I just called it a day. However, we still have some cool stuff left, so if you are in the market for an antique cupola that was removed from the roof of an 1857 barn (could be a really cute dog house with some TLC)

Antique Cupola

a thirty foot sail (old and with some holes, which makes for some pretty slow sailing, I would imagine)

Hood sail

a vintage beverage dispenser from the Cardullos in Cambridge (clearly used way before plastics were invented!)

Cardullo Catering Can

or an awesome mid-century modern hope chest…

Mid-Century Modern Hope Chest

you’ll know the first person to contact! But, on to more important things: the winner of the shutter chalkboard sign

Chalkboard Signs

is Mary Gasbarrino of Decorate in Style, Inc.  Congrats, Mary! If you could contact me with your color preference and a shipping address, I will send it to you! Thanks to all who voted and voiced their color opinions, I really appreciated needed the assistance with this one! Will post the finished bench later this week. Back to work tomorrow- hope its a terrific Tuesday for all…Susan




  1. Susan they say its better late than never. I was doing some research on line and didn’t view your comment until now regarding the colour for your bench. No worries about sending the gift. Instead check out my website
    I started my business 2 years ago in Ontario, Canada its called Decorate In Style Inc. we do home staging and redesign. Wishing you all the best in all of your endeavours!


  2. LOVE the hope chest!


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