A Gem of a Weekend

So here it is Monday again. That weekend flew by! Between my first Vintage Market,

Vintage Thymes Market Shop

collecting our winnings from the Mill 77 Trading Company’s Guerilla Staging Contest-$500!!! and of course, Mother’s Day, I had barely closed my eyes and the 6:15 alarm was sounding this morning…groan..Monday. But I am happy to share so many great weekend happenings with you! First, my beautiful antique shutter slat table that I featured last week sold at Market!!

Vintage Thymes Market Set

I hope whomever bought it knows how much elbow grease went into it (along with some soft paste wax), and I hope they enjoy using it as much as I enjoyed creating it. On Saturday, our Mother Knows Best team headed back to Mill 77 in Amesbury.

Mother Knows Best Winner

Once we had collected our winnings, we headed downtown for a little celebratory lunch. If you haven’t been to the Amesbury Ale House, you MUST make a trip there soon!

Ale House Logo

They have all sorts of interesting beers and ales on tap, and the pub food is yummy. But the winning dish was: a S’Mores Calzone! What?!? You heard me right. (we dug into it so fast I forgot to take a pic- this is one I found on google- looks close…)

smores calzone

Reasonable Facsimile of Smores Calzone

smores menu item

Perhaps they need me to write a proper description? “A warmed calzone made from a sweet, light dough stuffed with melted chocolate, graham crackers and marshmallows, drizzled with chocolate fudge accompanied by three scoops of vanilla ice cream”. Un-freakin-believable!!! Just print that menu section out and hand it to the waiter.)  And just when I thought the weekend couldn’t get any better, we celebrated Mother’s Day all day long, where I had an opportunity to kick back, relax and just enjoy our amazing families and our two incredible moms. My Mother’s Day gift from my children: this beautiful pendant from Gemvara with their birth stones in an Inner Circle Sterling pendant.

gemvara necklace

How lucky can one girl get, seriously?!?  But now it’s Monday, back down to earth, back to work, back to beginning some new DIY projects for next month’s Market. Does anyone have any antique shutters I can use? Susan

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