Hail To Crown Auctions!

It’s Friday again- that was fast- and this week’s High Five for Friday goes to Crown Auctions in Medford, Mass. Since Coach and I have been on the flea market, yard and estate sale hunt for treasures for the upcoming market, we decided to try an auction or two. Until we recently attended one of Crown’s Monday night events,Crown Auctions LLCmy overall impression of auctions had been of a room filled with antiques, with well-dressed bidders quietly wielding their numbered paddles as the auctioneer rattled on quickly and without humor. Monday night changed all that-what a blast! The owners, Arthur and Klia Crisafulli, put on a show. This is part commerce, part comedy and mostly getting incredible pieces at cut-rate prices! When we first arrived, we felt like we were the new kids on the block amidst the assembled group of approximately 100 buyers and bidders. People were eating, knitting, checking out the merchandise and just hanging out and chatting-clearly they had been there many times before. During the auction, Arthur called many of them out by name, joking and laughing while moving the sales along at break neck speed. At one point I counted 30 second intervals for each item bid and gone! By then end of the three hours, he had liquidated an entire estate from Fitchburg, with items like this pottery whiskey jug

Whiskey Jug

and quite a few pieces from an un-named museum in Boston. (apparently the museum folks didn’t want it to be public knowledge that they were selling off pieces at auction!). So, what did we get for our $121 we paid (that’s the winning bids, plus tax plus a “buyers premium” of 15%)? This beautiful antique pine blanket chest,

Pine Blanket Chest

a maple commode, a little Windsor chair and a ballot box (that one was for Coach). We also bid on and won an entire banquet table of pottery and china- including these beauties! An antique pottery footwarmer from the now-defunct Dorchester Pottery Works

Dorchester Pottery Foot Warmer

and this gorgeous Weller Pottery (established in 1872) large pale green planter with the base.

Weller Pottery Planter with Base

The Modern Method of Preparing Delightful Foods by Ida Bailey Allen.

The Modern Method Cookbook

Known as The Nation’s Homemaker and the “original domestic goddess”, she was apparently quite famous back in the day, according to her bio.

 Ida Bailey Allen

We also won so many jugs and vases and hand-painted items-like this precious little hand-thrown “No Nukes”pottery vase- perhaps made by some child in art class?

No Nukes Bud Vase

(At first, without my glasses, I thought it said “No Nuns”, which would have been appropriate for someone who had attended Catholic School in the 60’s : ) If you are interested in getting in on the action at the auction, you can go to their website here and add your email to the list. You won’t want to miss next month’s auction- they are liquidating the estate of Herb Reed (of the Platters!)

auction herb reedThey will send you an update when a new auction is coming up! As for now, I’m bidding on a great spring weekend coming up! Susan


  1. Love it! Joe Spurr had a “No More Nukes” shirt when we were at Doyle. True story. 🙂



  1. […] see if anything was worth raising our numbers. We’ve been there before (and Mrs. M wrote a great post about Crown here). If you’ve never been to an auction, it’s definitely…interesting. The folks at […]


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