A Map Mea Culpa

Ok, my mistake. Have you noticed that many of the current design magazines and catalogs are showing maps on the walls? This breathtaking wall treatment from Pottery Barn is amazing- although I’m not sure about open flames in front of those antique wall maps…

Maps Pottery Barn

More and more popular design blogs and Pinterest boards suggest the use of old maps for wall decor and DIY projects.

Maps globe pendants

Recently, Steven Fuller from An Urban Cottage featured some beautiful antique coastal maps he had acquired as a way to create framed art. Such soft, muted colors…

Maps An Urban Cottage

And from Erin Gates of Elements of Style comes this beauty of a bedroom, with an enlarged map creating a unique feature wall.

Maps Elements of Style

Quite a while ago (consequently, I would like to think that I had a hand in starting this map trend-lol), I blogged about maps. Loads of maps. All kinds of maps and ways to decorate with them.  LOVE this kids room from HGTV. For more creative map ideas, click here.

Map from HGTV

In one of my very first posts “Map Out It”, I showcased many ways to use vintage maps in your home to personalize a space. But a little back story on that. Over a year ago, Coach came home from an estate sale one day with a bunch of about 15 cardboard rolls under his arm, very excited about his purchases: nice Coastal Survey maps, mainly of the East Coast of the US and the islands.

The Maps

Unbeknownst to me, the next day he returned to the sale and purchased the remaining maps- all 160+ of them!!! Gotta say, I was more than a bit annoyed at that. So the maps sat, festering in the basement, while I fumed about having them taking up so much space. AND, he wouldn’t let me use any of them for decorating!!! Kept saying he was going to sell them. RIGHT.  Well, now is his chance to say “I told you so”.

Maps Maine Ward Maps

He has started selling his maps, two most recently at a pretty fancy art gallery on Charles Street in Boston, for a very pretty penny. The remainder of the maps are now being featured at Ward Maps in Cambridge. Coach even has his own curated title on the front page of the website: MATHISON COLLECTION OF COASTAL CHARTS!!!

Ward Map Mathison

Are you freakin’ kidding me!?! He finally made this dream a reality.

Humble Pie

So now I have to eat a little humble pie, as they say, but then I will start cashing those checks as he finally, finally starts selling those maps. If you are interested in acquiring some gorgeous vintage maps for your decorating, or just to brag that you own a map from the Mathison Curated Collection,  you can visit Ward Maps online or at their retail store at 1735 Mass Ave in Cambridge, Mass. And if you do stop in for a visit, tell them Coach sent you!!  Map out your Thursday everyone, and then, like Coach, make it happen! Susan


  1. Congrats on your own WardMaps page. The Mathison Collection of Coastal Charts sounds so distinguished.

    And thanks for the shout out!


  2. Absolutely LOVE those hanging map lights! Great idea 🙂


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