A Counter Effect

Changing out a single component in a space can go a long way in a redecorating effort. But sometimes we just need a quick fix-with a much lower price tag-that may not necessarily be a permanent solution. In this case, it was this old formica blue speckled countertop that needed a bit of sprucing up. Not being ready to take the plunge and invest in a new permanent counter surface, but wanting a fresher, more contemporary look, the homeowners found this product at our local Home Depot: Rust-oleum Countertop Coating, this week’s High Five for Friday!  It’s an inexpensive fix for a old laminate surface.   Counter Rustoleum Available in an array of colors (they tint it for you at the paint counter), it gives a shiny hard finish that has the appearance of poured concrete., at the cost of about $20. There is another, more expensive version of this product, but for the time being, we were going for cheap.

Pretty simple actually. You clean and lightly sand the surface, then make sure it is perfectly smooth prior to rolling it on. (If it is not smooth, any little bits will appear as bumps on the dried surface) No need to prime. Tape off and plastic anywhere you do not want the paint to be applied.

Counter taped

Regular painter’s tape works fine. Roll it on with a smooth foam roller brush, making sure you apply a heavy enough coating to cover.

Counter rolling on

Allow to dry- this is the most time consuming part of the process- it takes three days to cure completely! It is dry to the touch within an hour or so, but the finish needs to dry completely to become impervious to water and heavy wear. Oh, and it is pretty smelly stuff- so make sure you have a window you can open. Enjoy your new countertop!!!

Counter finished

Have a great weekend everyone! And remember, sometimes it’s just the little things that can make a big impact. Susan


  1. cheryl mcclellan says:

    Was just wondering if this product would work on top of ceramic tile counter and back splash…tired of the look I have, but not ready to put the money out now for anything pricey..


    • Hi Cheryl- I honestly don’t know if this would work on tiles with grout. It adhered very well, but I would check with the manufacturer to make sure before attempting it. You could always tweet or email Rustoleum to get the correct answer. On their website, it is pretty specific that it is made for covering laminate. I know there are paints out there you can use to paint the backsplash, but not sure about the countertops, since they get so much daily wear and spills. Good luck!


  2. Hows has the held up long term? Did you put any kind of top coat?


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