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Lonny Mag CoverPerusing my inbox this morning, and was delighted to see the link for the current issue of Lonny Magazine. For those of you not familiar with Lonny, according to Wikipedia:  “Lonny is a bimonthly online magazine, launched in October 2009, that focuses on lifestyle and home decor.The magazine’s name was formed by combining London and New York, the hometowns of its two founders, the designer Michelle Adams and the photographer Patrick Cline. Adams is the creator of Rubie Green, a collection of organic textiles and home accessories, and Cline is the founder of Brand Arts, a digital retouching and commercial photography printing company.” What I love about Lonny is that every issue takes you on a world tour of design. They showcase all kinds of spaces, some small and intimate, some grand and gorgeous, all incredible. In the Jan/Feb 2013 issue, there were several features that literally took my breath away.

This Sunbrella ad (I know, its an ad, but even the ads are wow in this publication)

This featured space by Boston native Jessika Goranson, owner of Holiday Boutique of Beacon Hill. When she recently found herself renting in NYC, she managed to make this quite small space her own by “mixing high and low pieces-such as blending art from Paris with finds from Target- to create, as she describes it “a charming, if humble home.” I am loving this floor length beveled mirror behind the small table and Japanese garden bench. Adds drama and light to the space.

I need to travel to this Austrian ski lodge Jagdgut Wachtelhof and dine in their rustic country room. Warm and cozy.

What’s to be said about this amazing kitchen from the Houston home of Kay O’Toole? It’s vintage decor in whites and neutrals with touches of lavendar and blue are so warm and inviting.

Obsessing over this shelving area, that features vintage plates and a bust of Ben Franklin surrounded by marble. Where can I get me one of him?

Full page spread of the newly opened San Francisco-based housewares shop Hudson Grace, specializing in classicly simple goods for your home.

So if you haven’t had a chance to check out Lonny Magazine, here is the link. Inspired designs, loads of helpful decorating tips. Eye candy for the decorating soul. Have a sunny Sunday everyone!! Susan


  1. thank you for the mention- and i’m happy you enjoyed the issue!
    -jessika goranson


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