Iphone 5 Fever!

This week’s High Five for Friday goes to Dianne @ Walmart in Danvers, MA, who sold me my brand new, awesome, quite pretty silver and white Iphone 5 for $127.00!! I have been using an old 3Gs for the past two years, so this is an exciting upgrade for me! No more grainy, blurry photos for my blog and oh, hello Siri : )

Iphone 5

Walmart is not advertising this deal-I heard about it through word of mouth-they apparently don’t have many in stock-Danvers only had white, and only a few of their stores are participating in the program.  You have to be eligible to upgrade your existing contract with a new two-year deal or open a new contract with a few different carriers offered, including Verizon and AT&T. You also have to be the primary account holder for this transaction. But what a deal!!! However, yesterday it took me 3 hours to purchase and activate the phone (counting the time it took to drive to the North Reading store, only to find out they didn’t have them there, so I then had to drive to Danvers. Now, if I had had Siri at the time, I could have asked her which store had the new phones…). With the very nice and persistant service manager Dianne, who runs the Danvers Walmart “Connection Center”, it took us 2.5 hours, plus the assistance of two separate AT&T customer service reps, the store manager (who was no help at all) and the assistant store manager (who was a great help), the “Connection Center” phone tech support, and finally some mystery phone tech support person named Esther who talked Dianne through the amazingly ridiculously complex process of producing a contract and a bill for me to pay (while my phone was already activated and I was using it to text!). So far, it appears to be a worthwhile investment of my time, but I’ll let you know when I start taking pictures for my next blog-at least this phone camera has a flash! Enjoy your Friday everyone, and if you do need an Iphone upgrade, head over to Walmart to see my new friend Dianne, and tell her Susan sent you! (But don’t wait too long, her phone was ringing off the hook with people asking if she had the phones in stock and there were customers milling around, anxiously waiting to get their new phones while I was there) Susan

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