As those of you who follow my blog know, I do love a touch of bling on pretty much everything, especially when it comes to holiday decorating. This year, I decided to try a more rustic vibe using fresh greens, burlap and jute in our recently repainted family room-sooo country pretty!

Christmas Flowerpots Candles

Here are a couple of just-completed projects, as I continue to race against time to get the house in shape for the holidays! Colorful Pinecones: On a recent episode of Sarah’s Holiday Party (for those of you who are not HGTV fanatics, Sarah Richardson is a Canadian designer

Christmas Sarah's Housewho creates breathtaking interiors in everything from a secluded island summer home to a rustic pigsty), Sarah shared many holiday decorating ideas with her assistant and “quick-to-quip” sidekick Tommy. One that I immediately fell for was colorfully painted pinecones.

Photo Source: Stich, Craft, Create

Photo Source: Stich, Craft, Create

Hers were tinted in various shades of pinks and greens, but I needed to use these for family room decorations, so I went with my recently-painted contrast color, Steel Blue by Glidden. (more on that later) This is a simple but slightly messy project. First, gather all of your materials (we happen to live near conservation land, so there is a never-ending supply of fresh greens and pinecones : )

Christmas Pinecone supplies

Take a leak-proof container with a sealable top that is large enough to accomodate the pine cones you wish to paint.

Christmas Pinecone Paint

Add a paint color of your choice- about 1/2 cup, then dilute it with some water, about 1/4 cup- you just want to make the paint the consistency of whole milk.

Christmas Diluted Paint with Water

Drop in a pinecone

Christmas Pinecone in Paint on Country Design Home

seal lid, shake, (If you have ever attempted to paint a pine cone, you know how hard it is to get the paint into all the crevices- this is brilliant!!!)remove and allow to drip, then place on wax paper to dry. Christmas Pine Cones Blue  (if you place on newspaper, the cone will stick to it when dried).

Christmas Glitter

I added a little glitter while the paint was still wet for my touch of bling.

Christmas Painted Pinecones

When dry, decorate! In this case, I had an old tin bucket from the porch.

Christmas Tin Pail on Country Design Home

Added some pine boughs that Coach and I had gathered along with the pinecones. Add the colored and plain cones, some votives and you’re done!

Christmas Tin Pail Decorated on Country Design Home

Speaking of pine boughs, I needed to decorate the mantel, and staying with the natural theme, had gathered some a few days ago while Coach and I were pinecone hunting. No bling here, just tied the boughs in lengths with jute rope until I had the desired length to create a garland.

Christmas Pine Boughs on Country Design Home

Added some berries and draped it along the mantel for a fresh and natural holiday decor.

Tree is up, family room is done-the dining room is all that remains! Susan


  1. Love the mantel…Merry Christmas Sue to you and your family!!!!


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