Green With Envy

Emerald PantoneFor all of you decoristas and fashionistas out there, the 2013 “Color of the Year” was just announce by Pantone– and it is luscious Emerald Green!

Valentino Coat via Fashion In Details

Gotta say, I am just a bit envious that this company gets to determine the color that the entire world-wide fashion and design industry will set its collective sights on, but this spring you most definitely will begin to see sprinklings of emerald on runways and in design showrooms. By the summer, emerald accents will be on every shelf in every big box store and gracing every magazine cover. Which is kind of a bummer, because I am still crushing on orange, and orange, as if I need to remind you, was the color I chose for my hall of shame mirror (no, the hall is still not done, and now I have to repaint!!) Hall of Shame Mirror Luckily for me, the painter’s tape is still on it…

Emerald Ring Gemvara

Ring from

The Emerald is thought to possess powers of luck and hope, and more kinds of physical healing have been ascribed to the emerald than to almost any other stone. It is supposed to improve mental skills, bringing clarity and focus to the workplace. Emerald is also known to have physical healing properties that boost your immune system and improve eyesight, healing infections of the respiratory system (which really might come in handy, since I have developed this barking cough in the past couple of months that is so real, I am actually scaring the dog.) I am thinking that perhaps one of these  in my Christmas stocking might help chase those germs away! At the very least, it could help me focus on writing more blogs : ) In the meantime, I thought I would share a few pics with you to get your next decorating project in focus. I, myself, would not consider painting an entire room emerald, unless, of course, it was in my castle. Emerald Castle Walls

Otherwise, an emerald accent pillow would add a little drama in a white room

Emerald Accent Pillows via Better Homes and Gardens

Emerald Accent Pillows via Better Homes and Gardens

Or to brighten a neutral interior

Lilving Room via Martha O'Hara Interiors

Lilving Room via Martha O’Hara Interiors

You could add green with these amazing buffalo plaid curtains (you all know how much I LOVE buffalo plaid!)

Living Room via Alexandra Rae Interior Design

Living Room via Alexandra Rae Interior Design

Or to bring focus to the amazing bed in this divine bedroom.

Bedroom by Edwin Pepper Interiors

Bedroom by Edwin Pepper Interiors

Try adding a touch of bright color to a charming white country kitchen

Kitchen by Katie Ridder

Kitchen by Katie Ridder

or a rustic outdoor dining space- magnifique!

Emerald Chairs in Rustic Courtyard via La Belle Vie

Emerald Chairs in Rustic Courtyard via La Belle Vie

After all, Emerald is the color of nature- manicured green lawns, Emerald Lawn

sprigs of clover, mossy caverns. I wonder where the name Emerald Gorge came from?

Emerald Gorge Oregon

So if you happen to be redecorating your space, consider adding a touch of emerald. I cannot guarantee that it will make you smarter or healthier, but your friends will be green with envy! Happy Friday everyone!! Susan


  1. Yay! Green is my favorite color!


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